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David Davies Railway Collection Item Buildings and Structures
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Section bunk house

Photograph depicts a CPR section bunk house in Midway. On the left was a living room with two windows, stove, and sink. Bedroom with one window and two beds located on the right.

CPR Wynndel

Photograph depicts the rear view of an elevator showing its name. Track was on the far side.

CPR Wynndel

Photograph taken looking north, with a spur in the foreground. It was used by ore mixed freight daily. It was believed that at the bottom of the grade was a junction with a GNR branch that ran from the US border south of Creston to Kootenay Lake (...

Tool house on Windermere Subdivision

Photograph depicts a tool house in Wasa, at the CPR Windermere Subdivision. Before 1970, the station had siding for 37 cars. Now it had two sidings for a total of 150 cars. Note the old box car with old lettering that was presumably on non-reserve...

CPR Wynndel

Photograph depicts a grain elevator that had a 7 car spur to service it. Davies doubted if grain traffic ever moved by rail near Wynndel. Two flat cars appeared to have used the platform to overload machinery and vehicles.

New CN overpass

Photograph depicts a new CN overpass in Campbell Creek. The new part of the Trans-Canada Highway beneath it had yet to be paved.

New CN overpass

Photograph depicts a new CN overpass in Campbell Creek. The grade crossing at the newly created service/business road was built on the south side of a road/rail complex.

New CN overpass

Photograph depicts a new CN overpass in Campbell Creek. Looking at new eastbound lane of the Trans Canada Highway. It was all paid for by the Provincial Department of Highways in order to convert the 2 lanes into 4 in order to improve visibility a...

Replacement rail bridge

Photograph depicts a replacement rail bridge. Forms sat on a temporary pile of dirt, which in turns sat on a road bed of a new highway that had just been cut.

CPR Pitt River swing bridge

Photograph depicts the Pitt River swing bridge in an open position. Apparently, it opened up to half a dozen times a day to allow large pleasure crafts to go through. Photograph taken at high tide when little clearance occurred.

Queensborough bridge

Photograph depicts railway track previously owned by BCER. It led onto the east end of Lulu Island and then to Annacis Island. Looking from the Naew West River Walk to the Queensborough bridge that was protected by signals and had a high chain lin...

CNR bascule bridge

Photograph depicts a CNR bascule bridge across the upper waters of Victoria Harbour. The rest of the trackage had been removed, except for the bridge itself.

Two grain elevators at Creston

Photograph depicts two grain elevators at Creston, BC. The Creston CPR yard lies behind the camera. The line is on a downgrade away from the camera, starting its descent to the valley bottom for Kootenay Lake. The grain elevators are a rare sight ...

Creston Sawmills Ltd on the CPR line

Photograph depicts the Creston Sawmills Ltd on the CPR line. Here the southern BC CPR mainline passes through the center of trackage, looking eastbound. A chip car is on the spur directly leading from the camera.

Water tower at Cranbrook

Photograph depicts a surviving but disused water tower at Cranbrook. Cranbrook is located at mile 0 on the CPR line of the Nelson Subdivision.

CPR line at Notch Hill in the Shuswap

Photograph depicts the CPR line at Notch Hill in the Shuswap. At one time this was a busy place, as helper engines were stationed here to push heavy trains over the hill. This spur is on the north side of the depot and has rails from 1902. The vi...

CPR line at McConnell, BC

Photograph depicts the CPR line at McConnell, BC, which is located at mile 55 on the Nelson Subdivision and 12 miles east of Creston. The view includes the signalman's shanty, which is still in occasional use.

Fernie CPR station

Photograph depicts the Fernie CPR station, located at mile 34.7 on the Cranbrook Subdivision, which runs from Crowsnest to Cranbrook. In coal mining days this was a busy place but now it has sidings for 153 cars and nothing else. The view is looki...

Nelson CPR Station

Photograph depicts the Nelson CPR depot, built in 1899. Since there are no passenger trains, freights used the front line, adjacent to the depot. The photograph was taken from the platform and shows a view looking east.

Nelson CPR Station

Photograph depicts the Nelson CPR depot, built in 1899 and still well-maintained. Streetcars had a terminal in this yard from 1899-1949, for what was probable the shortest street car system in Canada. The view is looking north and shows the rear v...

Grand Forks CPR depot

Photograph depicts the Grand Forks CPR depot, located at mile 94.8 on the Boundary Subdivision, which runs from Nelson to Midway (127 miles). It was originally built by the Columbia & Western Railway in 1899. IT has not seen a passenger train ...

Grain elevator at Wynndel

Photograph depicts the a grain elevator at Wynndel, located at mile 73.8 on the CPR line on the Nelson Subdivision. It is between Creston at mile 67.2 and Kootenay Landing at mile 83.1. Grain elevators are rare in BC and this one belongs to the Un...

Union Bay post office

Photograph depicts the post office in Union Bay. It was a "Heritage" building and internally restored. Believed to have been built in 1908.

Pump house

Photograph depicts a pump house on the Island Highway, north of Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island.

CPR depot at Armstrong

Photograph depicts the CPR depot at Armstrong. It is located about mile 32 from Sicamous on the Okanagan Subdivision. The view is looking south.

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