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Geoffrey R. Weller fonds Deelreeks Health and Social Services
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Health Policy in South Africa

Subseries consists of material related to a 1983 project titled "The Politics of Health in South Africa" conducted in conjunction with Pranlal Manga and Weller’s travel to South Africa to conduct research for this project. This paper was never published. Material includes notes regarding contacting and interviewing persons involved with health polity in South Africa, publications by other scholars, documents released by government bodies of African countries, and newspaper clippings. The files are generally one of two types: files of newspaper clippings on a particular topic or individually filed publications alphabetized by author. Many files have dates past Weller’s work on his project with Manga suggesting continued research on politics in South Africa into the 1990s.

Health Care in Ontario and the Circumpolar North

Subseries consists of material related to Weller’s roles on the Advisory Committee for the Health Promotion and Prevention Project of the Ontario Council of Health (1983-1984), the Thunder Bay District Health Council (1983-1988), focus group of The Premier's Council on Health Strategy (1987-1988), board of the Victorian Order of Nurses (1987-1988), the study advisory group on the Study on Health and Social Service Professionals in Northern Ontario (1989-1990). The subseries also contains material involved in Weller’s academic research on healthcare in northern regions, specifically the projects titled "The Politics of Health in the Circumpolar North,” "The Delivery of Health Care to Underserviced Areas,” and "Health Care Delivery in Northern Hinterlands.” It also contains research pertaining to the Canada Health Act of 1984. Material includes documents produced for meetings of the advisory committees and Thunder Bay District Health Council, such as minutes and reports, correspondence, and other material produced by these groups as well as government bodies and scholars in the areas of health policy and circumpolar health.

Other Publications

Subseries consists of publications written or coauthored by Weller not encompassed by the other subseries, including reviews of articles, letters to the editor, and a research report.

Health Policy

Subseries consists of material involved in Weller’s research on health policy, some of which pertains to comparing health policy in different countries. The material consists of primarily newspaper clippings and photocopied academic papers. There may be connections between the files and subseries 2, as some of the files in the earlier subseries appear to have been used again in later research.

Health Policy in Canada and Other Countries

Subseries primarily consists of articles by other authors, some with related correspondence between Weller and the author. A large amount of the material is related to health policy specifically in Canada; however, the records also range to health policy in the United States and other countries. The subseries also includes the text of speeches by government officials, publications created by government bodies, newspaper clippings, and other material collected over the course of Weller’s research on health policy. The series contains drafts by Weller with titles which correspond to early papers and chapters of his dissertation: "The Public Interest in Professional Politics: The Case of the Canadian Medical Association,” "Chapter 4: Health Care and Medicare Policy in Ontario," "Health Policy in Ontario," and "The Executive, the Legislature and the Health Policy Process: The Case of Ontario." The first 243 files are primarily scholarly works and government documents individually filed by Weller and generally arranged alphabetically by author. The other 72 files contain notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other material in files created by Weller in broader files by topic. The bulk of the material was gather around the dates 1975 to 1980, though some files contain items from dates in the mid-1980s and four files with dates into the 1990s suggesting the material was also involved in later research (see subseries 10).

Articles and Chapters

Subseries consists of copies of all the articles and chapters Weller authored or coauthored arranged chronologically. Files include related material such as drafts and correspondence regarding the publication of the article or chapter. The files in this subseries were originally numbered to correspond with the articles listed in Weller's CV.

Conference Papers

Subseries consists of copies of all the conference papers Weller authored or coauthored arranged chronologically. Some files also include related material such as conference programs or correspondence regarding revising a paper for publication. The files in this subseries were originally numbered to correspond with the conference papers listed in Weller's CV.

Social and Health Policy and Administration

Subseries consists of lecture notes, photocopied readings, course outlines and other material for the UNBC course taught by Weller “Social and Health Policy and Administration.” The subseries includes VHS tapes of Weller’s lectures and originally contained a set of duplicate course reading files with a note indicating they were sent to was sent to Margie Mills at the UNBC Regional campus at Williams Lake. A lecture file titled “Plagues and Politics, Lecture 23” was empty. The files also contain material that appears to predate the course.

Book Reviews

Subseries consists primarily of copies of Weller's reviews of books or articles. Files include correspondence over the course of the review process and notes or annotations with Weller's comments. An earlier file contains letters to the editor written by Weller. The files in this subseries were originally numbered to correspond with thebook reviews listed in Weller's CV.

Talks and Lectures

Subseries consists of the text of talks and lectures given by Weller as well as related material such as notes.


Subseries consists of material related to Weller's doctoral dissertation at McGill University, including versions of his proposal, chapters, outtakes, correspondence with his committee and notes pertaining to interview contacts and creating a questionnaire.