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Noranda Inc. Series
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Forestry Industry

As a leader in Canada's forest industry, Adam Zimmerman was a member of many Canadian forest industry associations and councils. Throughout his career he also founded or was chairman of a number of such councils. This series includes records of Zimmerman's involvement with the Canadian Forest Industries Council (CFIC), the Canadian Softwood Lumber Committee (CSLC), the Business Council on National Issues (BCNI), the Canadian Forestry Advisory Council (CFAC), the Canadian Pulp & Paper Association (CPPA), the Forest Industries Advisory Committee (FIAC), the Forest Products Employee Relations Council (FPERC), the Forest Sector Advisory Council (FSAC), Forest Products Sectoral Advisory Group on International Trade (SAGIT), the "Group of Seven", and the Pulp & Paper Research Institute Of Canada (PPRIC).

Noranda Forestry Division

Adam Zimmerman was involved from the very beginnings of Noranda Mine's foray into the forest industry sector. In April 1961, Zimmerman was part of making the deal to acquire National Forest Products, Noranda's first forest products company, which was renamed Northwood Mills after its purchase. By 1964, he was the President (and later Chairman) of Northwood Mills and Northwood Pulp. In 1974, Zimmerman was appointed Executive Vice-President of Noranda, which included responsibility for the forest products activities of the company. When Noranda underwent a major company reorganization in 1987, Zimmerman became CEO of Noranda Forest Inc. By the end of his Noranda career, Zimmerman had had an executive or director role in nearly every forest product company developed or acquired by Noranda. That included: Northwood Mills, Northwood Pulp (and its successors Northwood Pulp & Timber and Northwood Forest Industries), Noranda Forest Inc., BC Chemicals, BC Forest Products, Bulkley Valley Forest Industries, Fraser Inc., Maclaren, and Macmillan Bloedel, among others. The records in this series demonstrate Adam Zimmerman's extensive involvement in Noranda's forestry division throughout his career.

External Directorships

Adam Zimmerman held many external directorships with companies and organizations outside of Noranda. In these roles, Zimmerman provided a creative contribution and improvement to the company boards by providing dispassionate and objective criticism, as well as and contributing to the development strategy of the company. He was not an employee of these companies; he held these external directorships roles while simultaneously being a senior executive with Noranda.

The records in this series are only a representative fraction of the external directorships held by Zimmerman. These include board of director records from Algoma Steel, Koninklijke Nederlandse Papierfabriek (KNP), non-profit organizations, universities, and other companies. Also includes correspondence, fundraising material, and meeting materials.