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Two Men Cutting Fire Wood

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Cutting Fire Wood". Photograph depicts two men on either side of large log using chain saw in wood clearing. A small snow-covered building can be seen in background.

Fred Youngstrom Operating a Haulback Rig

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Fred Youngstron [sic?]" "Foreman spotting for operator." Photograph depicts one man seated on D8 Caterpillar operating a haulback rig, and a second man (Fred?) standing behind him on Caterpillar. Image quality is poor and faces are not visible. Dirt and debris in foreground, forest in background. It is believed this rig is operating in a long-line skidding system.

Man Standing Above Earth Cut

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Earth Cut". Photograph depicts a man in distance at top of steep slope of man-made embankment, trees in background. Tracks made my machinery are visible in dirt of the cut.

Picnic at Central Fort George

Photograph depicts a large group of women, men, and children standing and sitting on grass. Stand of trees crosses midground, forest visible in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Picnic at Fort George (Central) 1920." Photograph believed to have been taken at current location of Spruceland Shopping Center.

Coulee Dam

Photograph depicts large bridge and dam over a wide river, industrial structures throughout. Hills on opposite shore in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Coulee Dam, This is were[sic] I went this fall. Wished you had of been with me."

Jean in Bear Skin Coat

Photograph depicts Jean in foreground, standing in front of wood house, miscellaneous items and furniture crossing midground. Picket fence on left, bushes in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Why didn't you drop off and see us when you were home? Dad came home an told me to guess whom he had seen in Edmonton and right away I said 'Uncle Alan.' Wishing you a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Lots of love to both. Jean. See what lovely cuffs and collar the bear skin you sent for me some years ago made for me this winter. Nobody knows me with it on and everyone admires it." (See item 2009.5.3.100 for photograph depicting bear skin.)

Close View of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wearing a beret and Mustang lifejacket, walking outside beside M.P. Iona Campagnolo in headscarf and wool jacket, Kivsta, Haida Gwaii, BC

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “With the boss at Kivsta, Q.C.I.: May 1976, 13,000 yrs. carbondated habitation in the same location-- The real Charlottes and his counter culture protection in the rain, mist, moss and dense forest of the Haida”.

After the blast 24 April 1913

Foreground shows a rocky shore covered in debris. A small crowd is visible along the coastline, and there are foggy outlines of hills beyond the water. Annotation on recto reads: "McRae Bros After the Blast 24th Apr. 13."

The last big blast 21 January 1914

Photograph of a large explosion next to a huge pile of debris. Buildings are visible on either side and railroad track can be seen in the foreground. Annotation on recto reads: "The Last Big Blast, Prince Rupert BC 21 Jan 1914 McRae Bros. Photo"

Moving mountains at Prince Rupert BC

Photograph of a large explosion on a rocky shoreline. A bridge is visible in the foreground and a body of water is partially visible in the background. Annotation on recto reads: "McRae Bros Moving Mountains at Prince Rupert BC Apr 24th"

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