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Includes press clippings, plotting notes, book reviews, book sticker for "Bolen Books Children's Book Prize Finalist" and related correspondence.


File consists of essays and other short unpublished works by Ann Walsh including: "Being Different"; "Yeah, Right"; "Leaving Home"; "Don't Vote"; and "The F. Word"', among others.

BC Government literacy correspondence

File consists of Ann Walsh's correspondence with the BC Ministry of Education regarding Arts Starts, the provincial literacy plan, and BC writers.

B.C. Bookworld - Ann Walsh feature

Includes a copy of B.C. Bookworld, vol. 21, no.4, winter 2007-2008 with a feature interview with Ann Walsh.

"Flower Power"

Includes fan mail, press releases, promotional postcard, related correspondence, plotting notes, draft manuscript.

Non-Fiction contributions to writers group

Includes minutes, draft agreement between working group members Ann Walsh, Anne Halsall, Verena Berger, Donna Milner and Heidi Redl (the Wednesday Writers) and Barbara Scott (the editor), invoices, working notes, and Hell Book Personal Essay.

"Dark Times" anthology editing

Includes edited draft manuscripts submitted for inclusion in this anthology and related correspondence.

Book Week

Includes reports written by Ann Walsh for the Canadian Children's Book Centre on Book Week activities, itineraries, related correspondence.

"Dark Times"

Includes promotional bookmark, publisher's contract, related correspondence, book reviews, press releases, draft manuscript for the book introduction and "All is Calm" short story included in this anthology.

Art expenses

File consists of expenses and other records related to Ainley's work as an artist. File includes receipts and pamphlets.

Michener Awards booklet

File contains a booklet for the 2004 Michener Awards ceremony that Brian Fawcett attended.

"Dumping Ronald"

File consists of a 2004 pamphlet containing a story written by Fawcett entitled "Dumping Ronald".

"Ideas" with Laurie Brown and Brian Fawcett

Video recording consists of a broadcast recording of Brian Fawcett, as a guest on "Ideas" with Laurie Brown, which aired on Toronto channel 1 TV on Feb 26, 2004. Fawcett discusses ideas from his latest collection of essays in "Local Matters: In Defense of Dooney's Café" including the onslaught of globalization as a "cultural force"; how corporate culture permeates contemporary North American society and how we can act locally to organize ourselves as individuals and in groups to encourage anti-globalist anti-corporate consumer activity .

"A Song for Sara" poem

Includes a Subway Books publisher's catalogue and related correspondence.

Studio 2880 Arts Complex

Image depicts Studio 2880 Arts Complex in Prince George, B.C. Map coordinates 53°54'36.9"N 122°46'30.3"W

Brian Fawcett, guest participant on Toronto TV Chum Production "Because I Said So with Maggie Cassella" - Show 311

Video recording consists of a broadcast recording of show 311 of the Toronto TV Chum Production "Because I Said So with Maggie Cassella". The May 28, 2003 show included guest participants Jana Lynne White, Krista Sutton and Brian Fawcett. The segment with Fawcett discusses the topic of sex in reality versus sex as portrayed in film & television and impact on society, particularly in relation to his book Gender Wars.

"Local Matters" final draft July 8, 2003

Subseries consists of a final draft manuscript of "Local matters: A Defence of Dooney's Café and Other Non-globalized Places, People, and Ideas".

"Rhubarb" short story

Includes correspondence, copy of the published article, copyright agreement with publisher, draft manuscripts. Also includes the April 2004 Canadian Living magazine issue, featuring "O Canada" by Ann Walsh (p. 237).

"Wednesday Writer" article

Includes correspondence and a documentary proposal for CBC Radio's Out Front programme.

"The Wednesday Writers" writing exercises

File consists of three notebooks containing writing exercises from Ann Walsh's writing group, "The Wednesday Writers". These exercises were done once a week; each exercise took 10-15 minutes and was assigned by another writer in the group.

"Skin of His Teeth"

Includes press release, editorial notes, author reading announcements, press clippings, related correspondence, book cover, request for permission to use front cover, draft manuscript, and handwritten notes.

Studio 2880 Arts Complex

Image depicts a building which is a part of the Studio 2880 Arts Complex on 15th Avenue in Prince George, B.C.

"Oh Canada" short story

Includes edited copy of "Oh Canada" short story sold to CBC for airing on the "Sounds like Canada" radio program.

Salmon Arm workshop for adults

Includes workshop speaking notes, Shushwap Lake Writers' Festival programme, and a list of writing tips from B.C. Children's writers.

"Solitaire" short story

Includes copies of published article, correspondence, transcript of broadcast, draft manuscripts of "First Person Solitaire".

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