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Harry Coates fonds

  • 2016.5
  • Fonds
  • 1957-2014

Fonds consists of records Harry Coates created or received and retained during his career as a BC Forest Service Research Technician and into his retirement as a Sustainable Forest Management activist. Fonds includes materials from his work at the Aleza Lake Research Forest.

Harry Coates

Aleza Lake Research Forest Management and Working Plan #2 Draft #3

File consists of the Aleza Lake Research Forest Management and Working Plan #2 Draft #3 for the period of April 1, 1997 to March 31, 2002, pertaining to special use permit #19070, submitted by the Aleza Lake Steering Committee and prepared by Madrone Consultants Ltd. May 9, 1997. File includes related correspondence and a briefing note. File includes a map insert of Aleza Lake Research Forest land management units and boundaries also by Madrone Consultants Ltd. May, 9, 1997, Scale 1:20,000.

Aleza lake Research Forest Management Plan

File consists of a photocopy of the Aleza Lake Research Forest Management and Working Plan #1 For the Period of April 1, 1992 to March 31, 2002 Pertaining to Special Use Permit # 19070 (November 1, 1992). File also includes Aleza Lake Research Forest: List of Reports, Articles etc.; a Request for Proposals for the ALRF Ten-Year Management Plan Update and Research Extension Strategy Development; a Draft of the Joint Protocol for Co-ordination Research and Operational Planning Activities at the Aleza Lake Research Forest; Proposed Future Management Structure for the Research Forest; Amendment for Special Use Permit # 19070; and Seventy Years of Northern Forestry: The Aleza Lake Research Forest.


File consists of a letter to Harry Coates from Ev Van Eerden 1992/1993; Christmas card to Harry Coates from Aleza lake Research Forest 2014; Colouring page "3 R's of Forestry"; Letter to Alan Hunter from Dr. Art Fredeen 2004.

Our Forests can be Sustainable through Research and Silviculture

File consists of a draft of "My History" from "Our Forests can be Sustainable through Research and Silviculture" with handwritten notes on the back of the pages; a page entitled "The foundations of forestry"; and "The Way It Was: the History of Aleza Lake" by Ethelwynn MacArthur.

Forest History Research

File consists of research materials related to the history of forestry on BC and the Aleza Lake Research Forest.

Research History of ALRF

File consists of information on the research done at Aleza Lake Research Forest and the history of that research.

Tab 657

File consists of 19 photographs depicting Harry Coates, experiments, landscapes, and air photos, including:

  • Photo pf Harry Coates ca. 1958 at Aleza lake Experiment Station
  • Photo of Lloyd Brothers at Cluculz Lake, Gordon Talbot
  • 3 photos: including a photo of pine trees, a photo of Harry Coates with a damaged tree, and a photo of a damaged pine
  • 1 photo of a young man in safety gear sitting in the back of a parked pickup struck, holding circular saw and smiling at the camera
  • 3 photos of cleared forest in the winter
  • 2 photos from EP 442 Wansa Lake, P. 60, 61 and 70
  • 3 photos of Fire Study June 1984
  • 1 photo of EP 657.03 Squirral Damage, June 1984
  • 1 photo EP 868.07 McBride May 1984
  • 3 photos of Bobtail Demo 660 in 1992, EP 657.03.

Site and plot photos

File consists of 35 photographs of trees, cleared forest land, experimental plots sites, plantations, equipment, and one photograph of Harry Coates.

  • 8 photos in folder "FES [Forest Experiment Station] [Stem?] Mapping"; photos include pictures of the Aleza Lake Research Forest Sign, trees, 3 photos from CP 410 Oct. 1992, and photo of Aleza Lake E loop [trail?] 1992
  • Black and white photo of a young Harry Coates
  • 5 photos in folder "SHEEP July 1990" include 2 photos of cleared land (back of each photo reads "Sheep penny?") and 3 photos of a an unknown piece of forestry equipment
  • 8 photos in folder "Fire" of various locations of fire damaged forests in 1992
  • 13 photos in "More Planting" envelope; photos include 1 from Red Rock plantation in 1971; 2 from Cedar Plot in Valemont in Fall 1992; 2 from Cedar Goat R[oad] Fall 1992; 2 from [Compan Plantation?], Spittal Creek Fall 1992; Douglas Fir, Valemount - Cedar [Creal?]; Spaced Aspen Spittal Creek Fall 1992; 2 Cedar Plot, Spittal Creek, Fall 1992; Whit Pine Spittal Creek Fall 1992; Buckhorn B. Spruce 1978.

