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1961 - Tramline & Plantsite

Photograph depicts tower and bucket tram in left foreground, plantsite in midground, mountains across valley in background. Dry rock storage building, mill, tailings pile, and many other buildings visible in plantsite. Handwritten annotation on v...

1961 - Plantsite

Photograph depicts various buildings in plantsite, vehicles and electricity lines throughout. Equipment garage stands in left background behind tank farm, carpenter shop in right background, machine and electrical shop in building semi-visible on ...

1961 - Power House

Photograph depicts a large shelter over building believed to be power house. Electricity lines cross midground and run to power house. A man can be seen crossing the foreground by steel frame supplies, and a second building is partially visible on...

1961 - Tramline Crossing in Plantsite

Photograph depicts a gravel road passing under crossing. Sign posted to pole reads "CAUTION TRAMLINE CROSSING CAUTION AVIOD PASSING UNDER MOVING BUCKETS". Garage stands in left midground, mountains in background. Handwritten annotation o...

1971 - Tramline on Plantsite

Photograph depicts tramline buckets and tower on plantsite. Vehicles, building materials, and unidentified buildings also visible on plantsite (including what appears to be a water tower). Mountains and valley in background. Handwritten annotation...

Community Album - Fire Hall

Photograph depicts two fire trucks semi-visible in garage with the sign "FIRE HALL". House and snowmobile can be seen in left midground, truck and power pole in right foreground. Mountains in background. Warning visible on front of truck...

Community Album - New Mine Dry Building

Photograph depicts long building with blue siding. Security was located at corner of building in centre foreground, behind stop sign. Single red door on left was main entrance into mine dry, where individuals were checked through security. Two lar...

Man in Railway Camp

Photograph depicts man standing among six snow-covered buildings in what is believed to be a railway construction camp. Power line in foreground, forest trees in background.

Three diversion tunnels

Item is a photograph of the three tunnels built to divert the Peace River around the Bennett Dam construction site.

Coffer dam

Item is a photograph of the coffer dam built to isolate the construction site for the W.A.C. Bennett Dam.

Snow-Covered Barn

Winter landscape scene featuring a small barn barely visible under snow. Trees in background and snow-plowed area in foreground. Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Lakeside Barn in Winter".

Home of John Adams

Winter landscape scene featuring a small log home covered in snow with trees in background. Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Home of [Laral Peonen?] John Adams".

Cookhouse in Winter

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Cookhouse in Winter". Photograph depicts top of building semi-visible behind large snow pile. Treetops can be seen in background.

Bert Youngstrom at Shop & Warehouse

Photograph depicts Bert Youngstrom leaning on one of two gas pumps in front of three long buildings. Trees can be seen in background, as well as snow all around. Steel drums an other miscellaneous material surround the buildings. Handwritten capti...

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