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Kent Sedgwick fonds Pièce Buildings and Structures Avec documents numériques
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Docked Boats

Image depicts numerous docked boats in Prince Rupert, B.C.


Image depicts a boat docked inside what appears to be a type of boathouse, possibly located in Metlakatla near Prince Rupert, B.C.


Image depicts a dock in Prince Rupert, B.C.

Prince Rupert - Old Building

Image depicts an old building on the main street of Prince Rupert, B.C. Only half of the business name is visible: "Skeena Color [sic]."

Docked Boats

Image depicts numerous boats docked in Prince Rupert, B.C.

Hut at Foot of Ridge

Image depicts a small grey building, possibly Raven Cabin, sitting at the foot of a ridge.

Boarded Up Builidng

Image depicts a boarded up building in Stewart B.C. There is also a sign that reads: "No U Turns."

Granduc Townsite

Image depicts a row of houses in Granduc, near the Granduc Mine and located north of Stewart, B.C.

Stewart House

Image depicts the Robert Stewart house, built in 1910 and inhabited by the Stewart family until 1945. It is located in Stewart, B.C.

Old Hotel

Image depicts an old, boarded up hotel in Stewart, B.C.

Main Street

Image depicts several buildings along the main street in Stewart, B.C.


Image depicts a narrow footbridge suspended over a river at an uncertain location.

[Hospital Beach?]

Image depicts what is possibly Hospital Beach in Kitimat, B.C. The facility in the background is possibly the Alcan smelter.

McBride - Engine Services

Image depicts a machine shop somewhere in McBride, B.C. The sign above the door reads "McBride Air Cooled Engine Services Ltd."

Crescent Spur

Image depicts a beehive burner in the community of Crescent Spur, B.C.

Crescent Spur - Mill

Image depicts what appears to be a small mill in the community of Crescent Spur, B.C.

Chalkboard Snowman

Image depicts a snowman drawn on the chalkboard of what appears to be an unused school, possibly in Lamming Mills, B.C. The slide is labelled "note board school."

Railway Tracks and Old Houses

Image depicts railway tracks on the right side of the image, and several old houses alongside it. The location is uncertain.

Old Buildings

Image depicts several old buildings. The location is uncertain.

Trees and Old Houses

Image depicts two old houses surrounded by numerous trees at an uncertain location.

Old House

Image depicts an old house missing windows and doors at an uncertain location.

Houses and Three Goats

Image depicts several houses, and three goats standing on a narrow dirt road. The location is uncertain.


Image depicts a cabin at an uncertain location.

Houses and Debris

Image depicts several houses and what appears to be debris left over from the removal of a house. The location is uncertain.

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