Aleza Lake Photographs

File consists of 26 photographs including: 10 images of Aleza Lake Research Forest aerial photos; 4 images of packed cones from Red Rock to Duncan 1970; 11 black and white forestry photographs; photo of J. Revel.

Aleza Lk. Progeny

File consists of documentation on a computer disk for the Aleza Lake Half-Sib Progeny Trial.

Miscellaneous papers

File consists of various documents including:

  • plantation charts at McLeod Lake
  • notes on lodgepole pine
  • notes entitled "A Sustainable Forest for Tomorrow"
  • notes on white spruce
  • "B.C. Natural Resources"
  • E.P. 966 Post-Planting Ecophysiology on Interior Spruce Handout, 92.07.30 Tour
  • "The Rise and Fall of Lodgepole Pine"
  • Aleza Lake Research Forest "Historic Timber Sales" map (2013)
  • "The Need to Develop a Sustainable Forest"
  • "1992 N.S.C. Field Tour" Aleza Lake Research Forest"
  • Typed notes entitled "Fifty Years of Practical Research - White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine" consisting of brief point-form notes on white spruce, lodgepole pine, and other species
  • "E.P. 972.01 The Biological Effectiveness of Mounding and Herbicide Treatments Handout, 92.07.30 Tour"
  • Photocopy of page from Appendix II of EP 668
  • Edits to text entitled "Forest Management in BC: Evolve or Die" and accompanying email exchange
  • handwritten notes
  • photocopied pages from E.P. 786.06 and 859.03 report
  • correspondence regarding presentation.

Prince George Forest Region materials and maps

File consists of "History of the Buckhorn Research Demonstration Area Prince George Forest Region" by J. Revel Nov. 1988 and maps, diagrams, and documentation for:

  • Sx 84119G
  • Sx 87109G
  • EP 976.02.02
  • EP 697
  • EP 1185
  • File also include three large maps: a reproduction of a BC Forest Service Aleza Lake Research Forest map, North Eastern British Columbia Fire Location Map (1961), and map of Summit Lake, Cariboo District B.C. (1966).

Certificates and Photographs

File consists of a licence and framed certificates and photographs for Harry Coates. File includes:

  • Scaling Licence (1962)
  • two certificates celebrating Harry Coates' 25 years of service with the Forest Service (1982)
  • photograph of Harry Coates, [Ted or Jed?] Baker, and John Revel at Aleza Lake Research Forest Re-opening July 9, 1992.
  • Photograph of Harry Coates and John Revel, identifying plaque reads "Buckhorn Lake E.P. 660".

Forestry Work and Training series

Series consists of records pertaining to Harry Coates work and training as a BC Forest Service Research Technician. Series includes documentation for various Sx trials and experimental plots (E.P.) Harry Coates worked on.

Publications and Ephemera series

Series consists of published materials collected by Harry Coates for his research and work in forestry. Materials consist of journal articles, government publications, and guidebooks. Series also includes ephemera consisting of recreational guides for parks, trails, and forests.

British Columbia Signs

File consists of two signs:

  • "Government of British Columbia Official Use Only"
  • "British Columbia Forest Service Research Plot No Cutting or Disturbance".


File includes seven of awards and plaques as well as 3 pins awarded to Harry Coates through his years of service.

McBride, B.C. Map

Item is McBride, B.C. Sheet 93H and Part of 83E Second Status Edition (1971) from "Classification and Interpretation of some Ecosystems of the Rocky Mountain Trench, Prince George Forest Region, British Columbia: First Approximation" (1984).

McNaughton Lake, B.C. Map

Item is McNaughton Lake, B.C. Map 83D and Part of 83C Second Status Edition (1975) from "Classification and Interpretation of some Ecosystems of the Rocky Mountain Trench, Prince George Forest Region, British Columbia: First Approximation" (1984).

Trail Maps and Recreation Guides

File consists of trail maps and recreation guides from various places in British Columbia, especially Northern British Columbia. Maps include:

