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Cassiar Land

This file contains images of a land dispute around Cassiar. The photographs depict a cabin on a lot, a destroyed cabin, and outhouses. The accompanied documents in the original file refer to the subjects of "Claims, Leases, and Land lots," and it is implied that there were issues of squatters, illegal occupation, and mineral claims.

Drill Bit Testing

File contains photographs depicting close view of drill bits used in the Cassiar mine. The photos were taken for documentary purposes during an evaluation procedure in which the bits were tested and compared. 32 of the photos are adhered to three reports containing detailed analysis of the condition and function of the drill bits used. Reports were addressed to "E. Komperdo / Assist. Mine Superintendent, Production," and were sent by "Bob Clark / Industrial Engineer" and "E. Isaaks / Engineer Trainee." All of the photos are heavily annotated on verso and recto, often documenting the date, bit number, drilling depth, and notes on general condition.

Bob Harkins television excerpts and UNBC Convocation address by Bridget Moran (1995)

File consists of recorded DVD, containing the following video recordings:
*Harkins! - Nov. 23, 1990
*CKPG-TV excerpt- Oct. 3, 1992
*CKPG-TV: Bob Harkins Comments- Dec. 18, 1992
*CKPG-TV: Bob Harkins Comments- April 5, 1993
*UNBC Convocation Address by Bridget Moran – May 26, 1995

DVD Summary

Context: DVD contains recordings originally broadcast on CKPG-TV News, the Prince George CBC affiliate station. It contains multiple recordings of either interviews with Bridget Moran or TV broadcast announcements and news stories relating to Moran’s publications and awards; as well as an excerpt from the May 1995 UNBC Convocation Ceremony featuring Moran’s Convocation Address.

Individual video segments as follows:

(1) Harkins!
Date: 23 November 1990
Length: 30’ minutes
Scope and Content: Contains a recording of a Bob Harkins of Harkins! interviewing Bridget Moran on her books Stoney Creek Woman, Judgement at Stoney Creek and her upcoming publication A Little Rebellion.

(2) CKPG-TV News excerpt Date: 3 October 1992 Length: 2’46” minutes
Scope and Content: Recording of CKPG-TV News excerpt featuring Bridget Moran speaking about her latest publication A Little Rebellion while at a Mosquito Books book signing event.

(3) CKPG –TV News: Bob Harkins Comments
Date: 18 December 1992
Length: 3’minutes
Scope and Content: November weather forecast for Prince George and region, followed by Bob Harkins Comments featuring Bridget Moran and her new book A Little Rebellion.

(4) CKPG –TV News: Bob Harkins Comments
Date: 5 April 1993
Length: 1’35”minutes
Scope and Content: Bob Harkins Comments featuring Bob Harkins speaking about Mary John and Bridget Moran receiving the Governor General’s Award for Outstanding Community Service from MP Brian Gardiner at a ceremony at Mosquito Books in Prince George.

(5) UNBC Convocation Address Date: May 26, 1995
Length: 11’53”minutes
Scope and Content: UNBC president Geoffrey R. Weller introduces Bridget Moran who then delivers her Convocation Address to the students of the May 1995 graduating class. Her speech focuses on change
– positive change - in the realm of education.


File contains orginal and photocopied correspondence relating to silviculture field courses and graphs pertaining to volume and diameter changes.

Aleza Lake Various Historical Records

File consists of documents, radiograms, and correspondence regarding various administrative issues ranging from costs, living conditions, timber sales, research projects, and queries from the public. Much of this correspondence is between Tim Decie, Forester in Charge of Aleza Lake, and R.P Silsbury, Head of the Research Division between the years of 1953 and 1967. Also included are contracts and receipts from 1964, documents regarding the closure of the Aleza Lake Experiment Station, and meeting minutes.

Miscellaneous office files

File consists of office files containing individual copies of General Orders # 311-317; records related to BC Police Training School 1937; Calvary Drill instruction; an additional copy of Index to General Orders Nos. 1 – 271; and short histories of the BC Provincial Police.
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