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David Davies Railway Collection Buildings and Structures
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Section bunk house

Photograph depicts a CPR section bunk house in Midway. On the left was a living room with two windows, stove, and sink. Bedroom with one window and two beds located on the right.

CPR Pitt River swing bridge

Photograph depicts the Pitt River swing bridge in an open position. Apparently, it opened up to half a dozen times a day to allow large pleasure crafts to go through. Photograph taken at high tide when little clearance occurred.

CPR storehouse at Mission City

Photograph depicts a CPR storehouse at Mission City. It was marked as "Petroleum Store" but in fact was holding speeders and miscellaneous track equipment. It was sited on the north side of the track at the extreme east end of the depot ...

CPR Mission Bridge

Photograph depicts the CPR Mission Bridge on the Huntingdon branch. The photo was taken from the open swing span looking downstream, with a tug and derrick (Fraser River Pile Driving Co.) fast disappearing downstream. The new road bridge in the ba...

CPR Mission Bridge

Photograph depicts the CPR Mission Bridge on the Huntingdon Branch. It shows the final box span of the bridge on the south shore, as viewed from the opened swing span. The span opened for river traffic every 2 or 3 days. The view is looking south,...

CPR Belfort depot

Photograph depicts the CPR rail Belfort depot passing point, approximately 5 miles north of Princeton, on the Princeton to Penticton line. The view is looking south.

CPR line at Arawana near Penticton

Photograph depicts the CPR line at Arawana, 5 miles northeast of Penticton and at mile 125.7 on the Carmi Subdivision. The photo shows the ruins of the station house and Okanagan Lake in the background. The passing loop in the foreground has been ...

CPR Chute Lake depot

Photograph depicts the CPR depot at Chute Lake, on the Carmi Subdivision. It is located at mile 106.5 and 13.5 miles north of Penticton. The photo shows the passing track and the base of a former water tower is just behind the camera at the left. ...

McCulloch CPR depot

Photograph depicts the McCulloch CPR depot located at mile 76.7 on the Carmi Subdivision, which is about 27 miles northeast of Penticton. The building on the right is the passenger depot, which was last officially used in January 1964. The view is...

CPR line at Boundary Falls

Photograph depicts the CPR line at Boundary Falls, which is at mile 121 from Nelson on the Boundary Subdivision. The view is looking west and it shows the former flag stop shelter.

CPR line at Greenwood

Photograph depicts the CPR line at Greenwood. There is no representative of the CPR in Greenwood now and the agency expired in June 1969. There appears to be 2 to 3 way freights per week from Nelson to Midway. The view is looking north and shows t...

Two grain elevators at Creston

Photograph depicts two grain elevators at Creston, BC. The Creston CPR yard lies behind the camera. The line is on a downgrade away from the camera, starting its descent to the valley bottom for Kootenay Lake. The grain elevators are a rare sight ...

Eholt Junction on the CPR line

Photograph depicts the CPR line at Eholt, located at mile 108.7 from Nelson on the Boundary Subdivision. It was a formerly bustling junction with the left-hand spur leading to Phoenix. Nor it only has 3 way freight trains a week from Nelson to Mid...

Creston Sawmills Ltd on the CPR line

Photograph depicts the Creston Sawmills Ltd on the CPR line. Here the southern BC CPR mainline passes through the center of trackage, looking eastbound. A chip car is on the spur directly leading from the camera.

Water tower at Cranbrook

Photograph depicts a surviving but disused water tower at Cranbrook. Cranbrook is located at mile 0 on the CPR line of the Nelson Subdivision.

Wrinch Memorial Hospital

Photograph depicts the Wrinch Memorial Hospital. It held 54 beds and was founded by Dr. Winch for the benefit of the local First Nations population.

Church on an Indian Reservation

Photograph depicts a church that was built of shaped logs on an Indian Reservation on the road leading to Seton Lake. Church was derelict, but still held pews, plastic flowers and small shrines.

Hotel in Carmi

Photograph taken at Carmi, an old village between Rock Creek and Kelowna. Visible is an old hotel that was up for sale.

Store in Brookmere

Photograph depicts the only store in the small, derelict village of about 12-15 houses of which only one is occupied.

Stave Falls School

Photograph depicts Stave Falls School, a type of rural school that was falling into disuse. This one was still in use and cared for.

Old mine buildings

Photograph depicts one of various old lead and zinc mine buildings. Behind this building, on the foreshore, were a few men working on the reclamation of tailings and waste from the mine that was dumped in Kootenay Lake.

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