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The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds Sous-série organique
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Subseries consists of records regarding the administrative operations of the office of Minister Campagnolo. Includes information on government records management processes, documents regarding the Minister's assistants and their work, press releases from Campagnolo, and other media relations efforts through radio, television, and periodicals. Also includes drafts and copies of "This Week in Ottawa", Campagnolo's householder publication sent to her constituents in Skeena.


Subseries consists of records relating to Iona Campagnolo as a politician and a person. To clarify, these are not personal records in the sense that they were not created by Campagnolo during the course of her private life; these are government records about or directed to Iona Campagnolo, not to her position as Minister or MP. Includes correspondence regarding the following: autographs, photographs, and biographies for Campagnolo; notices about position appointments in the government and her letters of congratulations; membership and patronage of groups and societies; holiday greetings; complaints; appreciations and congratulations; and condolences. Also includes records that document hospitality and entertainment provided by the Minister to visitors. Contains itineraries and schedules for Campagnolo’s visits and public appearances (including her European tour), as well as invitations to events attended, not attended, or attended by others in the branch.

Federal Programs

Subseries consists of correspondence regarding federal programs and their creation and cancellation. Records include newspaper clippings, news releases, itineraries, memoranda, and form letters.


Subseries consists of correspondence related to the Department of Agriculture and agricultural issues, particularly those of the Skeena constituency. Includes correspondence regarding agricultural programs; the Agricultural Institute of Canada; beef imports; the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency; the Canadian Federation of Agriculture; Dairy Farmers of Canada; grain elevators, particularly the Prince Rupert grain facilities; off-track betting; the Canadian Livestock Feed Board; animal health and welfare; and the BC Cattlemen Association. Also includes speeches from the Minister of Agriculture and press releases from the department.

Consumer and Corporate Affairs

Subseries consists of correspondence regarding the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs and commercial issues. Includes correspondence about the canning lid shortage of 1975, complaints about the legislation for bilingual labelling in Canada, and miscellaneous inquiries from constituents about various companies and products.


Subseries consists of records and correspondence relating to the Department of Finance (Finance Canada) and federal financial issues in general. Includes correspondence regarding economic recovery; the state of the Canadian dollar; the gold industry; home ownership savings plans; the federal debt; banking legislation (Bill C-57 and C-15); the Income Tax act; British Columbia Central Credit Union; the federal budget; life insurance; pension plans; compulsory retirement and retirement savings plans; the Anti-Inflation Board (concerning Bill C-73); wage guidelines; tax increases; rising food prices; import tariffs and excise taxes; and tax deductions and exemptions. Also includes news releases, reports, weekly briefings, and speeches.

National Defence

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of National Defence and national security issues in general. Records include newspaper clippings, newsletters, press releases, brochures, and speeches by the Minister of National Defence. Includes correspondence regarding Operation Morninglight, CFS Masset, Katimavik, aircraft, the role of women in the Canadian Forces, and the proposed closing of Wolseley Barracks.

Canada Post

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Post Office Department and postal issues. Records include job advertisements for Skeena postmasters, newspaper clippings, reports, news releases, petitions, brochures, tenders for mail contracts, speeches from the Postmaster General. Includes correspondence regarding Canada Post labour relations, complaints about Canada Post service, requests for improved mail service, protests about the 1975 and 1978 postal strikes, employee grievances, the extension of letter carrier service, and the possibility of the change in the Post Office’s status to Crown corporation.

Secretary of State

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Secretary of State of Canada and Canadian cultural issues. Records include speeches by the Secretary of State, press releases, brochures, reports, newspaper clippings, memoranda, grant requests, itineraries, and reference material. Includes correspondence regarding federal grants; Canadian flag distribution; participation in Canada Week; the status of women in the Public Service; public access to government information; the national anthem; the Open House Canada exchange program; human rights; financial cutbacks to the arts; the Canadian Constitutional Amendment Bill; the Canada Referendum Act; the Quebec separatist movement; Canada’s official languages; bilingual services and education; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) programming and services to northern BC; complaints from Skeena constituents regarding radio and television service; the new citizenship legislation (Bill C-20); multiculturalism and ethnic communities; Canadian theatre and arts programs; the Northwest BC Art Council; the Canadian Conference of the Arts; Heritage Canada; Scientology; and northern BC museums and exhibits.

