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Jack Carbutt Collection

  • 2000.21
  • Fundo
  • 1959-1979, 2001, - predominant 1959 - 1964.

The fonds consists of audio reels and dubbed audio cassettes of a radio programs hosted by Jack Carbutt at CKPG Radio in Prince George, and includes transcriptions in electronic and textual format. This collection has been divided into the following three series: "Audio Recordings" (2000.21.1); "Transcriptions" (2000.21.2); and "Miscellaneous Materials" (2000.21.3).

Carbutt, Jack

Vivian Antoniw Collection

  • 2004.18
  • Fundo
  • ca. 1950 - ca. 1970

The Vivian Antoniw Collection consists of textual and photographic materials including Antoniw’s graduate thesis research work c.1960 on Northwest Coast totem poles, particularly near Hazelton, Kitimaat area. Materials include textual records, thesis, photographs, slides, artistic sketches by Antoniw and grey literature related to Northwest Coast art.

Antoniw, Vivian

Personal records

Series contains two diplomas awarded to Dr. Ainley by the University of Northern British Columbia, news clippings, and photographs. Series also includes some of her activities during her retirement including her art exhibits, a cruise, and membership in Federation of BC Writers.

May Diver in Costume as Mary Stuart, with unidentified man

Photograph depicts May Diver dressed as Mary Stuart in white and gold costume dancing with a man wearing black and red costume.

Preceding notation on UNBC Chancellor letterhead: “my theatre days, Ionasphere group. I made personally or designed (for Blue - Rosemary Gilbert) all these costumes, May Diver - Mary Stuart by Friedrich Von Schiller, 1972” (see also items 2009.6.1.12 - 2009.6.1.17).

Falling totem pole, Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts a totem pole supported by smaller poles, and a second totem pole standing straight in background. Beach in foreground, fence and hills in distance.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Falling greatness, Chapt. XXI No. 5, A Chief's Totem Pole inclined to fall. [Gitaix?] Encampment, Nass River. Five illustration for Chapt. XXI."

Finback whale crest, Southeast Alaska

Two carved poles stand in foreground, a third smaller pole visible by wood structure in background.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "For heading of Page 12. Fin Back Whale Crest. [?] Totems, S.E. Alaska".

Rock carvings

Carvings visible on a moss covered rocky outcrop. Handwritten annotation in pencil on verso reads: “Rock carvings. Copper Mountain, Al”.

Medicine man’s rattle - Haida

Close up of a carved wooden rattle featuring one side which is in the shape of a sun with face.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Medicine man’s rattle. One side representing The sun and the other side The Moon. For heading of Page 20 Medicine Man’s rattle, Haida, Q.C. Islands.”

Centre Street on Dominion Day

Photograph of Centre Street in Prince Rupert on Dominion Day. The Union Bank of Canada is located on the left side of the street, and a decorative arch can be seen in the background. Annotation on recto reads: "Centre Sr. Prince Rupert Dominion Day Celebrations 1909 Allen Photo July 09."

Portrait of a young girl on a chair

Photograph of a young girl believed to be Katy Collison seated for a formal portrait on a wheeled chair. Handwritten annotation in pen on recto reads: "With love from 'Mama'[?] 1907." Handwritten address on verso reads: "Miss West[?] Metlakatla British Columbia N.W. America." Two half penny stamps affixed on verso and partially obscured by two postmarks which read: "Folkstone 1.15 PM SP 19 07."

Sound recordings

Series consists of 36 audio cassettes and 1 audio reel of interviews and readings prepared for radio broadcast by Brian Fawcett and others.

Interview by Brian Fawcett with Barry McKinnon in Prince George

Audio recording is an interview by Brian Fawcett with Barry McKinnon in Prince George. They discuss the early beginnings of New Star Press & The Georgia Strait. Includes background on the political and literary goals of 1970-80's small presses in Vancouver, including the Vancouver Community Press, Western Voice Newspaper, and The Grape. They also talk about the influence of working class & Marxist ideology on small presses in Vancouver. Second side of tape is a philosophical discussion of post-modernist theories of truth and a discussion of 17th-18th century philosophers.

Interview with Bill Walsh

Audio recording is a interview with Bill Walsh. The interview conducted by Fawcett with Walsh is included in "Virtual Clearcut".

K-12 report cards

File consists of Brian Fawcett's report cards from primary school (Connaught Elementary) and secondary school (Prince George Senior Secondary School).

Post-secondary scholastic records

File consists of Brian Fawcett's post-secondary scholastic records from Simon Fraser University and Vancouver Community College.

University essays

File consists of Brian Fawcett's academic essays from his Bachelor of Arts in English education at Simon Fraser University.

