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Manager's Photos - Diesel Engine Foundations

Photograph depicts 8 men and possibly 1 woman working in construction area, mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "2. Pouring concrete for second Ruston diesel engine. In foreground is the first diesel foundation stripped of concrete form ready for engine. Looking west."

General Operations Albums

File includes six aggregations of photographs which have been assembled in this file in order to maintain the integrity of each group by keeping the photos arranged together, though each group features operations pertaining to multiple files in this subseries. Includes groups featuring photos from 1961, 1965 1971, a helicopter trip, a community album, and a workplace album. Photographs depict images pertaining to the following operations at Cassiar, B.C.: mining, milling, maintenance, labratory tests, and tramline and town operations. Images featuring operations of the company town include the grocery store, bank, churches, school, library, lounge, pool, theater, community center, outdoor recreation, hospital, dentist, cafeteria, bus route, residences, air strip, firehall, laundromat, park, police, and newspaper.

1965 - Hilde Voss behind Snackbar Counter

Photograph depicts Hilde Voss (see item 2000. wearing white shirt, with unknown woman in snackbar. Counter and other individuals on left, cooking supplies in foreground. Interior window in background connected snackbar to poolroom. Eventually this snackbar was moved to poolroom, and liquor store located in original snackbar.

Clinton Creek Operations

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd opened a second mine in 1967 at what became the one-industry town of Clinton Creek, Y.T. File contains photographs depicting different areas of operations at Clinton Creek. Locations include the mine, plant, town, tailings pile, main office, the 40 Mile River, and surrounding area. Town photos depict the grocery store, cafeteria, medical clinic, school, auditorium residential area, Connell Street and power house. File also includes aerial photographs and images depicting forest fighting, photographers capturing the tailings pile, asbestos samples, mining machinery, staff offices, and operations in the mill, lab, and garage.

Additional photographs integrated into file depict Clinton Creek's surrounding area, and three slides of a tailing pile explosion believed to be Clinton Creek.

Princess Margaret arriving in Prince George

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret with Lieutenant-Governor Frank Ross and Mr. Williston taken on July 17, 1958 after disembarking in Prince George from a Canadian Forces plane.

Members of the BC Cabinet in Prince George

Item is a photograph of Mr. Williston (Minister of Lands, Forests & water Resources), Pat Jordan (Minister without Portfolio), Prince George Mayor Harold Moffat, Grace McCarthy (Minister without Portfolio) and Premier W.A.C. Bennett.

Graduation class

Item is a photograph of Mr. Williston with students in formal attire at what appears to be a graduation dance.

Princess Margaret arriving in Prince George 1

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret arriving by Canadian Air Forces jet at Prince George. Lieutenant-Governor Frank Ross is walking beside the Princess.

Originally mounted on a poster with photographs 115, 115.2, 115.3.

Al Elsey Moving Images Collection

  • 2006.25
  • Collection
  • 1961 - 2000, predominant 1961-1967

Fonds consists of original, silent 16mm reels that portray the natural, social and land use history of the Bella Coola and Chilcotin regions named the "Natural and Guiding History of the Bella Coola and Chilcotin Regions".

Possible locations that Al Elsey filmed include: Bella Coola, Bella Bella, Anahim Lake, Alert Bay, Nimpo Lake, Bulkey Valley, the Rainbow Mountains, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Dean River, Bella Coola River, Tchaha Lake, the Chilcotin region, the Ulkatcho Mountains, Lassard Lake, Fenton Lake, Atnarko River, Wells Gray Park, and Holt Homestead.

Theatre and Community Development

Series consists of correspondence, itineraries, newspaper clippings, reports, theatre and event programs, ephemera, contact lists, prop lists, scripts, rehearsal and performance schedules, set lists, minutes, agreements, cheques, receipts, and background material all pertaining to Iona Campagnolo's involvement with the planning of the Royal Visit to Prince Rupert in honour of British Columbia Centennial Celebrations, May 10, 1971; North Pacific Player theatre productions of Man of La Mancha (1971), Mary Stuart (1972), Tom Jones (1973), and Fiddler on the Roof (1974); planning and development of Prince Rupert’s first Folkfest '74; and initial planning for Prince Rupert Homecoming event, October 1973.

