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Zip Drives

Subseries contains Brian Fawcett's records on zip drives.

Women in science and engineering research

Subseries contains materials relating to Dr. Ainley's research on women in the fields of science and engineering. Ainley dedicated much of her career to this topic, which resulted in a number of publications. Subseries includes material relating to the submission and editing of Ainley's chapter, "Marriage and Scientific Work in Twentieth-Century Canada: the Berkeleys in Marine Biology and the Hoggs in Astronomy" in "Creative Couples in the Sciences" about the experiences of two scientific couples: Edith and Cyril Berkeley and Frank and Helen Hogg. Materials for this publication include correspondence, edited manuscripts, permissions form templates and a call and instructions for submissions. This subseries also includes research material for a review of Margaret Gillett and Ann Beer's book, "Our Own Agendas: Autobiographical Essays by Women Associated with McGill University," including notes, correspondence and short biographies of women from McGill University. Subseries also contains research on Canadian women in science including photocopied archival materials from various Canadian universities. This subseries also contains materials relating to Ainley's book, "Creating complicated lives: women and science at English-Canadian universities, 1880-1980" and Ainley's chapter, "Soaring to New Heights: Changes in the Life Course of Mabel McIntosh" in "Great Danes." Subseries consists of research relating to women in the Royal Society of Canada and on individual women scientists and engineers. Research materials consist of photocopies of published and archival research materials, correspondence, and applications for grans and ethics reviews. This subseries also contains approximately 80 overhead transparencies from presentations.

Wire Rope Industries

Subseries consists of records relating to Wire Rope Industries created or accumulated by Adam Zimmerman while he was Executive Vice President, President, or Vice-Chairman of Noranda Mines (the parent company of Wire Rope Industries). Zimmerman was also a member of the Board of Directors for Wire Rope Industries between 1978 and 1993. Includes directors meeting records, financial statements, annual reports, correspondence, and records relating to Wire Rope Industries' acquisition of Martin-Black.

Wire Rope Industries Ltd.

White Pass Train

File contains slides depicting locations along the White Pass railway through Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territories.


File contains slides depicting Wells, B.C.

Water Politics and Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes Region

Subseries consists of material related to a project titled “Water Politics and Policy in the Lake Superior Basin” and to an unpublished paper titled "The Politics of Environmental Pollution: The Case of Northwestern Ontario.” The research for that latter project was incorporated into other projects at the time such as Weller’s collaborative project with Douglas Nord "Environmental Policy and Political Support in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Analysis.” During this time Weller and Nord also completed two research reports funded by the state of Minnesota and the Canadian Consulate-General in Minneapolis titled “Transborder Politics and Paradiplomacy: The Ontario- Minnesota Fishing Dispute” and “Canada and the United States: An Introduction to a Complex Relationship.” The material includes Weller’s contract with the state of Minnesota along with the text of legislation pertaining to water quality on the Great Lakes and material created by other authors, government bodies in Canada and the United States, and organizations concerned with the state of the great lakes. The research projects identified in the records range the dates 1982-1988. However, some of the items have later dates, suggesting some of the files were used again for research in the 1990s.Some of the later material also pertains to environmental issues in British Columbia instead of the Great Lakes.

Veterans Affairs

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Records include news releases, maps, reports, memoranda, and speeches by Minister of Veteran Affairs Daniel MacDonald. Includes correspondence regarding medical services from the Canadian Pension Commission, Veterans Affairs offices in northern British Columbia. Veterans rights, the fiftieth anniversary of the Royal Canadian Legion, and veterans housing under the Veterans Land Act.


File contains slides depicting vegetation and a few maps.

Urban Affairs

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of Urban Affairs and housing concerns. Records include newspaper clippings, reports, brochures and pamphlets, news releases, maps, and speeches from the Minister of Urban Affairs Barney Danson and others. Includes correspondence regarding urban transportation, federal housing grants and housing in Canada, mortgages and the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, public housing developments, inquiries and applications for grants, and student housing.

University of Lapland

Series consists of material related to Weller's travel to Finland and award of an honorary doctorate from the University of Lapland.