Photo Album #3: Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings

File consists of: Newspaper clipping: Marriage announcement for Bridget Moran's son, Patrick Moran Copy of front cover of A Little Rebellion Author contract for A Little Rebellion from Arsenal Pulp Press (July 22, 1992) Newspaper clipping: "Judge slams social services in teen's case" (Prince George Citizen, April 8, 1997) Newspaper clipping: unknown title (Nanaimo Daily Free Press, Nov. 6, 1992) Advertisement for Stoney Creek Woman and Judgement at Stoney Creek from Arsenal Pulp Press (Fall 1992) Newspaper clipping: advertisement for book signing of A Little Rebellion at Mosquito Books (Oct. 3) Newspaper clipping: "City authors launching new books" (Prince George Citizen, Oct. 21, 1992) Newspaper clipping: Advertisement for A Little Rebellion (B.C. Bookworld, Fall 1992) Magazine advertising A Little Rebellion (British Columbia Books for Everybody) Card from Bridget Moran's son, Mike Moran Card from Mayo Rose (?) Magazine clipping: "Over-65 author denies she is 'not really retired'" (Pulp Poop, October 1992); Pulp Top Ten Newspaper clipping: Advertisement for book signing by Bridget Moran at Mountain Eagle Books in Smithers, BC (Oct. 23) Photocopies of advertisements for meeting Bridget Moran at Mountain Eagle Books in Smithers, BC (Oct. 23) Newspaper clipping: Advertisement for book signing by Bridget Moran at the Northern Book Stop in Vanderhoof, BC (Oct. 15, 1992) Photocopy of advertisement for book signing by Bridget Moran at the Northern Book Stop in Vanderhoof, BC (Oct. 15, 1992) Newspaper clipping: "City authors launching new books" (date unknown) Newspaper clipping: Advertisements for book signings by Bridget Moran at Mosquito Books, Prince George, BC (Nov. 28) Press release: "Rebel Social Worker Visits Duncan" (Nov. 3, 1992) Book review: A Little Rebellion (BCASW Perspectives, Nov. 1992) Advertisement for Author Breakfast Series, Bridget Moran speaking (1992) Fax of Author Breakfast Series arrangements (1992) Letter to Bridget Moran from Andrew Armitage, Director, School of Social Work, UVic re: speaking to a Social Work class (Oct. 18, 1992) Speaking schedule (1992) Newspaper clipping: "Bridget Moran versus Wacky" (B.C. Bookworld, Winter 1992) Invitation from Arsenal Pulp Press advertising its new fall titles by readings from authors (Nov. 22) Parking Pass for the University of British Columbia (Nov. 17) Letter to Bridget Moran from Harry (?) re: A Little Rebellion (Nov. 17, 1992) Letter to 'Mickey' from Amy (?) re: A Little Rebellion (June 8, 1993) Letter to Eileen from May Davidson re: A Little Rebellion (Dec. 15, 1992) Letter to Bridget Moran from Dave Stevens, Board Chairman, Smithers Public Library re: donation of A Little Rebellion (October 1992) Letter to Bridget Moran from Michele Pujol, Women's Studies, UVic re: honorarium cheque for speaking (Nov. 19, 1992) Letter to Bridget Moran from Nena Joy re: problems with the social services as foster parents (Oct. 23, 1992) Thank you letter to Bridget Moran from Val (?) re: speaking to Social Services class (date unknown) Newspaper clipping: "Omissions reduce the impact of protest chronicle" by Tom Sandborn (Saturday Review, Dec. 6, 1992) Newspaper clipping: "Bridget's battle" by Bev Christensen (PLUS!, Dec. 5, 1992) Advertisement for a book signing by Bridget Moran for Stoney Creek Woman at Coles in Parkwood Mall, Prince George, BC (Dec. 12, 1992) Advertisement for an autograph session by Bridget Moran for A Little Rebellion at Overwaitea Spruceland, Prince George, BC (Dec. 16) Letter to Bridget Moran from Jocelyn and Thelma (?) re: thank you (Jan. 4, 1993) Letter to Bridget Moran from Elaine Avila and Juliet Belmas re: A Little Rebellion (Dec. 10, 1992) Letter to Bridget Moran from Andrew (?) re: thank you for speaking to a class (date unknown).

