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1970 Labour Strike

File contains photographs depicting individuals at Cassiar on strike in the winter time, marching down roads, holding picket signs, carrying small children who hold signs, and driving cars covered with strike slogans. Many of the signs read "U.S.W.A. LOCAL 6536" (United Steel Workers of America).

  • Two photographs depict a man with a video recorder. Some photos feature plant buildings, two were taken at night. One photograph depicts a note that reads: "THERE WILL BE NO AFTERNOON SHIFT THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5th 1970."
  • Many photos depict areas in the mine showing snow impacts, fissures in the mountain, asbestos evidence and other environmental activity. The picket signs contain protests regarding contracts, safety, environment, and ethics.
  • Handwritten annotation on original envelope containing photographs: "Pictures 1970 Strike."
  • Integrated into file are fourteen photos from file marked "Mr. B. Pewsey" that depict an area where a large rock fell, measuring tape, and protest sign.

A tribute to Mabel Timlin

File consists of "A Tribute to Mabel Timlin," for which Ainley wrote a section. The article was published in November 1995 in the "Canadian Women Economists Network Newsletter."

Abstracts, notes and other material

File consists of speaking notes for a presentation of Ainley's research for her Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded project, "Engendering Canadian Science: Biographies of Women Scientists"; an abstract for Ainley's article "British Scientists in Canadian fields: Catharine Parr Traill (1802-1899)"; and a draft section from "Creating Complicated Lives: Women and Science at English-Canadian Universities, 1880-1980."

Adelaide Sinclair

File consists of photocopied research materials concerning Adelaide Sinclair, including news clippings, and archival materials.

Administration material

File contains administrative material for Ainley's research project, "Re-explorations: science and environment in 19th and 20th century Canada and Australia." It consists of thematic analyses, correspondence relating to analyzing and organizing research, planning and research coding documents, summaries of her research, notes on Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, a short biography of Kata Dalstrom and other administrative material.

Album 2: Convocations at UNBC (1995) and UVIC (1996)

File consists of: 9 colour photographs (taken May 26, 1995): Ms. Moran reading the convocation address at UNBC Convocation; Ms. Moran during UNBC Convocation; Bridget Moran and Mary John;Group photo of 1995 UNBC graduates; Group photo of VIPs and recipients of UNBC Honourary Doctorates; Bridget Moran in UNBC regalia; Bob Harkins, Bridget Moran and unidentified woman; Post convocation celebratory BBQ; Bridget Moran and Mary John Tentative convocation itinerary and letter from Martin Cocking, Associate Registrar- Registrar Services to Bridget Moran re: UNBC Convocation (April 1995) Cards of congratulations on Ms. Moran's Honourary UNBC Doctorate The Citizen newspaper announcements re: UNBC convocation Swift Current newspaper article on Bridget Moran receipt of an Honourary UNBC Doctorate (The Sun, May 17, 1995) Letter of congratulations to Bridget Moran from faculty members in UNBC Social Work program (May 26, 1995) Letter of invitation from Dr. David Strong, President of UVic to Bridget Moran to receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws (April 23, 1996) Letter to Bridget Moran from the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees regarding measurement for UVic regalia (May 2, 1996) Letter to Bridget Moran from Manager of Ceremonies and Events regarding convocation arrangements (August 15, 1996); print out of costs incurred at the Victoria Laurel Point Inn (Dec. 1996) Newspaper clipping: "Tenor's Appearance Highlights Convocation" (Times Colonist, Nov. 30, 1996) Newspaper clipping re: Bridget Moran's receipt of UVic honour (The Citizen, Nov. 28, 1996); ticket to UVic Fall Convocation, 1996; card of congratulations. UVic convocation program for the gifting of honorary degrees; invitation to formal Fall Convocation Dinner for Honorary Degree Recipients following the Convocation UVic Convocation itinerary Book of Mementos created by UVic and sent to Bridget (Dec. 18, 1996): Title page: "Bridget Moran, Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Victoria, November 30, 1996"; UVic convocation program for the gifting of honorary degrees; Invitation to formal dinner for Honorary Degree Recipients; University of Victoria Fall Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees, Part II; Citation read (by David Strong, President) on the occasion of the granting of the degree of Honorary Doctor of Laws to Bridget Moran by the Senate of University of Victoria, November 30, 1996; Invitation to formal Fall Convocation Dinner for Honorary Degree Recipients following the Convocation; Place name card "Bridget Moran"; 17 Photographs of Bridget Moran at the UVic convocation UVic Fall Convocation Dinner table listing Letter to Helen Kempster, Manager Ceremonies and Special Events from Mayo Moran re: reading a message to honor her mother during convocation (Nov. 29, 1996) Letter of congratulations to Bridget Moran from Michael, Tracy and Hailey Moran Letter from David Strong to Bridget Moran re: a book of Convocation mementos (Dec. 18, 1996).

