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Community Album - Town Office

Photograph depicts unidentified man walking up front steps to building with the following sign: "TOWN ADMINISTRATION / MOTOR VEHICLE BRANCH / HCBC AGENCY / DISTRICT REGISTRAR / CDN CITIZENSHIP COURT / FISH & GAME LICENCES". Vehicles parked in foreground and behind at unknown building in midground. Power line and mountains in background.

Manager's Photos - Men at Sand Flats Road Camp

Photograph depicts three men in hats standing at doorway to building. Steel drum and miscellaneous supplies on ground near mean, trees in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "5. Sand flats road camp. L. to R. W. Lawton, assistant, W.H. Forrest B.C.L.S. Dept of Public Works supervisor, 'Mac' McKenzie our mine captain."

Official Tours

File contains photographs depicting four different tours that took place at the mine, plant, and towns owned by Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. Tours include Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's visit to Clinton Creek in 1968 and Member of Parliament Iona Campagnolo's visit to Cassiar in 1978. Photographs also depict a party of ambassadors touring Cassiar in 1970, and the dedication of a building in the Cassiar plant in the late 1970s.

A.C. Beguin Accepting Safety Award

Typed annotation on caption below photograph: "General Superintendent A.C. Beguin receiving 1965 Safety Award for Open Pits and Quarries in British Columbia from Mr. R.B. Bonar, Dept. of Mines and Petroleum Resources." Photograph depicts A.C. Beguin shaking hands with Mr. Bonar as he accepts a large plaque. Counter bar and curtains in background.

Ray Williston bowling

Item is a photograph of members of the Legislative Bowling Team, from left, Minister of Recreation Earl Westwood, Ray Williston Minister of Lands and Forests and Ken Kiernan.

Princess Margaret watching a prospector pan for gold

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret on July 17, 1958 at an event staged in the Prince George railway yards. Alex Moffat dressed as a prospector demonstrates panning for previously salted gold nuggets, which were later given to the Princess.

Signing of the protocol and power sale agreements 1

Item is a photograph of the signing of the protocol agreements with reference to the Columbia River Treaty at the White House on January 22, 1964. Seated from the left seated are: Paul Martin, Sr., Lester B. Pearson and Lyndon Johnson. Mr. Williston is on the extreme right at the edge of the picture.

Signing of the protocol and power sale agreements 3

Item is a photograph of the exchange of notes during the signing of the protocol and power sale agreements with reference to the Columbia River Treaty on January 22, 1964. Seated from the left are: Paul Martin, Sr., Lester B. Pearson, Lyndon Johnson and Dean Rusk. Mr. Williston is behind and to the right of President Johnson.

Legislature in session

Item is a photograph of the BC legislature in session. Mr. Williston is seated on the left in the front row, fourth from the speaker next to Premier W.A.C. Bennett.

Princess Margaret arriving in Prince George 2

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret arriving by Canadian Air Forces jet at Prince George. Lieutenant-Governor Frank Ross is walking beside the Princess.

Originally mounted on a poster with photographs 115, 115.2, 115.3.

Princess Margaret on a train

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret on the back deck of the Royal train's caboose just prior to her departure from Prince George during her 1958 visit to British Columbia.

Originally mounted on a poster with photographs 115, 115.2, 115.3.

BC Legislative Council Collection

  • 2005.4
  • Coleção
  • 1858 - 1871

The BC Legislative Council Collection consists of 6 journals of the Legislative Council, as well as files containing BC proclamations, BC ordinances, and BC acts.

British Columbia Legislative Council

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Series consists of speeches, memoranda (which include: itineraries, seating plans, agendas, speaking orders, participant lists) correspondence, event programs, invitations, newspaper clippings, background material, list of regrets, agendas by calendar month and ephemera pertaining to The Honourable Iona Campagnolo's duties and responsibilities as Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Federal Programs

Subseries consists of correspondence regarding federal programs and their creation and cancellation. Records include newspaper clippings, news releases, itineraries, memoranda, and form letters.


Subseries consists of records and correspondence relating to the Department of Finance (Finance Canada) and federal financial issues in general. Includes correspondence regarding economic recovery; the state of the Canadian dollar; the gold industry; home ownership savings plans; the federal debt; banking legislation (Bill C-57 and C-15); the Income Tax act; British Columbia Central Credit Union; the federal budget; life insurance; pension plans; compulsory retirement and retirement savings plans; the Anti-Inflation Board (concerning Bill C-73); wage guidelines; tax increases; rising food prices; import tariffs and excise taxes; and tax deductions and exemptions. Also includes news releases, reports, weekly briefings, and speeches.

General Crozier briefing members of the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary

Text on recto of photograph reads: "Briefing the Auxiliaries: General Crozier, officer commanding the Auxiliary Division of the R.I.C. giving some of his men a briefing. The photographer who took this picture and the one above had to hide his camera behind a bystander’s back since her would have been arrested if he had been seen.”

Four North-West Mounted Police Officers

Officers are mounted on four horses in cleared area. Fifth horse stands on left, dog stands behind officers. Trees and white building visible in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Jas Tracey - Vanderhoof. A. Birch. Gilbert."

Close View of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wearing a beret and Mustang lifejacket, walking outside beside M.P. Iona Campagnolo in headscarf and wool jacket, Kivsta, Haida Gwaii, BC

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “With the boss at Kivsta, Q.C.I.: May 1976, 13,000 yrs. carbondated habitation in the same location-- The real Charlottes and his counter culture protection in the rain, mist, moss and dense forest of the Haida”.

Ministry of Sport Tour - Minister Iona Campagnolo at crowded table in La Bodeguita, Havana, Cuba

Campagnolo sits at table with Frances Pilfold, Chuck Pilfold, and several others. See items 2009.6.1.214 - 2009.6.1.216 for images featuring similar content.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Great Reseraunt in Havana - Jan/78, Frances + Chuck Pilfold of Pr. Rupert with me.”

Photograph believed to have been taken during a Ministry of Sport Tour in Cuba, 1977 - 1978. See also items 2009.6.1.198 - 2009.6.1.224.

Ministry of Sport Tour - Group photograph of Ian Howard, Roger Jackson, Eric Morse, and Minister Iona Campagnolo standing outside in Havana, Cuba

Lawn chairs and trees in background. See item 2009.6.1.220 for image featuring similar content.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “my campanero’s de Havana, Jan./78, Ian Howard, Executive Assistant; Roger Jackson, Director Sport Cda; Eric Morse, Ext. Affairs (Spy)”.

Photograph taken during a Ministry of Sport Tour in Cuba, 1977 - 1978. See also items 2009.6.1.198 - 2009.6.1.224.

Iona Campagnolo handing celebratory vase to two unidentified men and Marcel Dionne after the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships, 1978

Dionne stands on right.

Item is one of 7 photographs accompanying letter from Derek Holmes, Hockey Canada to Iona Campagnolo, dated 24 November 1978, which reads: “Dear Iona, A few pictures recalling some of the happier moments in Canada’s otherwise stormy hockey scene which I thought you would appreciate.” Handwritten notation included with photographs reads: “Sport Minister in Europe - DDR - East Germany - Hungary - Poland - Austria”. See also items 2009.6.1.248 - 2009.6.1.254.

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