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Cowichan Valley Forest Museum, Duncan

Photograph taken at the Cowichan Valley Forest Museum near Sommos Lake in Duncan. Visible is a 2 truck shay owned by Gerry Wellburn. It was sited beside the Island Highway, at the entrance of the museum.

CNR terminal yard, Victoria

Photograph depicts a Hillcrest Lumber Co. steam crane that was acquired by Terry Fergusan and was moved from Mesachie Lake, Cowichan. It was put to use on the tourist attraction railway, the "Victoria-Pacific," that was created in 1971.

Site of first trainway in BC

Photograph depicts the site of the first tramway in B.C., that ran between Anderson Lake and Seton Lake for 1 1/4 miles and was built in 1861. It is located 70 paces southwest of what is now the PGE Seton Portage depot. It was opened for trafic in...

Victoria Miniature Railway steam locomotives

Photograph depicts one of the two steam locomotives that operated on the Victoria Miniature Railway. Labelled "Royal Scot." Found in Scarborough a few years prior, in poor condition. Carries a boiler test date of 1947 by Vulcan.

Memory Lake locomotive

Photograph depicts a compressed air locomotive that was built in 1901 for Michel underground coal mine work. It was removed from workings in 1965 and was purchased by the present owner as an exhibit.

Fort Steele shay locomotive

Photograph depicts shay locomotive #115. It was running order, but not in steam on the day the photograph was taken. A rod locomotive was found in a shed towards the left, while the "Dunrobin" lay in disuse (but was still workable) in a ...

Fort Steele shay locomotive

Photograph depicts shay locomotive #115. It was running order, but not in steam on the day the photograph was taken. A rod locomotive was found in a shed towards the left. Rails of the spur found in the foreground that led to the shed.

CNR depot Vancouver 23 car circus train

Photograph depicts a 23 car train that belonged to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey. 19 cars were on one string on the north side and 4 were on the south side. Presumably, visible is the circus manager's car which is at the end of the...

P & O cruise liner "Oriana"

Photograph depicts a P & O liner, the "Oriana," passing outward bound from Vancouver between Brockton Point and the Lion's Gate Bridge. Taken from Stanley Park.

Weather ships, Sea Island

Photograph depicts decommissioned weather ships. One was named "Stonetown." They were formerly coastguard vessels that were in use until 1968. Prior to that, they were corvettes of the RCN and moored in Vancouver Harbour at the Terminal ...

HMCS St. Croix

Photograph depicts the HMCS St. Croix that was built by Marine Industries Ltd. Of the Restigouche class and was one of the 22 Canadian destroyer escorts.

"WJ Stewart" and "Vector" hydrographic vessels

Photograph depicts "W.J Stewart," of Ottawa, that is located on the mid-left with two masts, and "Vector," found on the mid-right with one mast. Both were believed to be hydrographic vessels, painted in white and cream which we...

M.V. "Queen of Victoria", B.C. Ferries

Photograph depicts the "Queen of Victoria" that had been damaged after it had collided with Russian freights in an Active Pass. Damage displayed imprints of the freight's bow. 3 were declared dead. Photograph taken from a floating s...

Former automobile/passenger ferry, "San Diego"

Photograph depicts the former automobile, passenger ferry, "San Diego," that had been acquired for conventions and sightseeing purpsoses. It was believed to have been a San Francisco ferry before being purchased by its present owner in 1...

"Master" tug

Photograph depicts a "Master" tug after it underwent restoration in False Creek, Vancouver. It was under steam, and entering English Bay.

"Iris G" tug, Rosebery

Photograph depicts a privately owned tug of the Interior Lake Services called "Iris G." It was used to haul rail barge #6 between Slocan and Rosebury on Lake Slocan. It was in 1956 in New Westminster.

Steam tug, "Naramata"

Photograph depicts a slipway in the foreground that displays one of five cradles and ways for hauling steamwheelers sideways out of water. The steam tug called the "Naramata" is visible in the background.

Sunken whaler, Victoria

Photograph depicts a sunken whaler with a harpoon gun. A destroyer or, possibly, a corvette was being broken up in the middle background.

Cannery, Fraser River

Photograph depicts a cannery at the seaward entrance to the south arm of the combined north arm of the Fraser river. Visible are a few rusted anchors. One was marked "Locomotive B.C. 100 Ibs. 1943 U.S. Navy."

"Skeena Prince"

Photograph depicts "Skeena Prince." The iron chute projecting from the land beyond the steam of a coaster belongs to a long defunct coal mine which ran back horizontally into the hill side.

M.V. "Uchuck III"

Photograph depicts "Uchuck III" at its base in Gold River. It was operated by Nootka Sound Service, Ltd. It ran commercially to Zeballos and Tahsis. It also brought summer tourists to Friendly Cove, a historical site, as it held capacity...

Anchor, Coal Harbour

Photograph depicts an old anchor that had been fished out of Coal Habour, Vancouver. One flulke was bent in towards the shank. Image captured outside the office of Kanata Marine Ways Ltd. (1965).

Bridge over Portage River

Photograph depicts a bridge near the beginning of the Seton Portage to D'Arcy dirt road over the Portage River. The road was a one and half of a mile connection between the Anderson (upper) and Seton (lower) lakes.

Bridge over Nicomen slough

Photograph depicts the bridge over the Nicomen Slough (which was a turgid smal arm of the Fraser River at this point) at Dewdney. It was fairly recently built.

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