Non-Political Activities

Series consists of conference proceedings, publications, speeches, biography of Iona Campagnolo, correspondence, crew list and shooting schedule for "One of a Kind" CBC programme, newspaper clippings, ephemera, itinerary, invitations, background information, film footage featuring a CUSO advertisement, trip diaries, statements, agendas, poems and minutes related to the Honourable Iona Campagnolo's involvement with various non-profit and/or non-political organizations such as CUSO-VSO (formerly known as the Canadian University Services Overseas Organizations), the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's "One of a Kind" programme, the Institute for Human Performance, the Jerusalem Women's Seminar, CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), the Futures Secretariat, the World Council of Churches, the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA), World Food Day (via the Ministry of Agriculture), and various Canadian women's networks.

The Royal Hotel in Prince Rupert BC

Side perspective street view of the Royal Hotel in Prince Rupert BC. The "Ladies [sic] Entrance" sign is visible on the right side of the building. Several vehicles can be seen on the street. Printed annotation on recto reads: " 3rd Ave Prince Rupert Photo W.W.W."

Group at Prairie Creek

Photograph depicts small buildings with canvas roofs and signs reading: "Do Drop In, Ladies & Gents Furnishings Boots & Shoes, Two Per Cent Beer." One woman, nine men,and three dogs can be seen in image.

Handwritten annotation on verso: “Prairie Creek 1912".

Violet Baxter with Brother Dixon Taylor

Violet sits wearing a fur coat next to younger brother Dixon who wears a suit and hat. They are seated in unidentified area on a wood structure between tall piles of planed lumber. A tall shelter can be seen behind them, and forest trees in background. Dixon Taylor worked at the sawmill in Penny, BC.

Garden at Jean's House

Photograph depicts hedges and creeping foliage around picket fence in foreground. House stands in background featuring enclosed porch. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Merry Xmas + Happy New Year Aunt Lillian. This is my garden in the foreground the main thing in view being the morning glories. Lots of love Jean."

Jean's Apple Tree

Photograph features one apple tree, field in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "This shows size of trees." It is believed that this photograph was given to Lillian & A.K. Bourchier by their niece Jean.

A.K. Bourchier with Relatives

Photograph depicts a man and woman, elderly couple, and young girl standing on porch of large house. It is believed that A.K. Bourchier stands on far right, next to his niece Jean. House also featured in items 2009.5.3.127.

Margaret Wearing Snow Shoes

Margaret (nee Baxter) Lund stands in snowshoes wearing skirt, high socks, sweater, hat and gloves. Log fence crosses midground, power poles and unidentified building stand in background. Margaret is younger sister to Bob Baxter.

Notes and other material about Julie Cruikshank

File contains material about Julie Cruikshank. It consists of notes on publications by Cruikshank; printouts of library catalogue search results; correspondence, predominately between the Yukon Archives and Anna-Stina Kjellstrom about requests tapes of interviews with Aboriginal people by Cruikshank; catalogue records for publications by Cruikshank; descriptions of publications by Cruikshank; and an article excerpt.

Notes and article about Lizette Hall

File consists of notes on a publication by Lizette Hall, entitled, "The Carrier, My People" and a printout of an article, entitled, "The Languages of Contact" that mentions Lizette Hall and her father.

Articles and other material about Heather Harris

File contains material by and about Heather Harris. It consists of correspondence between Harris and Anna-Stina Kjellstrom about a meeting; Harris's curriculum vitae; a printout of a biography of Harris; abstracts and information relating to presentations and workshops by Harris; and articles by Harris.

First Nations science and technology partnership

File consists of UNBC publications on First Nations cooperation in forestry in BC and a thesis on the Nle?kepmx, or Thompson, First Nation fiber technology. File also includes a photograph of a kangaroo and a computer disk consisting of text files including backup and excerpts of "Complicated Lives" and interviews with Virginia Douglas, Elspeth Baugh, Glenda Prkachin, Sylvia Fedoruk, and Anne Underhill. Disk also includes work on Ikawa-Smith and Kartzmark.

Indigenous knowledge contemporary

File consists of "Do it herself: An international study of women's technical knowledge and innovation" a British Council exhibition package, University Affairs newspaper. File includes photocopied articles, programs, and pamphlets.

White, Isobel

File consists of biographical information and research materials about Australian anthropologist, Isobel White.

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