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1976 Christmas Cards

File consists of various Christmas cards from MPs, MLAs, and foreign delegates. Notable cards from Premier of New Brunswick Richard Hatfield, Dan Campbell and staff from Intergovernmental Relations Province of British Columbia, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Clarence Gosse, and two identical cards from British Columbia Premier W.R. Bennet.

"A Special Affinity: The Correspondence of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence and Doris Huestis Speirs"

Subseries contains material relating to an uncompleted book of correspondence between Louise de Kiriline Lawrence and Doris Huestis Speirs, tentatively titled, "A Special Affinity: The Correspondence of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence and Doris Huestis Speirs." It was to be co-edited Ainley and John Sabean. The subseries predominately consists of research material and correspondence relating to the writing and publishing of the book, correspondence between Lawrence and Speirs, and correspondence between Ainley and Speirs relating to travel and ornithology publication recommendations. It also contains archival reproductions of correspondence between Speirs and Roy Ivor and between Speirs and George Watson.

Acquisitions & Investments

Subseries consists of records relating to Noranda's acquisitions and investments. These records were created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman at the Noranda Inc. (formerly Noranda Mines) corporate office in Toronto. Primarily includes files regarding various companies Noranda was potentially interested in acquiring. Also includes business proposals, correspondence, and investment fund records.

Noranda Inc.


Subseries contains administrative records created and accumulated by Adam Zimmerman at the Noranda Inc. (formerly Noranda Mines) corporate office in Toronto. Includes correspondence, legal records, speeches, reports, and records regarding corporate relations, donations, the Noranda Environmental Committee, marketing, and other administrative matters.

Noranda Inc.


Subseries consists of records regarding the administrative operations of the office of Minister Campagnolo. Includes information on government records management processes, documents regarding the Minister's assistants and their work, press releases from Campagnolo, and other media relations efforts through radio, television, and periodicals. Also includes drafts and copies of "This Week in Ottawa", Campagnolo's householder publication sent to her constituents in Skeena.


Subseries consists of administrative records relating to the Noranda Manufacturing Division. Includes correspondence, memoranda, and company reference files.

Zimmerman, Adam


Subseries consists of correspondence related to the Department of Agriculture and agricultural issues, particularly those of the Skeena constituency. Includes correspondence regarding agricultural programs; the Agricultural Institute of Canada; beef imports; the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency; the Canadian Federation of Agriculture; Dairy Farmers of Canada; grain elevators, particularly the Prince Rupert grain facilities; off-track betting; the Canadian Livestock Feed Board; animal health and welfare; and the BC Cattlemen Association. Also includes speeches from the Minister of Agriculture and press releases from the department.

Algoma Steel

Subseries consists of records relating to Algoma Steel Inc. that were created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman during his tenure on the company's Board of Directors. Includes correspondence, a Director's manual, reports, Algoma annual reports, strategy and planning documents, and meeting materials.

Algoma Steel Inc.

Amateur Sports

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the amateur sport functions of the Fitness and Amateur Sport branch of the Department of National Health and Welfare. Records include copies of legislation and policy relating to sport, reports, questionnaires, newspaper and magazine clippings, newsletters, meeting minutes, brochures, posters, reference material, and speeches from Minister Campagnolo and others. Includes correspondence regarding government policies on amateur sport; the metrication of sports; Canadian hosting policies for tournaments; Canada Cup 1976; the Commonwealth Games, particularly the 1978 Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton; the Pan American Games; international ice hockey competitions, particularly at the World Cup Championships; the Arctic Winter Games; the Canada Winter Games, particularly the 1979 Brandon, Manitoba games; the Canada Summer Games; requests for financial assistance and grant applications from various sporting bodies; Hockey Canada; the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow; the Special Olympics and financial assistance for physically disabled atheletes; the effects of apartheid and racism on the Olympics; sports halls of fame; and sports award programs. Also includes alphabetical name registry files for amateur sport associations and organizations that contain correspondence and informational material related to specific groups. Contains records for Loto Canada, the national lottery that funded in part the Fitness and Amateur Sport branch, which include inquiries, complaints, and statements of opinion about lotteries from interested Canadians.

