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Last camp near Red Rock

Photograph depicts a skiff of fresh snow covering a fallen tree in the foreground. Tents and suspended tarps in the midground. A haze of wood smoke drifts into the snowy forest in the background.

Five boats breaking ice

Photograph depicts five long canoes with several men attending. The canoes are traveling through a narrow strip of open water. The majority of the river is covered in ice. Forested trees are on the far river shore.

Cheakamus River

Photograph depicts a man wading waist deep in the river. Stones on the one shore, a log jam on the other shore, fog rolling over the stream in the distance.

Holts Ranch

Photograph depicts a cluster of log buildings with fences and corrals. A field in the foreground, trees and low hills in the distance. On the road from Quesnell to Fraser Lake 1911.

Hudson Bay Company store

Photograph depicts ten men standing on a boardwalk outside a large building. Another building, boardwalks and fences nearby. Forest in the background. The buildings are constructed from lumber.

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