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Lillooet Area

File contains slides depicting places in the Lillooet area.

Lillooet - Howe Sound

File contains slides depicting places around and between Lillooet and Howe Sound.


File contains slides depicting places in Kitimat, B.C.

Kitwanga - Meziadin

File contains slides depicting places in and around the areas of Kitwanga and Meziadin Lake Provincial Park.

Prince Rupert

File contains slides depicting places in and around Prince Rupert, B.C.

Pine Pass - Peace River

File contains slides depicting places in or near Pine Pass and along the Peace River.

Physical Landscape Features

File contains slides depicting physical landscape features at various locations, most are from outside Northern B.C.

Closeups of Flowers

File contains slides depicting closeups of flowers at unknown locations.


File contains slides depicting vegetation and a few maps.

Seton Portage Area

File contains slides depicting Seton Portage and its surrounding areas.

East Line (Misc.)

File contains slides depicting places along the east line of the BC Railway.

Peace River

File contains slides depicting places along the Peace River.

Ornithology research

Subseries contains material relating to Dr. Ainley's research on ornithology beginning in Ainley's graduate research and her early post-doc career. This subseries includes drafts of Ainley's Masters thesis "La Professionnalisation De L'Ornithologie Americaine, 1870-1979" (The Professionalization of American Ornithology, 1870-1979) for the University of Montreal and drafts of her PhD thesis "From Natural History to Avian Biology: Canadian Ornithology 1860-1950" for McGill University. Thus subseries also includes materials related to an uncompleted monograph about the history of the first 100 years of the American Ornithologists' Union (AOU). The project was originally proposed to the centennial committee of the American Ornithologists' Union in 1979 and was to be completed by Keir Sterling and Charles H. Blake. Ainley was invited to join the project in 1981, shortly after which Charles Blake passed away. In 1987, the project was abandoned, but was then revived in 2003 for the 125 year anniversary based on a revision of the original manuscript and new additions to cover the period of 1983-2008, before being abandoned for a second time. Subseries also contains the research materials for Ainley's chapter in "Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives: Women in Science, 1789-1979," entitled, "Field Work and Family: North American Women Ornithologists, 1900-1950." The article details the experience of female ornithologists, focusing on, among others, Margaret Morse Nice and Althea Sherman. Subseries consists of photocopied and hand-copied correspondence between Margaret Morse Nice and Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, between Nice and William Rowan, and between Nice and Althea Sherman.

Women in science and engineering research

Subseries contains materials relating to Dr. Ainley's research on women in the fields of science and engineering. Ainley dedicated much of her career to this topic, which resulted in a number of publications. Subseries includes material relating to the submission and editing of Ainley's chapter, "Marriage and Scientific Work in Twentieth-Century Canada: the Berkeleys in Marine Biology and the Hoggs in Astronomy" in "Creative Couples in the Sciences" about the experiences of two scientific couples: Edith and Cyril Berkeley and Frank and Helen Hogg. Materials for this publication include correspondence, edited manuscripts, permissions form templates and a call and instructions for submissions. This subseries also includes research material for a review of Margaret Gillett and Ann Beer's book, "Our Own Agendas: Autobiographical Essays by Women Associated with McGill University," including notes, correspondence and short biographies of women from McGill University. Subseries also contains research on Canadian women in science including photocopied archival materials from various Canadian universities. This subseries also contains materials relating to Ainley's book, "Creating complicated lives: women and science at English-Canadian universities, 1880-1980" and Ainley's chapter, "Soaring to New Heights: Changes in the Life Course of Mabel McIntosh" in "Great Danes." Subseries consists of research relating to women in the Royal Society of Canada and on individual women scientists and engineers. Research materials consist of photocopies of published and archival research materials, correspondence, and applications for grans and ethics reviews. This subseries also contains approximately 80 overhead transparencies from presentations.

Catharine Parr Traill

Subseries contains Ainley's research material on Catherine Parr Traill (nee Strickland). The subseries includes research for and manuscripts of: the conference presentation and book chapter, "Science in Canada's 'Backwoods'?: Catharine Parr Traill" (originally titled, "Catharine Parr Traill (1802-1899): A Woman Science Writer in 19th Century Canada"); the conference presentation, "Women and the Popularization of Science: 19th-century Women Science Writers in Canada"; and the conference presentation, "Colonial Lessons: Catherine Parr Traill (1802-99) and Popular Science Education in Upper Canada"; and publication "Circulating Gendered Knowledge: Catharine Parr Traill's Colonial Science Lessons, 1836-1895." Subseries consists of photocopied archival material, research notes, overhead transparencies, correspondence, manuscripts, and articles.

Envirocon and Alcan

Subseries primarily consists of reports and publications created by Envirocon Limited, the environmental consultants contracted by Alcan for the Kemano Completion Project environmental assessment. Also includes records created by Envirocon, Alcan, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans regarding joint meetings and Envirocon's scientific methodology.

Shirvell, Cole

Research and Publications

Subseries consists predominantly of publications and draft publications written by Cole Shirvell. Also includes maps, photographs, raw data, field notes, and correspondence and reports regarding field work.

Shirvell, Cole

Nechako River Court Action

Subseries consists of records concerning the Nechako River court action that began in 1980 and ended in 1987 with a settlement agreement. The case (Attorney General of Canada vs. Attorney General of British Columbia vs. Alcan Aluminum) was in regard to the increased need for water rights to the Nechako River as a result of Alcan's Kemano Completion Project.

Shirvell, Cole

Funding applications

Subseries consists of Dr. Ainley's requests for funding for a variety of projects throughout her career. Most of Ainley's research was funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grants but she also applied for funding from other sources. These research projects include "First Nations Women and Environmental Knowledge in Northern North America - A Preliminary Investigation," "Biographical Research on Women Scientists in Canada," "Women and Scientific Work in Canada, 1890-1960," "Engendering Science: Twelve Biographies," "Women and Scientific Work in Canada. III. "Women's Work in Government and Industry, 1890-1990," "Engendering Canadian Scientists," and her research on Mabel McIntosh. Not all of these projects were accepted and funded. Subseries predominately consists of grant application forms and correspondence with granting agencies.

White Pass Train

File contains slides depicting locations along the White Pass railway through Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territories.

Modern Forestry

File contains slides depicting logging and equipment. Most appear to be locations around Prince George.

Trail - Rossland

File contains slides depicting a trail, and other areas, near Rossland, B.C.


Subseries consists of correspondence relating to the Department of Environment (Environment Canada), the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), and environmental issues. Includes correspondence regarding Ministry of Environment programs and procedures; the Canadian forestry industry; forestry licenses; pollution and legislation controls for industry pollution; oil spills; polychlorinated biphenyl pollution; floods and flood control mechanisms; dams and stream diversions; trapping legislation; and wildlife conservation. Also includes correspondence regarding inquiries intro fisheries management legislation and policies; fisheries licensing; salmon fisheries issues; inquiries and statements of opinion about the yearly seal hunt; whale conservation; the economic zone off-shore fishing limits; small craft harbours; sport fishing; and the roe herring fishery. Contains speeches given by the Minister of Environment or given on his behalf and news releases from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

East Line Duplicate Slides

File contains slides depicting places along the east line of the BC Railway. Some are duplicates of the images found in the "East Line, Dome Creek - Lamming Mills - Misc" file.


File contains slides depicting locations in and around Bralorne, B.C.

Divide Lakes

File contains slides depicting images of and around Divide Lake.

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