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Nass River, BC
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Thomas Crosby Mission Ship Photograph Collection

  • 2009.21
  • Coleção
  • 1932-1946

Subject areas identified in this collection include: church and hospital buildings (including nurses quarters); group photos featuring doctors, nurses, and hospital workers; grave markers; landscapes; processing of oolichan fish; and various churc...

Thomas Crosby Mission Ships

Four women on a picnic, Nass Harbour

Photograph depicts four unnamed women standing on a beach posing for a photo. There is driftwood, water and forest in the background. Handwritten annotation below the photograph reads, "the girls are out on a picnic - 8/27"

Cabin home of H.H. Welda

Photograph depicts a small wood frame cabin with a lean to porch. Smoke is rising from the lean to chimney. There is a large snow pile in the foreground and snowy forest in the background. Possible location is Nass Harbour. Handwritten annotation ...

Winter at Nass Harbour

Photograph depicts a snowy foreground, simple houses in the midground and snowy mountains in the background. Handwritten annotation below photograph reads, "Winter at Naas Dec. 1927".

Oolichan drying at Fishing Bay, Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts two men standing beside beds of fish laid out to dry. More oolichan fish hang on tall structures in background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "'Food for winter' Oolichans drying at Fishing Bay, Nass River&...

Lodges and totem poles at village on Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts totem poles (crest poles?) in front of lodge buildings on river shore. Canoes can be seen floating in foreground, hills in background.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Chapter XII. Number 1. Section of Indian Village ...

Chief's lodge and totem, Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts two men standing at base of totem pole in front of large elaborate lodge building with post reading "MINESQU". Smaller structure stands in background (elevated cache?).Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Chapt...

"Hagaga : Special Edition"

Newspaper consists of the recto and verso of 2 pages (p. 1-4). It was published in Aiyansh on the Nass River in British Columbia in April 1895 and presents a missionary's perspective of regional First Nations traditions and current affairs of...

Fred Jeffery Photograph Collection

  • 2009.10
  • Coleção
  • 1921-1933

The Fred Jeffery Collection consists of three photograph albums comprising a total of 303 b&w photographs all dating from ca.1924-1933. The subject matter of these images consist primarily of the fishing industry, river & landscapes, salmo...

Jeffery, Fred

Falling totem pole, Nass River, BC

Photograph depicts a totem pole supported by smaller poles, and a second totem pole standing straight in background. Beach in foreground, fence and hills in distance.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Falling greatness, Chapt. XXI No. 5,...

'Place of Echoes' at Kincolith, BC

Photograph features a steep cliff across water, rocky shore in foreground.Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Up the 'Big Creek' at Kincolith B.C. Rock face called 'the place of echoes' by the Indian people."

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