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[McGregor Canyon?]

Image depicts a view of the Herrick River in what is possibly McGregor Canyon; the slide is simply labelled "McG Canyon."

[McGregor Canyon?]

Image depicts a view of the Herrick River in what is possibly McGregor Canyon; the slide is simply labelled "McG above Canyon."

Chilcotin Wildlife Management Area Sign

Image depicts a sign titled "Chilcotin Wildlife Management Area" somewhere near Riske Creek, B.C. It reads: "This trail has been provided by the Fish and Wildlife Branch in co-operation with Riske Creek Ranching Ltd., as access to ...


Image depicts several orange and blue tents, possibly somewhere near Riske Creek, B.C.

Group of Hikers

Image depicts a group of hikers listening to a man, possibly a guide, speak. The location is possibly near Riske Creek, B.C.


Image depicts a view of the landscape of the Chilcotin Wildlife Area.

Slump or Mining

Image depicts an aerial view of a section of land, likely near the Fraser River, that is possibly either a slump or part of a mining operation. The slide is labelled "slump or mining."

Rocky Shore

Image depicts the rocky shore of an unidentified body of water, possibly near Meldrum Creek, B.C.

Two Campers

Image depicts two campers at an uncertain location, possibly somewhere near Meldrum Creek, B.C.

Grave Markers

Image depicts numerous grave markers at an uncertain location.


Image depicts a small graveyard at an uncertain location.

Farmer's Market Street

Image depicts a street, possibly in Kamloops, which has been closed for a Sunday morning Farmer's Market.

Kamloops Residential School

Image depicts the old Kamloops Residential School which operated until either 1977 or 1978 before becoming part of the Secwepemc Musem in 1982.

Three Picnic Tables on a Beach

Image depicts three picnic tables, one of which is occupied with three unknown individuals, on a beach somewhere in Kitimat, B.C.

Kitimat - Buildings

Image depicts several buildings in Kitimat, with the Bay being the tall one on the left.

Cassiar Highway

Image depicts a truck parked on the side of the Cassiar Highway.

Meziadin - Fish Counter

Image depicts several individuals looking down into a closed off section of a river in Meziadin Lake Provincial Park. They are counting fish.

Bullion House

Image depicts an old, half-collapsed house in Likely, B.C.. The slide labels it as "Bullion house."

Mackenzie - Meeting

Image depicts numerous individuals examining a map as they are seated around a table. The location of the meeting is somewhere in Mackenzie, B.C.

Mackenzie Curling Rink

Image depicts a small section of Mackenzie, with the Mackenzie Curling Rink visible on the right side of the image.

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