Appointments and Reviews

Subseries consists of material involved in Weller’s activity applying for, obtaining, and fulfilling the responsibilities of academic appointments (professorships, tenure, and university administrative positions), including correspondence, application materials, and annual reviews.

Articles and Chapters

Subseries consists of copies of all the articles and chapters Weller authored or coauthored arranged chronologically. Files include related material such as drafts and correspondence regarding the publication of the article or chapter. The files in this subseries were originally numbered to correspond with the articles listed in Weller's CV.


Subseries consists of artwork by Brian Fawcett's friends and family, as well as miscellaneous printed graphic materials.

BC Chemicals

Subseries consists of records regarding BC Chemicals that were created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman during his tenures as President of Northwood Mills and Northwood Pulp, the parent companies of BC Chemicals. Includes agreements, operational information, correspondence, and board of directors meeting material. Also includes records regarding the establishment of BC Chemicals by Northwood Pulp and Northwood Mills.

BC Chemicals Ltd.

BC Rail (1972-2004)

Subseries consists of material regarding the British Columbia Railway (1972-1984) and BC Rail (1984-2004). Includes information about the history of BC Rail, BC Rail under the ownership of CN after 2004, and the incomplete Dease Lake extension.

Birds, Wildlife

File contains slides depicting birds and wildlife at unknown locations.

Board of Economic Development

Subseries consists correspondence regarding the Economic Development Board of Canada, including correspondence concerning federal programs implemented under the economic development procedures of Canada.

Book Reviews

Subseries consists primarily of copies of Weller's reviews of books or articles. Files include correspondence over the course of the review process and notes or annotations with Weller's comments. An earlier file contains letters to the editor written by Weller. The files in this subseries were originally numbered to correspond with thebook reviews listed in Weller's CV.


File contains slides depicting locations in and around Bralorne, B.C.

Briefing Book for B.C. and Yukon Liberal Caucus Visit to Alberta and Cranbrook BC, April 30 - May 1, 1976

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding the Vanderhoof airport, the C.N. station in Vanderhoof, financial assistance for the Omineca Hospital Society, Treycon Developments Limited, and housing in Houston. Includes correspondence concerning improvements to RCMP detachment buildings at Fort St. James, and Fraser Lake. Also includes Campagnolo's biography brochure, photocopied newspaper clippings, a news release on a new RCMP detachment building in Vanderhoof, a report on population growth in Burns Lake, a report entitled "Federal Housing Programs: A Quick Review for Ready Reference," a news release on affordable housing, background notes on the Federal Housing Action Program, notes for a speech on housing programs, a booklet by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation entitled "Assistance for Sewage Projects," an informational report on Bills concerning the penal system, explanatory notes entitled "The Custody and Release of Inmates, a copy of the newsletter This Week From Ottawa , notes for a statement on gun control, notes for a meeting entitled "Gun Control Legislation in Canada: Its Effects on Skeena," news releases on province-wide schedules for professional fees, notes for an address concerning anti-inflation guidelines, notes for an address to the Empire Club of Canada entitled "What's Behind the Lemming Urge," a report entitled "Trans-Provincial Pipe Line System," notes on the Prince Rupert-Edmonton pipeline project, excerpts of Standing Committee meeting minutes on Ashland Oil Canada Limited, and itineraries.

Briefing Book for BC Federal Liberal Caucus Visit to Prince George

File consists of a briefing book regarding Campagnolo's Liberal caucus visit to Prince George. Includes an itinerary, a report on the economic profile of Prince George with project grants, briefs on air service to Prince George, briefs on northern development, a report on the proposed McGregor River Diversion, briefs on day care, information on federal action concerning the status of women, Gitksan-Carrier salmon fisheries, briefs on agricultural development, briefs on cattle, background notes on the Telecommunications Act, photocopied newspaper clippings on the employability of handicapped persons, background notes on British Columbia's industrial development, a news release on improvements to federal offices in Prince George, a brief on First Nations land claims, a detailed city map of Prince George photocopied newspaper clippings, and grants.