Solicitor General

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Solicitor General of Canada and issues of public safety. Records include copies of bills and acts; newspaper clippings; reports; news releases; brochures; petitions; questionnaires and responses; and copies of speeches by Trudeau, Solicitor General Warren Allmand, and the Minister of Justice. Includes correspondence regarding the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); peace and security legislation, particularly bills C-83 and C-51 on gun control; statements of opinion regarding gun control and capital punishment; firearm registration; juvenile penitentiaries; prison riots; and shooting sports.

Briefing Book for BC Federal Liberal Caucus Visit to Prince George

File consists of a briefing book regarding Campagnolo's Liberal caucus visit to Prince George. Includes an itinerary, a report on the economic profile of Prince George with project grants, briefs on air service to Prince George, briefs on northern development, a report on the proposed McGregor River Diversion, briefs on day care, information on federal action concerning the status of women, Gitksan-Carrier salmon fisheries, briefs on agricultural development, briefs on cattle, background notes on the Telecommunications Act, photocopied newspaper clippings on the employability of handicapped persons, background notes on British Columbia's industrial development, a news release on improvements to federal offices in Prince George, a brief on First Nations land claims, a detailed city map of Prince George photocopied newspaper clippings, and grants.

Briefing Notes on Loto Canada

File consists of briefing notes with information on Loto Canada. Includes photocopied newspaper clippings, excerpts from the first reading of Bill C-41 respecting Loto Canada, a news release on the creation of the national lottery, and a list of lotteries in Canada.


File consists of Campagnolo's travel itineraries from July 1978 to March 1979. Also includes notes.

Personal Records

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding Queen Elizabeth's visit to Canada, certificates, and the Prince Rupert Garden Club. Also includes. Campagnolo's motor vehicle accident report, a parody of a House of Commons debate entitled "House of Commons Debacles," news releases concerning the Queen's itinerary in Canada, Campagnolo's tenancy agreement, a draft copy of a speech by Margaret Mead entitled "Knowing, Reaching, and Serving the Wounded, the Disadvantaged, and Vulnerable of Our World," a certificate from the Help Save CFB London Committee, an itinerary for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in Canada, notes on a speech introducing the Queen, a list of ministerial geographic responsibilities, membership cards, and a membership document for the Order of Good Time.


Subseries consists of memorabilia gifted to or obtained by Campagnolo in the course of her work as MP of Skeena and Minister of Fitness and Amateur Sport. Some of these items were displayed in Campagnolo’s Ottawa office, as seen in photographs. Also includes some small items separated from Campagnolo’s government textual record files that accompanied correspondence. Examples of memorabilia include: paperweight, mug, platter, box, plaque, spoon, souvenir coins, button badges, statuettes, fossils, carvings, bookends, flags, and iron-on badges.

Cartographic Material

Subseries consists of cartographic material separated from Campagnolo’s government textual record files. Includes government maps of British Columbia created by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources Surveys and Mapping Branch; tourist road maps of BC, Prince Edward Island, Corner Brook, and Regina; maps relating to the oil and gas industry; maps of site plans for proposed developments; and a map of Edmonton for the XI Commonwealth Games.

Political Parties

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to political parties, especially the Liberal Party of Canada. Records include newspaper and magazine clippings, newsletter, brochures and pamphlets, meeting minutes, questionnaires, reports, news releases, speeches, and lists of election results. Includes correspondence regarding the Progressive Conservative Party, the Communist Party of Canada, the National Liberal Party, and provincial Liberal parties. Most records and correspondence relate to the Liberal Party and include mention of Liberal Party activities and meetings, the official language policy, election strategies, fundraising and donations to the Liberal Party, Campagnolo’s 1979 re-election campaign, political debates, youth caucus events, Liberal appointments, Liberal associations in northern BC, and Liberal conventions.