  • British Columbia Road Map and Parks Guide
  • Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited Forest Operations Recreation Map
  • Provincial Parks of Northern British Columbia
  • Visitor's Guide: Mackenzie Woodlands
  • Visitors Guide: Mackenzie Woodlands
  • Mackenzie Forest District Recreation Map
  • Dawson Creek Forest District Recreation Map
  • Morice Forest District Recreation Map
  • Fort St. James Forest District Recreation Map
  • Lakes Forest District Recreation Map
  • Cariboo Forest Region Recreation Map
  • Lakes District Visitors Map
  • Prince George Forest District Recreation Map
  • Vanderhoof Forest District Recreation Map
  • Fort St. John Forest District Recreation Map
  • Cariboo Forest Region Recreation Map (East)
  • Robson Valley Forest District Recreation Map
  • Fort Nelson Forest District Recreation Map
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Valemount - Blue River
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: McBride - Goat River
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Prince George West
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Moberly - Sukunka
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Nation - Takla
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Murrat - Kiskatinaw
  • Recreation Road Map for the Prince George Forest Area (1987-1988)
  • Recreation Road Map for the Prince George Forest Area (1997)
  • The Bobtail Forest Service Road Tour
  • Forest Recreation Map: Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited
  • Forest Operations Recreation Map: Northwood pulp and timber limited
  • Forest Service: Recreation Sites Williston/Mackenzie
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites Prince George West
  • The Official Prince George Tourist Street Map
  • Ecological Reserves in British Columbia (July 1990)
  • Prince George Forest District map (April 1990) with annotations regarding trials.

Photographs series

Series consists of forestry photographs. Series includes photographs taken at experimental plots.

Forestry Videos

File consists of two videos:

  • A VHS video tape containing "Mark of Progress" promotional and possible training video for the BC forest industry in and around Prince George
  • A VHS tape "Reforestation in British Columbia: A Growing Success" published by the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Forests.

Brochures etc.

File consists of pamphlets and brochures including:

  • "The Ancient Forest: A Walk through British Columbia's Hidden Treasure"
  • Northern Silviculture Committee "Research Using the Past to Step into the Future"
  • "Jumpingpound Demonstration Forest: A Self-Guided 10 kilometer Discovery Trip"
  • "Willow River Demonstration Forest"
  • "Roads, Rivers and Trails of the Lower Blackwater River"
  • Roads, Rivers and Trails of the Bella Coola Valley"
  • "Teapot Mountain Hiking Trail"
  • "Bobtail Bluff Hiking Trail"
  • "Fort George Canyon: Hiking Trail"
  • Northwood informational booklet.

Forest: Research Note

File consists of issues from the "Forest: Research Note" Prince George Forest Region, Forest Resources and Practices Team March 1997 Notes #PG-12 and PG-12-1, January 1998 Note #PG-12-2 and PG-12-3.

Managing Your Woodland

File consists of "Managing Your Woodland: A Non-Forester's Guide to Small-Scale Forestry in British Columbia" (1988).

"LTSPS: Research Note" and "Forest: Research Note"

File consists of issues of the "LTSPS: Research Note" Prince George, Prince Rupert and Cariboo Forest Regions LTSPS-03 and LTSPS-04 (March, 2000) and "Forest: Research Note" Prince George Forest Region: Forest Resources and Practices Team PG-22 and PG-23 (March, 2000).

"Summer Planting of White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine Seedlings"

File consists of Forestry Report 145 "Summer Planting of White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine Seedlings" October 1990 by J. Revel, D.P. Lavender, and L. Charleson, jointly published by Forestry Canada and the British Columbia Ministry of Forests. Signed inscription to Harry Coates on title page.

Site preparation research

File consists of published research including: "Rotation-length effects of site preparation"; "Nature of Growth Responses in Long-term Field Experiments with Special Reference to Pinus Radiata" (1989); "Bednesti Site: Testing the Biological Effectiveness of Mechanical Site Preparation Equipment (1992).

Government Forest Research and Publications

File consists of forest research materials in various stages of publication, which informed Harry Coates' professional practice. File includes:

  • "Forestry Canada in the Pacific & Yukon Region" contact list pamphlet
  • "Summary of Forestry Canada Forest File Research in the Prince George Forest Region 1966-94" prepared by Stephen W. Tylor and Bruce D. Lawson, Revised February 1995
  • "Silviculture Opportunities in the Vanderhoof Area" tour
  • "Hardwood Stand Rehabilitation: Stand and Site Treatment Evaluations at Stewart Lake"
  • "Contortatallens Rotstabilitet Proveniensens inflytande" by Owe Martinsson och Jan-Erik Lundh 1981 *
    "Soil Disturbance Workshop"
  • "Bednesti Site: Testing the Biological Effectiveness of Mechanical Site Preparation Equipment" MSP Contractors Tour May. 5, 1992
  • Hand-drawn map to Shelley attached to "Silviculture Site Preparation Equipment Study" by J Maxwell, revised 1989
  • "A Joint Swedish Canadian Forest Industry University Project: A species-genotype-environment-interaction study"
  • "Silviculture Policy and Treatment Guidelines for the Prince George Forest Region"
  • R.H. Tables 0-Over 6,000 Feet Elevation
  • "The Armason Method: Comparing Techniques Required in a Study of Root Development" by Elaine Goodvin, CNC Forest Resource Student, December 4, 1991
  • Faxed forestry project descriptions (1993)
  • "Some 'Physioclimatic' Background Information"
  • "Lodgepole pine toppling, and a review of some factors which may be related to toppling" by G. Dykstra.

