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Drill Bit Testing

File contains photographs depicting close view of drill bits used in the Cassiar mine. The photos were taken for documentary purposes during an evaluation procedure in which the bits were tested and compared. 32 of the photos are adhered to three reports containing detailed analysis of the condition and function of the drill bits used. Reports were addressed to "E. Komperdo / Assist. Mine Superintendent, Production," and were sent by "Bob Clark / Industrial Engineer" and "E. Isaaks / Engineer Trainee." All of the photos are heavily annotated on verso and recto, often documenting the date, bit number, drilling depth, and notes on general condition.

Clinton Mine training slide presentations for P&H excavator

File contains 6 slide presentations depicting training material for the operation of a P&H excavator published by the Harnischfeger Institute. The presentations depict an introduction to excavator controls and techniques for proper hoist motion, proper swing motion, concerning haulage units, proper propel motion, and proper crowd motion.


File contains photographs featuring the tramline at Cassiar which ran from the crushing plant at the mountain mine to the plantsite in the valley (a drop of 427 meters). The first ore was originally transported by truck to the plant until the gravity chute was built in 1953. This chute was replaced with the first aerial tramline model in 1956, which was succeeded by the second model in 1975. This file also includes one photo of the original gravity chute, and one photo depicting a tramline worker.

Additionally there is a collection of eighteen photographs of tramline cars that were being surveyed for damage and condition, and another collection of six photographs of tramline study. The results of this study determined that there was variances in load sizes of the buckets caused by extra material falling off the panfeeder.


This file contains operations at the plantsite:
Below is synopsis of the item level descriptions (see each item for further description)
- locations depicted at Plantsite: mill building, dry rock storage building, tailings pile, gravel pit, power house, and office.
- delivery and installation of a Caterpillar engine, welding repairs underway on a Rustin Diesel Engine in the power house, staff portrait taken by the main office building, and fibre testing
Not done to item level but integrated into subseries file:
- Photographic negatives included depict milling and packaging machinery in the mill building.
- 93 slides depicting various activities and equipment at the plantsite including: dry rock storage, screens, collectors, loading trucks, bagging, pallets, tailing pile, lab work by engineers, lab equipment, fibre testing, and fibre samples.
- photographs of conveyor foundations, tailings equipment, Grizzly truck, containers from site mechanical inspection, and portable crushing plant in June 1991.
- photos of fibre samples from lab - on display
- collection of photos of 1970 Mill modification Program of April 1978
- collection of photos from 1961 and 1962 of plantsite lab and asbestos samples. file labeled "Suter - Webb VU Graph Analysis" and "Suter - Webb and Turner Comb Analysis"
- Pressure Packer modification photos done by Chapman Industries in 1986
- Powerhouse equipment from 1979
- additional 43 slides of inside the mill in June 1978. Slides were used at a board meeting.
- negatives of inside of mill
- A photo album of 162 photographs depicting various operations at the plantsite including: drill dust collector, outdoor surroundings, conveyors, and the mine site. (album was originally labelled "Cassiar Plantsite).

Infrared dryer

Two large black and white prints of infrared dryers annotated on recto "Thompson Pipe and Steel Company Bulk Material Dryers Van Dorn Iron Works Company" and bearing on verso the ink stamp of a photographer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Russian Mine Tour

Photographic negatives depict men on tour in unknown locations in Russia. Images depict urban areas, mining areas, construction of buildings, railway, mineral samples, and equipment including dump truck and electric shovel. Also includes images of area speculated to be a mine pit. Men on tour are dressed in formal attire.

Handwritten annotation in pencil on envelope containing negatives: "Russian 'Asbest' Mine Slides" "7 copies of each - 23 negatives - 161 prints".

"Marriage and Scientific Work in Twentieth-Century Canada: the Berkeleys in Marine Biology and the Hoggs in Astronomy"

File contains material relating to the submission and editing of Ainley's chapter, "Marriage and Scientific Work in Twentieth-Century Canada: the Berkeleys in Marine Biology and the Hoggs in Astronomy" in "Creative Couples in the Sciences" about the experiences of two scientific couples: Edith and Cyril Berkeley and Frank and Helen Hogg. File consists of correspondence, edited manuscripts, permissions form templates and a call and instructions for submissions.