Amateur Sports

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the amateur sport functions of the Fitness and Amateur Sport branch of the Department of National Health and Welfare. Records include copies of legislation and policy relating to sport, reports, questionnaires, newspaper and magazine clippings, newsletters, meeting minutes, brochures, posters, reference material, and speeches from Minister Campagnolo and others. Includes correspondence regarding government policies on amateur sport; the metrication of sports; Canadian hosting policies for tournaments; Canada Cup 1976; the Commonwealth Games, particularly the 1978 Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton; the Pan American Games; international ice hockey competitions, particularly at the World Cup Championships; the Arctic Winter Games; the Canada Winter Games, particularly the 1979 Brandon, Manitoba games; the Canada Summer Games; requests for financial assistance and grant applications from various sporting bodies; Hockey Canada; the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow; the Special Olympics and financial assistance for physically disabled atheletes; the effects of apartheid and racism on the Olympics; sports halls of fame; and sports award programs. Also includes alphabetical name registry files for amateur sport associations and organizations that contain correspondence and informational material related to specific groups. Contains records for Loto Canada, the national lottery that funded in part the Fitness and Amateur Sport branch, which include inquiries, complaints, and statements of opinion about lotteries from interested Canadians.

Provincial Programs

Subseries consists of records and correspondence regarding provincial programs. Files are organized by alphabetical name of the program or correspondent. Correspondence focusses on the personal issues of constituents and their complaints related to provincial programs, such as programs for public housing, welfare, children, education, the environment, and other social issues.


Subseries consists of correspondence relating to the Department of Environment (Environment Canada), the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), and environmental issues. Includes correspondence regarding Ministry of Environment programs and procedures; the Canadian forestry industry; forestry licenses; pollution and legislation controls for industry pollution; oil spills; polychlorinated biphenyl pollution; floods and flood control mechanisms; dams and stream diversions; trapping legislation; and wildlife conservation. Also includes correspondence regarding inquiries intro fisheries management legislation and policies; fisheries licensing; salmon fisheries issues; inquiries and statements of opinion about the yearly seal hunt; whale conservation; the economic zone off-shore fishing limits; small craft harbours; sport fishing; and the roe herring fishery. Contains speeches given by the Minister of Environment or given on his behalf and news releases from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to Parliament, governmental issues, and Campagnolo’s parliamentary responsibilities. Records include newsletters, reports, itineraries, meeting agendas and minutes, briefing notes, newspaper clippings, brochures, questionnaires, and notes for presentations and speeches by Trudeau and other politicians. Includes correspondence regarding parliamentary procedures, Bill C-84 on parliamentary voting, parliamentary reform, Library of Parliament services, Cabinet meetings, caucus meetings and fundraising, political parties (especially the National Liberal Party and the British Columbia Liberal Party), salaries for Members of Parliament, House of Commons debates and proceedings, tabled legislation, Prime Minister Trudeau’s ministry, the Governor General, visits from the royal family, speeches from the throne, the Order of Canada, Senate meetings and appointments, and parliamentary associations and committees.

External Affairs

Subseries consists of correspondence relating to the Department of External Affairs and international relations issues in general. Includes news releases and correspondence about the Trident nuclear submarine base in Bangor, WA; international aid; federal disaster relief, especially in regard to flooding in northern BC; the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); the Canada Israel Committee; human rights issues; the Law of the Sea Conference and maritime boundaries; and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Indian and Northern Affairs

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs and First Nations issues. Records include Ministers’ schedules, newspaper clippings, press releases, speeches from the Ministers of Indian Affairs, research projects and reports, meeting notes, and conference material. Includes correspondence regarding funding for housing; First Nations education and schools; Indian status; First Nations Friendship Centres; land claims issues; hunting, trapping and fishing agreements; Parks Canada concerns; and the Northern Canada Power Commission. Also includes alphabetical name files for First Nations bands, council and reserves (mostly located in BC) and First Nations organizations, such as the Native Brotherhood of BC.