Union material

Subseries contains publications and charters developed by various unions representing Canadian and American railway workers. Includes union newspapers, pamphlets, constitutions, medical and dental plan information, and union ephemera.

Unclassified Records

Subseries consists of textual records not classified with the Government of Canada Subject Block Numeric Classification System, i.e., records that did not go through regular records management processes. Includes Canadian Federation of Independent Business mandate surveys; ministerial correspondence; records regarding Prime Minister Trudeau and the Cabinet; reference material for various issues, committees and organizations; itineraries; briefing books; schedules; agendas; personal records and correspondence; and Christmas cards.

Treasury Board

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Treasury Board of Canada and public service issues. Records include petitions; news releases; reports; memoranda; newspaper clippings; newsletters; and speeches from the Treasury Board, including presidents Robert Andras and Jean Chretien. Includes correspondence regarding government expenditures, the public service and its official language policy, equal opportunities for women, the Public Service Employment Act, public service pensions, collective bargaining for public service employees, and Bills C-28 and C-22 to amend the Public Service Staff Relations Act.


Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to Transport Canada and transportation issues in general, especially those that pertain to northern BC. Records include news releases, newspaper and magazine clippings, maps, meeting minutes, reports, memoranda, newsletter, pamphlet and brochures, reference material, and speeches from the Minister of Transportation and others. Includes correspondence regarding marine transportation, such as amendments to the Canada Shipping Act (Bill C-61), the Pacific Rim Access Project for a port at Kitimat, search and rescue services, marine pollution, harbour and marina developments, the Prince Rupert Fairview Terminal, and ferry transportation and subsidies; land transportation, such as highway maintenance, northern BC bus routes and public transportation, the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Bill S-8), pedestrian safety, highway and bridge construction, and improvements to the Yellowhead Highway; rail transportation, such as closure of agencies, rail subsidies, freight rates, passenger train services, and railway companies (BC Rail, CNR, and CPR); and air transportation, such as the decentralization of Air Canada, the Air Canada strike, the use of government aircraft, pilot and air charter licenses, the Queen Charlotte Islands air transportation subsidy agreement, complaints regarding service, and BC airports.

The European Union

Subseries consists of lecture notes, course outlines, exam questions and other material for UNBC courses taught by Weller “The European Union” and “The European Community.”

The Asbestos Sheet

On March 7, 1956 the Cassiar Reporters Guild published one issue of an untitled newspaper simply titled "The Cassiar?" (vol.1, no.1) along with a "name that newspaper" contest call out to the local community. It is believed that no other issue of this first volume was published until December 7, 1957 when The Asbestos Sheet (vol.2, no.1) was published. The Asbestos Sheet, was generally published twice a month and ran from December 1957 to September 1976; after which time both its name and its format changed: the 8-1/2 x 10" news bulletin changing to an 11 x 17" newspaper; and The Asbestos Sheet becoming the Cassiar Courier. The Courier was published monthly from fall 1976 until February 1991 when it stopped circulation shortly before the closure of both the mine and the company town.

Tenth Anniversary of the Order of Canada

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming correspondence regarding the tenth anniversary of the Order of Canada, and members of the Order. Also includes news releases concerning appointments to the Order of Canada, a booklet on the levels of insignia, a booklet containing members of the Order, an investiture pamphlet, and a brochure on how to wear membership insignia.

Technical Drawings

Subseries consists of architectural and technical drawings separated from Campagnolo’s government textual record files. Includes technical drawings of proposed improvements to industrial areas in Skeena, architectural drawings (such as floor plans, conceptual drawings, perspectives and elevations) for proposed buildings that requested funding through Campagnolo’s ministry, and graphs.

Talks and Lectures

Subseries consists of the text of talks and lectures given by Weller as well as related material such as notes.

Supply and Services

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of Supply and Services. Records include news releases, pamphlets, brochures, press clippings, promotional material, and memoranda. Includes correspondence regarding Department of Supply and Services contracts, especially those awarded to Skeena companies; the Royal Canadian Mint; ferry services to the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii); public libraries in British Columbia; and various federal programs.

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