Dr. Pauline Jewett

File largely consists of photocopied material including articles by or about Dr. Pauline Jewett, her doctorial thesis, and a transcribed interview with Jewett. File also contains research notes for Ainley compiled by Christian Torsein.

Clara C. Benson

File consists of research material on Professor Clara C. Benson, a professor in the department of Food Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Materials consist mostly of printouts and photocopies of books, newspapers, and archival materials at the University of Toronto Archives.

Canadian women geologists

File consists of archival research materials and notes on Dr. Helen Belyea including requests for the aforementioned research material. File also includes research materials on Dr. Grace Anne Stewart and general research materials on women in geology. Included is a conference schedule on Women in the Geosciences from 1992 and a student paper from that year.

Minorities in science

File consists of research materials concerning minorities in the sciences. Materials include photocopied newsletter, newspaper clipping from the Montreal Gazette on racial discrimination, a paper by one of Dr. Ainley's students, Dr. Glenda C. Prkachin's CV, printed images of landscapes and women on paper, and 2 overhead transparencies. Finally, file includes a collection of archival reproductions of photographs from Dr. Elinor Huntsman Manson's collection.

Elinor Silver Keeping

File consists of records concerning Elinor Silver Keeping, including obituaries, hand written notes, and other photocopied research materials.

Margaret Benson

File consists of research materials concerning Margaret Benston including archival research, photocopied articles, notes, and related correspondence.

Interview questions

File consists of edited draft copies of the covering letters, questions to be asked to interviewees and Alison Bowe's covering letter for the questionnaire sent to female engineering graduates from Queen's University.

Request for interviews correspondence

File consists of correspondence between Ainley and her research assistant, Jenny Fry, relating to interview requests; responses to Ainley's interview requests; notes; and envelopes marked, "return to sender."

Articles and other material

File consists of a paper presented at the 6th Interdisciplinary Congress on Women in Adelaide, Australia in 1996 by Rajendra Prasad Jaiswal, entitled, "Sex Discrimination and Status of Women in Science and Engineering Professions in India"; an annotated article entitled, "On Occupation" by Andrews D. Carson; an article by Jeanne Inch and Monqiue Frize, entitled, "In Their Own Words: Stories by women engineers about themselves"; and a pamphlet from the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology.

"More Than Just Numbers" material

File contains material from a "More Than Just Numbers" conference on women in engineering held in Fredericton, New Brunswick from May 10-12, 1995. File consists of a directory of delegates; the papers and initiatives presented at the conference; a report, entitled, "Engineering Student Activities at the National, Regional and University Levels"; and a pamphlet from a previous "More Than Just Numbers" conference in 1991.

Quebec material

File consists of a photocopy of access to information legislation from Quebec; brochures and pamphlets on female engineers in Quebec; photocopies of archival material relating to the employment and education of women in Quebec; and paper and electronic transcripts from interviews conducted with female engineers in Quebec.

Miscellaneous - 1993-1995

File consists of miscellaneous documents including research materials, handwritten notes, correspondence, and heavily annotated syllabus. Computer disk contains an annotated bibliography and bibliography on the role of native women and environmental knowledge.

Research projects history notes

File consists of handwritten notes by Ainley about her research projects, as well as other events in her life, focusing, predominately on the period from 1985-1993.

Methodology articles and other material

File consists of photocopies of methodology articles and conference proceedings, predominately on the topic of qualitative feminist research; correspondence relating to conference session proposals; the submission of a course syllabus to a journal; transcribed notes on methodology; and a book loan request.

Articles, proposals and other material

File consists of draft proposals, schedules and group assignment information relating to graduate teaching in New Zealand; a notice about changes to internet service at the University of Northern British Columbia; articles on historiography, methodology and qualitative data analysis; correspondence relating to book reviews; and photocopied notes from interviews.

Research correspondence

File consists correspondence relating to research requests by Ainley at the archives of McGill University in the 1980s and correspondence relating to the citation for Ainley's article "Women and Science" for Chinook Media's website.

Ebauche femmes, sciences et technologie

File consists of a draft of a brief report that outlines the historical contribution of women to science and technology and provides suggestions for how to commemorate the contributions of women to science and technology.
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