Briefing Material for Royal Visit and Sporting Events

File consists of a draft speech on the royal visit, itineraries for Saturday October 15 concerning the Queen's visit, notes on royal etiquette, a program for a luncheon given by Campagnolo for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, brief biographies on sports guests, a list of the winners of the Canada Fitness Award, and lists of sports personalities.

Briefing Material for Trip to BC and Alberta, February 3-6, 1977

File consists of correspondence, a brochure entitled "What Should Our Children Be Learning," the official report of the British Columbia Hansard debates on budget, an itinerary for Campagnolo's visit to BC and Alberta, a photograph of Minister of Recreation Sam Bawlf, a British Columbia Sports Federation newsletter, a report on British Columbia, reports on Amateur Sport grants and programs, reports on physical education, a report entitled "The National Report on New Perspectives for Elementary School Physical Education Programs in Canada," a newsletter by the Pacific Trollers' Association, and notes for a speech by Campagnolo at the Pacific Trollers' Association annual meeting.

Briefing Material for Trip to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta, January 8-11, 1975

File consists of briefing material regarding Campagnolo's trip to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Includes information on the Mackenzie pipeline, Northwest Territories government, land claim meetings, First Nations education, and housing. Includes information on the Thunderchild, Sturgeon Lake, James Smith, File Hills, Muskeg Lake, and Stanley First Nations bands. Also includes a travel itinerary, photocopied newspaper clippings, a report entitled "Indian Control of Indian Education," a photocopied magazine article entitled "The Last Treaty," an informational report entitled "What Are Cut-Off Lands," a status report on British Columbia land claims, a list of bands with reserves cut off outside the railway belt, and notes for an address by Judd Buchanan to the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines.

Briefing Notes on BC Issues

File consists of briefing notes on the Yukon Gas Pipeline, mining taxation, marine boundaries, fisheries negotiations, and First Nations land claims. Also includes background notes on federal assistance for programs relating to development in northern British Columbia, and notes for a speech concerning development in northern British Columbia.

Briefing Notes on Constituency Matters

File consists of briefing notes on weekly summaries of constituency matters concerning logging permits, Search and Rescue, the Kitimat pipeline, the Fort St James RCMP, a Prince Rupert grain elevator, Prince Rupert longshoremen, marine boundaries, gun control, a natural gas plant, a Canadian National Rail line to Kitimat, copper prices, and Ridley Island development.

Briefing Notes on Loto Canada

File consists of briefing notes with information on Loto Canada. Includes photocopied newspaper clippings, excerpts from the first reading of Bill C-41 respecting Loto Canada, a news release on the creation of the national lottery, and a list of lotteries in Canada.

British Columbia Forest Products

Subseries consists of records regarding British Columbia Forest Products that were created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman during his tenure as an Executive Director of the company after it was acquired by Noranda in 1969. Includes annual reports, director's meeting materials, proposals, financial records, and information relating to possible acquisitions of various companies. Also contains records regarding BC Forest Products' acquisition by Northwood Pulp (Noranda).

British Columbia Forest Products Ltd.

British Columbia Utilities Commission Kemano Completion Public Review

Subseries consists of records relating to Shirvell's participation in the British Columbia Utilities Commission public review of the Kemano Completion Project. Includes Shirvell's notes and submission to the review panel, copies of submissions from other DFO scientists, correspondence relating to the review, copies of exhibits submitted for the review, and BCUC reports.

Shirvell, Cole

Bulkley Valley Forest Industries

Subseries consists of records regarding Bulkley Valley Forest Industries that were created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman during his tenure as President of Northwood Pulp, the parent company of BVFI after its acquisition by Noranda in 1972. Includes correspondence, reports, reorganization documents, and operational records. Also contains records regarding Bulkley Valley Forest Industries' acquisition by Northwood Pulp (Noranda).

Bulkley Valley Forest Industries Ltd.

Business Council on National Issues (BCNI)

Subseries consists of records relating to the Business Council on National Issues (BCNI) created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman during his membership on the council. Includes membership records, meeting documents, task force material, and reference files on various issues of national interest.

Business Council on National Issues (BCNI)

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