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Unknown Man & Talus Ore

Image of man seated with shovel in mountainous area, loose asbestos fibre in background. This photograph is believed to be either a double exposure of two images, or a print made from two negatives at once. Photo depicts an unidentified man sittin...

Unknown Woman & Men at Mine

Photograph depicts a man and woman standing on what is believed to be an early mining bench. Two men with air track drill can be seen in background, one man father down on left, mountain range in background. Image slightly distorted due to poor qu...

Gravel Pit

Photograph depicts close up view of gravel pit, ruler displayed for scale. Photograph speculated to have been taken at the plant or near the Cassiar airstrip. Stamped annotation on recto of photograph: "JUN. 1987".

1961 - Mine Garage

Photograph depicts a car and two dump trucks near a small garage by road in mine. One man stands at garage site among tires and miscellaneous tools. Blasthole drills, shovels, and dump trucks visible in distance. Rocks in foreground, mountains in ...

1961 - Explosive Preparation

Photograph depicts a man wearing a hard hat preparing explosive material, mountains in background. Dog stands near edge in midground, large bags of Ammonium Nitrate in right foreground. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1961".

Pouring Ribs at Crusher Site

Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "POURING RIBS JUNE 29/64." Photograph depicts construction workers on large wooden framework structure extending from base of crusher building. Ladders stand parallel to structure against mo...

Cassiar Valley, Tree Silhouette

Photograph depicts the Cassiar townsite behind shadow in foreground. Plantsite can be seen including the mill, dry rock storage building, tailings pile, and many other buildings. Mountains in background. Handwritten annotation on recto: "<...

Mine Valley, Plant & Town, 1961

Photograph depicts view of mine road in valley, from mountain above. Plant, tailings pile, and town visible in distance. South mountains in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1961", on recto: Townsite and Plantsi...

Early North Peak Strip Mining

Photograph depicts the North peak of McDame mountain in the earlier stages of strip mining, South peak unmined in background. Quonset and other shops visible in left foreground, unknown building built into mountainside in right foreground.

'Place of Echoes' at Kincolith, BC

Photograph features a steep cliff across water, rocky shore in foreground.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Up the 'Big Creek' at Kincolith B.C. Rock face called 'the place of echoes' by the Indian people."

Centre Street Prince Rupert

Photograph of residents in motion on Centre Street in Prince Rupert. Buildings are visible on either side of the street and a railway track runs down the length of the road. Annotation on recto reads: "Centre Street, Prince Rupert, BC. 1664...

3rd 4th Aves and Fullton Street

Photograph shows two men and a cart full of lumber at a street intersection. Various residential buildings are visible in the background and atop a large clear cut hill. Annotation on recto reads: "3rd, 4th Aves and Fullton St. Prince Rupert...

Moving mountains at Prince Rupert BC

Photograph of a large explosion on a rocky shoreline. A bridge is visible in the foreground and a body of water is partially visible in the background. Annotation on recto reads: "McRae Bros Moving Mountains at Prince Rupert BC Apr 24th"

Side view of Prince Rupert wharf

Side view photograph of a small harbor close by a shoreline littered in organic debris. A foggy mountain range is visible in the background. Annotation on recto reads: "Wharf and Harbor Prince Rupert. May 1908 JDA."

Overview of Eagle Lake looking East

Photograph of various plant life with Eagle Lake visible in the background. Handwritten annotation in pen on verso reads: “Eagle Lake from the top of the bluff. Eagle Lake is about 7 miles long & about 1 mile wide. It is a fair sized lake.”

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