Regional Economic Expansion

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of Regional Economic Expansion and local development projects. Records include petitions; newspaper clippings; news releases; brochures; reports; and copies of speeches given by Trudeau, W.R. Bennett, and the Minister of Regional Economic Expansion. Includes correspondence regarding construction and development projects in the Skeena riding, the Husky Bushplane, the 1977 drought in northern BC, timber licenses, helicopter logging, the Assistance to Small Enterprise Program, and requests for the extension of the Regional Development Incentives Act. Also includes applications for grants from the Regional Development Incentive Act (RDIA) and the Agricultural and Rural Development Act (ARDA).

Briefing Notes on BC Issues

File consists of briefing notes on the Yukon Gas Pipeline, mining taxation, marine boundaries, fisheries negotiations, and First Nations land claims. Also includes background notes on federal assistance for programs relating to development in northern British Columbia, and notes for a speech concerning development in northern British Columbia.

Briefing Notes on Constituency Matters

File consists of briefing notes on weekly summaries of constituency matters concerning logging permits, Search and Rescue, the Kitimat pipeline, the Fort St James RCMP, a Prince Rupert grain elevator, Prince Rupert longshoremen, marine boundaries, gun control, a natural gas plant, a Canadian National Rail line to Kitimat, copper prices, and Ridley Island development.

Correspondence book

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming and outgoing correspondence in French and English regarding well wishes, gratitude, sports events, the Kitimat pipeline, travel to Europe, Freight transportation in northern British Columbia, telecommunications in Dease Lake, and prominent athletes. Also includes notes, and memoranda.

Personal Correspondence

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming and outgoing personal correspondence in French and English regarding well-wishes and notes of gratitude. Also includes a proposal for a documentary on the Haida artist Bill Reid, postcards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, a mothers' day card, thank-you cards, a postcard of Prince Rupert, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Iona speaking at a microphone.

Personal Correspondence

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming and outgoing personal correspondence in French and English regarding well wishes and notes of gratitude. Also includes postcards, tickets for the Great Canadian Theatre Company's production of "Chaudiere Strike," birthday cards, thank-you cards, a mothers' day group photograph, photocopied information on Kevin's Cradle vacation destination in Tobago, a parish newsletter from St Andrew's Cathedral in Prince Rupert entitled "The Fishnet," newspaper clippings, photographs of Campagnolo, a 1976 annual report from Livingston Industries Limited, notes, and a telex.

Tenth Anniversary of the Order of Canada

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming correspondence regarding the tenth anniversary of the Order of Canada, and members of the Order. Also includes news releases concerning appointments to the Order of Canada, a booklet on the levels of insignia, a booklet containing members of the Order, an investiture pamphlet, and a brochure on how to wear membership insignia.


Subseries consists of photographs relating to Iona Campagnolo’s work in office between 1974 and 1979. Includes photographs separated from government textual record files, such as prints sent from her constituents or those included in reports as well as slides from the Minister’s trip to Europe. Also includes a small number of personal photographs that were sent to Campagnolo during her time in office. The bulk of the photographs consist of images of Campagnolo’s Skeena riding tours, as she had a photographer from her office accompanying her to document her trips. Other photographs include images of other politicians and famous persons, Iona Campagnolo in Ottawa and at Parliament, and photographs removed from frames that likely decorated the walls of her office in Ottawa.

