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Logging truck on corduroy log road with passengers

Photograph depicts a loaded logging truck on corduroy log road near Peden Hill sawmill. The truck has three passengers--a man and two women--sitting on top of the loaded logs. The leftmost passenger is Mrs. Fred Tesluk; Fred Tesluk co-owned the Peden Hill mill with Cornel Neronovitch. Cornel Neronovitch stands at the right of the photograph, in front of the truck.

Forestry Boat at Giscome Portage, BC

Photograph depicts men on river boat and small canoe floating just off shore. Men sit and stand on shore among square bales and large cut lumber. Forest in background. Handwritten annotations on recto of photograph: "Fort Fraser wooding up at Giscome Portage", "Chilco at Giscome Portage".

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