Envelope Contents

File consists of: Newspaper clipping: "Here's the buzz: Mosquito Books is bigger, brighter and better (The Prince George Citizen, Oct. 30, 1997) Newspaper clipping: "Our arts heritage honoured" (This Week, March 25, 1999) E-mail to Bridget Moran from "dechamp" re: review of A Little Rebellion Newspaper clipping: "The power of Bridget's pen changed us all" (The Free Press, May 23, 1999) Newspaper clipping: Review of A Little Rebellion (Perspectives, Spring 1999) Newspaper clipping: "UNBC honors local author" (The Prince George Citizen, March 24, 1995) Newspaper clipping: "The power of Bridget's pen changed us all" (The Free Press, May 23, 1999) Photocopy of "The power of Bridget's pen changed us all" article Newspaper clipping: "New judgement on old book" (The Free Press, Oct. 4, 1998) Newspaper clipping: "Past mistakes recorded in new book" (The Vancouver Sun, May 8, 1995) Newspaper clipping: "Stoney Creek Woman's story of courage crosses cultures" by Linda Bates (Vancouver Sun, date unknown) Photocopy of the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada to Bridget Moran Letter to Donna Wong-Juliani from Bridget Moran re: Joan Carson in Los Angeles regarding Judgement at Stoney Creek Photocopy of front cover of A Little Rebellion Photocopy of "National Book Un-festival Week" article (Cariboo Observer, April 7, 1993) Photocopy of "Stories of Collections" article for Project Friendship
*Photocopy of "Sharing the Knowledge: A First Nations Resource Guide" Researched and Compiled by Gene Joseph, Aboriginal Management Consultants.

Misc. - A Little Rebellion

File consists of a telegram to Wally du Temple from Bridget and Pat Moran (Feb. 13, 1964); a letter sent to Bridget Moran from Wally du Temple re: assistance in conducting research for A Little Rebellion; a newspaper article: "Brothers paddled into the jaws of hell" (Victoria Daily Times, Oct. 23, 1969); resume and work record of Wally G. du Temple [RESTRICTED]; newspaper article: "Former welfare man off to Aklavik in river boat."

"Justa taping, p.105-133; putting topics together - Citizen on (?) Trial"

File consists of: Press release: "Justa tells a compelling story: B.C. author's fourth book a must read" (Dec. 5, 1994) Copy of newspaper clipping: "Fascinating life, times of Justa Monk" (Prince George Citizen, Feb. 2, 1995) Copy of newspaper clipping: "Murder led to election as tribal leader" (Vancouver Courier, Dec. 28, 1984) Copy of newspaper clipping: "Justa: A Review" (Central Interior NDP News) Transcript of "Harkins! Bob Harkins Comment" re: Justa publication (Monarch Broadcasting, Nov. 21, 1994) Manuscript: "Teresa" - Bridget Moran (writer) "Justa: the life and work of a first nations leader" Chapter Summary P.105-120, Interview transcriptions between Bridget Moran and Justa Monk. P.121 - 133, Interview transcriptions between Theresa and Bridget Moran (recorded March 25, 1993; transcribed April 9, 1993). Interview transcriptions between Bridget Moran and Justa Monk re: ancestors & family Interview transcriptions between Bridget Moran and Justa Monk re: life in Portage. Interview transcriptions between Bridget Moran and Justa Monk re: working before trouble Interview transcriptions between Bridget Moran and Justa Monk re: before road (tape 6) Interview transcriptions between Bridget Moran and Justa Monk re: Lejac Handwritten notes Handwritten transcript of interview with Adelle (Oct. 6, 1993) Annotated drafts of Chapter 21 Handwritten notes Copies of newspaper clippings re: Justa Monk's trial: "Accused weeps during testimony"; "Murder trial held in Supreme Court"; "Drinking preceded death"; "Stabbing victim: always fighting"; "Defence delivered in murder trial"; "Justa Monk given two years in jail" Handwritten notes.

"Justa - Roseanne's Edit"

File consists of handwritten note from Roseanne Moran to her mother Bridget re: the "Justa" draft and an annotated draft of "Justa."

Aboriginal (Justa) German Perspective

File consists of a letter re: 1998 Order of British Columbia Recipients from Dagmar Beiman, Coordinator Honours and Awards Secretariat to Bridget Moran (May 11, 1998), a letter from Daniel Birkenbach to Bridget Moran re: a paper he wrote (Aug. 2, 1996), and a copy of paper written by Daniel Birkenbach: "Canada - Life and Development of the Canadian Indians (past and present)."

"Mary and Me"

File consists of 1 CD-R entitled "Mary and Me" Fujifilm, 80min/700MB CD-R and printouts from CD-R including drafts of manuscript "Mary and Me" by Bridget Moran [print outs generated by Archivist from CD-R].

Part of Chpt [Chapter] 9 - "Mary and Me"

File consists of a handwritten transcript of interview (?) (Oct.17, 1996); a notebook entitled: "To Bridget, From Mayo, Montreal, summer of '88" containing handwritten notes on manuscript; handwritten notes in question/answer format re: manuscript "Mary and Me" (1991, Quesnel); and a handwritten draft and notes re: "Mary and Me" by Bridget Moran.

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