Harry Coates [Master of Forestry], Prince George

File consists of many printed articles from the Journal of Applied Ecology, the Journal of Mammology, Can. J. For. Res. [Canadian Journal of Forest Research?], J. Wildl. Manage. [Journal of Wildlife Management], Province of British Columbia Ministry of Forests Research Notes, and typed reports. All of these reports were authored or co-authored by Thomas P. Sullivan, often along with Druscilla S. Sullivan or Richard A. Moses.

Recreational Guides

File consists of recreational guides from various places in British Columbia, especially Northern British Columbia. Guides include:

  • The North Ridge Ecr-Trail Guide: Aleza Lake Research Forest
  • Cluculz Lake Silviculture Demonstration Area: Trail Guide
  • Willow River Interpretive Trail
  • Crooked River Forest Self-Guided Circle Tour
  • Forests for the World Interpretive Trail Guide
  • Cottonwood Island Nature Park: Habitat Enhancement.

Identification, Inspection, and Forest Officer Field Guides and Handbooks

File consists of handbooks and guidebooks on forest species identification and forest inspection as well as Forest Officer Field Guides in British Columbia. These include:

  • Field Guide to Causes of Seedling Damage & Mortality in First Year Plantations
  • Harvesting Edible Wild Mushrooms in British Columbia
  • Drag Scarification in British Columbia (1979)
  • Mechanical Site Preparation Reminders
  • Planting Quality Inspection (1986)
  • Enhancing Forest Growth Fertilizing our Forests
  • Metric Practice Guide: For Forestry Research
  • Site Preparation Strategies to Manage Soil Disturbance: Interior Sites (1990)
  • Aircraft Use Forest Officer Field Reference (1989)
  • Scarification
  • Dissemination and Application of Research Information in the Field (1972).

Norway Spruce

File consists of notes, charts, and photographs showing forest management. May have been for a presentation by Harry Coates.

Forest History and Activism series

Series consists of materials reflecting Harry Coates life-long dedication and activism for sustainable forest management. Series also reflects Harry Coates' interest in forest history; series includes old forest industry records collected by Harry Coates including a timber sales ledger and timber license.

E.P. 972.01 and E.P. 972.03

File consists of:

  • "E.P. 972.01 The Biological Effectiveness of Mounding and Herbicide Treatments Handout, 92.07.30 Tour"
  • "E.P. 972.03 The Biological Effectiveness of Prescribed Fire Handout, 92.07.30" and other documentation regarding E.P. 972.03.

E.P. 646.3

File consists of photocopied documentation for E.P. 646.3 Reciprocal Planting of Spruce Provenances in the Rocky Mountain Trench along with printed satellite maps from Bing Maps. File also includes a map of Buckhorn Barn showing reserve no. EP 505, research & R.N. projects. Map includes annotations for EP 646.3.

Field Notebook and Photos

File consists of a field notebook recording notes from experimental plots, phone numbers, and other notes. Notebook contained four photographs found together in a section of blank pages of the notebook. The photographs depict research trial seedling assessment for E.P. 668.

Surface Geology

File consists of:

  • "A Short Course on Mapping Forest Lands Sept. 21-23/72. Prince George (Feb. 15-19/71). Victoria. as for Glacial Landforms and Surficial Materials" - G. Runka
  • "Landforms and Soils of Prince George Area: Field Trip September 23, 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m."
  • "A Selected Bibliography on Surficial Geology, Glaciation & Permafrost Pertaining to the Prince George Forest District" compiled by N. Keser and J. Murphy
  • "Soil Classification and Mapping" L.M. Lavkulich
  • "Description of Landforms (Cordillera and Pacific Coast)" - G.G. Runka.

Plot maps, photos, and reports

File consists of several maps indicating the locations of plots and 3 detailed maps of specific plots. File also includes photographs of cleared forests and a "P.G. District Demonstration Plots: Establishment Report".

Wansa Thinning Trials

File consists of photocopied data tables for Wansa Thinning Trials and map of Wansa Sanitation-Spacing Trials (Sx 80405).

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