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Taylor-Baxter Family
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Tom Taylor Portrait

Close view of Tom from shoulders up, in suit and tie. He is smoking a cigarette, which has been outlined in pencil. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Love. Tom 1934."

Hugh Taylor Jr. Wearing Skis

Photograph depicts a young Hugh Taylor Jr wearing skis in snowy yard, one foot raised. The white porch of a house crosses background, laundry hanging in windows. Hermina Taylor can be seen standing behind doorway in porch.

Hugh Taylor Jr in Ski Gear

Photograph depicts a boy believed to be Hugh Taylor Jr wearing skis, goggles, and holding poles. The side of a snow-covered car is visible on left. A house and two wood buildings stand in background in front of trees.

Violet with Friends at Prince Rupert

Twenty-three year old Violet stands wearing a polka dot dress in a group of unidentified men, women and children. Body of water and tree-covered hill on opposite shore in background. Handwritten caption below this photo reads: "Pr. Rupert, 19...

Violet & Virginia Taylor

Virginia stands in dress pants, jacket, tie and army hat, with arm around older sister Violet. The girls stand on a boardwalk with trees in background. A man standing next to Violet is semi-visible on left.

Violet Taylor in Group Portrait

Photograph depicts group of fourteen men and women dressed in formal attire, posed on carpet in front of backdrop. Violet sits second from left. This photograph was taken in Prince Rupert where Violet attended high school while living with her rel...

The Bourchier Album

This photograph album consists of photographs of remote police barracks at Mile 47 and Mile 29; early settlements and/or mercantile stores at Tete Jaune Cache, McBride, Sand Creek, Fort George and South Fort George; Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for...

Bourchier, Alan K.

Man and Woman Sitting in Boat

An unidentified woman holding a fishing rod sits next to man speculated to be Bob Baxter in what appears to be a small boat on water. Opposite shore visible in background. She wears a dress and pearls, and he sits in a suit, tie and hat.

Hugh Jr. & Virginia Taylor

6 year old Hugh Jr. sits on top of wood gate in doorway of log building, holding hands with older sister Virginia who stands in a hat and coat. Virginia is 16 years old in this photo. Straw-covered dirt ground in foreground.

Hermina Taylor and daughter Violet

Fourteen year old Violet stands behind her mother who is seated on chair in front of house at South Fort George. Nine year old Arthur Taylor can be seen sliding down the front steps in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: &qu...

Young Virginia and Violet Taylor

Seven year old Virginia stands beside older sister Violet who is seated on chair in front of house at South Fort George. Two small children can be seen standing in porch. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Virginia and I."

Men from Department of Public Works

Photograph depicts two men lifting rocks onto or off of a truck with "DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS" painted on its side. Rocky hill in background, road in right foreground. It is speculated that one of these men may be Hugh Taylor, or his son i...

Bob Baxter with Mother and Sisters

Young Bea and Margaret stand in front of Bob Baxter and mother Harriet. The group stands in a clearing, rear of soft-top car visible in foreground on right, trees in background. It is believed that this car is also featured in item 2009.5.4.16.

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