Sports Programs

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the sports programs functions of the Fitness and Amateur Sport branch of the Department of National Health and Welfare. Records include reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, posters, newsletters, rules for games and sports, meeting minutes, pamphlets and brochures, news releases, itineraries, and speeches by Minister Campagnolo and others. Includes requests for financial assistance and information for sports programs in the following sports: archery, basketball, boxing, baseball, badminton, bowling, curling, cycling, canoeing, cricket, diving, equestrian, field hockey, football, figure skating, fencing, gymnastics, golf, ice hockey, handball, judo, karate, kendo, lacrosse, lawn tennis, lawn bowling, netball, orienteering, parachuting, pentathlon, pentaque, ringette, rugby, rowing, roller skating, soccer, softball, skiing, cross-country skiing, speed skating, squash, soaring, synchronized swimming, swimming, shooting, ski jumping, track and field, table tennis, volleyball, wrestling, water polo, water skiing, weightlifting, and yachting. Also includes correspondence on emerging sports in Canada, drug abuse in sports, Hockey Canada, violence in hockey, and the merger of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the World Hockey Association (WHA).

Unclassified Records

Subseries consists of textual records not classified with the Government of Canada Subject Block Numeric Classification System, i.e., records that did not go through regular records management processes. Includes Canadian Federation of Independent Business mandate surveys; ministerial correspondence; records regarding Prime Minister Trudeau and the Cabinet; reference material for various issues, committees and organizations; itineraries; briefing books; schedules; agendas; personal records and correspondence; and Christmas cards.

1975 Christmas Cards

File consists of various Christmas cards from MPs, MLAs, and foreign delegates. Notable cards from Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien. Also includes envelopes.

1976 Christmas Cards

File consists of various Christmas cards from MPs, MLAs, and foreign delegates. Notable cards from Premier of New Brunswick Richard Hatfield, Dan Campbell and staff from Intergovernmental Relations Province of British Columbia, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Clarence Gosse, and two identical cards from British Columbia Premier W.R. Bennet.

Briefing Material for Trip to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta, January 8-11, 1975

File consists of briefing material regarding Campagnolo's trip to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Includes information on the Mackenzie pipeline, Northwest Territories government, land claim meetings, First Nations education, and housing. Includes information on the Thunderchild, Sturgeon Lake, James Smith, File Hills, Muskeg Lake, and Stanley First Nations bands. Also includes a travel itinerary, photocopied newspaper clippings, a report entitled "Indian Control of Indian Education," a photocopied magazine article entitled "The Last Treaty," an informational report entitled "What Are Cut-Off Lands," a status report on British Columbia land claims, a list of bands with reserves cut off outside the railway belt, and notes for an address by Judd Buchanan to the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines.

House of Commons Scheduling

File consists of itineraries for Campagnolo's departmental visits in Ontario. Also includes a list of parliamentary cafeteria hours, information on reservations for parliamentary tours for visiting groups, and correspondence to and from the Chief Gevernment Whip concerning attendence in the House of Commons.


File consists of Campagnolo's travel and sports itineraries from June to August 1977 . Also includes a brief on the closing ceremonies of the 1977 Canada Summer Games, correspondence regarding sporting events, biographies on prominent athletes, notes on a speech concerning federal sport policy, background information on the Canadian Games for the physically disabled, briefing notes on teh Canadian Water Ski Championship, notes for an address inFrench on mental health, and invitations to events and dinners.


File consists of Campagnolo's travel itineraries from January 1977 to April 1978. Includes the itinerary for Dr Sandor Beckl, State Secretary and President of the National Bureau of Sport and Physical Education in Hungary. Also includes a news release concerning a sod turning ceremony for a Participark in Brampton Ontario, a numerical list of incoming mail, a brief on marina assistance projects, correspondence regarding a marina at MK Bay in Kitimat, notes, and memoranda.

Personal Correspondence

File consists of Campagnolo's incoming and outgoing correspondence regarding cable television in Kitimat, an annual meeting for Skeena Broadcasters Limited, expressions of gratitude, personal messages Also includes a booklet entitled "Skeena Broadcasters Ltd. Consolidated Financial Statements August 31, 1974," , a photocopied newspaper clipping on women in government, a re-printed article from the Kentucky Law Journal entitled "Transcendental Meditation and the Criminal Justice System," a baby photograph, an excerpt from the Harvard Business Review magazine entitled "Appendix: A Historical Note," and a telegram.

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