Kemano Completion Project Dispute Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2003. Workshop on instream flow methods File 10 Dec. 1985
2003. Nechako River juvenile chinook salmon microhabitat data File 1985-1986
2003. Field work and raw data from Nechako River studies, May 1986 File May 1986
2003. Field notes from Nechako River studies File 1986
2003. Chinook salmon discharge and escapement data File [ca. 1987]
2003. "Habitat Models and their Predictive Capability to Infer Habitat Effects on Stock Size" File 1989
2003. "Role of Instream Rootwads as Juvenile Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) and Steelhead Trout (O. mykiss) Cover Habitat Under Varying Streamflows" File 1990
2003. Nechako overwintering studies, 1991 File 1991
2003. "Overwintering of Juvenile Chinook in the Nechako River, 1989/90 Studies" File Aug. 1990
2003. "Abundance, Distribution, Size, and Age of Adult and Juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Upper Sustut River, 1992 to 1996" File 1997
2003. "Toward a Fish Habitat Management Policy for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans: A Response from the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union" File 31 Dec. 1983
2003. "Brief Submitted to the Department of Fisheries' Public Hearing, Vanderhoof, B.C., by the Council of the Corporation of the Village of Fort St. James" File 3 Mar. 1984
2003. DFO public meetings in Vanderhoof and Smithers concerning the Kemano Completion Project File Mar. 1984
2003. "A Report of the Kemano Task Force" File Aug. 1987
2003. "Expert Report for the Nechako River Court Action - J.H. Mundie" File [1986]
2003. "Nechako River Court Action - Alcan Expert Reports: Physical Studies (Volume 3)" File Feb. 1987
2003. "Nechako River Court Action - DFO Expert Reports: General Ecology (Volume 1)" File Feb. 1987
2003. "Nechako River Court Action - DFO Expert Reports: Modelling of Fish Habitat in the Nechako River (Volume 8)" File Apr. 1987
2003. Correspondence regarding expert reports File 1987
2003. Inspection and discovery of documents for Nechako River court action File Feb. 1986
2003. Correspondence and memoranda related to Nechako River court action File 1986
2003. Correspondence and memoranda related to Nechako River court action File 1986-1987
2003.4.4.5 Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Subseries 1986-1998
2003. "1988/89 Studies on the Nechako River: Investigations into the Use of Instream Cover Structures by Juvenile Chinook Salmon" File Oct. 1988
2003. Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program progress reports File 1989-1991
2003. "Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Workshop: The Last 10 Years and the Next 10 Years" File 24 Feb. 1998
2003. "Brief for Presentation to the B.C. Utilities Commission Review Panel on the Kemano Completion Project" File [1994]
2003. Documents from John Hummel, researcher for the Cheslatta Band File 1992
2003. BCUC Exhibits #201a-351 (incomplete) File [1994]
2003. BCUC Exhibits #354-355 File [1994]
2003. BCUC Exhibits #426-439 (incomplete) File [1994]
2003. BCUC Exhibits #442-464 (incomplete) File [1994]
2003. Shirvell's notes regarding the BCUC review of the Kemano Completion Project File [1994]
2003. BCUC Kemano Completion Project Public Review hearings transcripts File [1994]
2003. "Kemano Completion Project Review: Report and Recommendations to the Lieutenant Governor in Council" File Dec. 1994
2003.4.1.01 Federal and provincial data of heavy metal content in the Bulkley River File [between 1980 and 1997]
2003.4.1.03 "Experiments on Thermal Requirements for Growth and Food Conversion Efficiency of Juvenile Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha" File Aug. 1982
2003.4.1.07 Total Gas Pressure (TGP) and flow analysis research on the Nechako and related correspondence File 1984
2003.4.1.12 Kemano Task Force File 1984-1990
2003.4.1.19 Draft DFO position on Nechako River fish flow requirements File 10 Feb. 1986
2003.4.1.21 Settlement Agreement between Alcan, the Federal Crown, and the Provincial Crown File 14 Sept. 1987
2003.4.1.23 Nechako court action documents File 1983-1985
2003.4.1.28 Curriculum vitae for Donald Francis Alderdice File 1990, 1994
2003.4.1.30 "An Analysis of the Kemano Completion Project" File [1990]
2003.4.1.39 "Government of Canada Outline of Evidence for the British Columbia Utilities Commission Inquiry into the Kemano Completion Project: Phase 3" File Mar. 1994
2003.4.1.44 "Conceptual Alternatives for a Release Facility at Kenney Dam: An Interim Report of the Kenney Dam Release Facility Working Group" File Apr. 1996
2003.4.1.46 "Effects on Sediments and Biota of Cleaning a Salmonid Spawning Channel" File 1997
2003.4.2.01 "Concluding Remarks: The Problem in its Setting" File 1977
2003.4.2.06 Memorandum from Fretwell regarding "Nechako Court Action - Possible Remedial Measures to Maintain Productivity at Low Flows" File 25 Jun. 1987
2003.4.2.08 "Overview of Effects of Pacific Coast River Regulation on Salmonids and the Oppurtunities for Mitigation" File 1991
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