Allie V. Douglas

File consists of research materials concerning Allie V. Douglas including interview transcripts, photocopies of archival materials, and handwritten notes.

Allison, Susan 1845-1937

File consists if research materials and biographical information about Susan Allison, a pioneer the BC interior who worked with the indigenous of the region. File includes handwritten notes, photocopies from publications, and related correspondence.

Antonia Mills interview

File consists of transcripts and notes from interview with Antonia Mills in both print and digital form. Computer disk also contains Mills' CV. File includes photos of Antonia from interview.

Archives research correspondence and other material

File consists of correspondence with requests for archival material and information on the salaries of professors. File also contains notes on William Rowan's salary and correspondence on the salaries of professors at Victoria University (now part of the University of Toronto).

Art Gallery: Violence Against Women

File consists of: Letter from Annette Schroeter, Exhibition Technician, Prince George Art Gallery to Bridget Moran re: Bridget's involvement with the exhibition entitled: "Creating, Preventing & Transforming: Art on the Prevention of Violence Towards Women" (March 17, 1998) Copy of "Prevention of Violence Towards Women" exhibition agreement between Bridget Moran and the Prince George Art Gallery (Sept. 17, 1997) Artist's biographies for the "Prevention of Violence Towards Women" exhibition Prince George Art Gallery Programming Schedule, Sept.-Oct. 1997 Four copies of the publication created for the exhibition "Prevention of Violence Towards Women" in which is found an article "A Thousand Words" written by Bridget Moran. (1997) "A Cold Coming We Had of It: a collection of art and writing" produced by the Prince George Art Gallery and contributed to by Bridget Moran as literary juror to this project.

Article drafts and submission information

File consists of correspondence relating to edits and drafts of Ainley's article, "Mabel F. Timlin, 1891-1976: A Woman Economist in the World of Men," submission information for the article, and a summary of an interview with Irene Spry.

Articles and Chemical Institute of Canada material

File consists of correspondence, notes, booklets, lists and research requests relating to the Chemical Institute of Canada, their archives and the Women's Committee of the Chemical Institute of Canada. File also contains articles on women in chemistry and the history of chemistry.

Articles and other material

File consists of a paper presented at the 6th Interdisciplinary Congress on Women in Adelaide, Australia in 1996 by Rajendra Prasad Jaiswal, entitled, "Sex Discrimination and Status of Women in Science and Engineering Professions in India"; an annotated article entitled, "On Occupation" by Andrews D. Carson; an article by Jeanne Inch and Monqiue Frize, entitled, "In Their Own Words: Stories by women engineers about themselves"; and a pamphlet from the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology.

Articles and other material

File consists of photocopies of newspaper articles on Alice Turner and minority women scientists and photocopies of archival material related to teaching.

Articles and other material

File consists of academic and non-academic articles by Peta Tancred and others; a draft manuscript by Ainley, entitled, "Feminist Perspectives on Women, Science and Engineering in Canada"; correspondence; a description of the context of the interviews and research project conducted at Queen's University by Alison Bowe on female graduates of engineering; and a report from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) about the task force on women in the sciences and engineering.

Articles and other material about Harriet V. Kuhnlein

File contains material by and about Harriet V. Kuhnlein. It consists of printouts of Kuhnlein's curriculum vitae; descriptions of projects with which she was involved; articles about her projects; and a list of selected publications with Nancy J. Turner that include publications co-authored by Kuhnlein.

Articles and other material about Heather Harris

File contains material by and about Heather Harris. It consists of correspondence between Harris and Anna-Stina Kjellstrom about a meeting; Harris's curriculum vitae; a printout of a biography of Harris; abstracts and information relating to presentations and workshops by Harris; and articles by Harris.

Articles by Wendy Wickwire

File contains a catalogue record and two articles by Wendy Wickwire, "To See Ourselves as the Other's other: Nlaka'pamux Contact Narratives" and "Women in Ethnography: The Research of James A. Teit."

Articles on women in academia

File consists of two articles: "Women Becoming Professional Scholars: Historians and Physicists" and "The Early History of Women in University Physics: A Toronto Case Study."

Articles, proposals and other material

File consists of draft proposals, schedules and group assignment information relating to graduate teaching in New Zealand; a notice about changes to internet service at the University of Northern British Columbia; articles on historiography, methodology and qualitative data analysis; correspondence relating to book reviews; and photocopied notes from interviews.

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