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1961 - Drillmasters on North Ridge

Photograph depicts men standing near two Atlas Copco Drillmasters (blasthole drills). These are precision hammer drills which had their own power source. Large bags of ammonium nitrate in foreground, mountainside in background. The men depicted he...

1961 - Explosive Preparation

Photograph depicts a man wearing a hard hat preparing long narrow bags of explosive material. Large bags of ammonium nitrate in right foreground, mountains in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1961".

Placer Mining at Ingenika River, BC

Photograph depicts two miners standing on either side of wooden sluicing trough in rocky area. Man on left pans for gold. Hills in background. Handwritten annotations on verso of photograph: "PLACER MINERS AT WORK INGINECA RIVER BC", &qu...

Crew Eating in Camp

Photograph depicts four men eating and drinking at campsite, cooking and camping supplies scattered throughout. A dog sits in foreground, and many items are hung from a horizontal pole behind men. Forest trees in background.

Bourchier Supply Camp

Photograph depicts men standing on shore in front of tents, forest trees in background. Photograph was taken from a boat; portion of boat and oar are visible in foreground. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "View of all four tent...

Man in Railway Camp

Photograph depicts man standing among six snow-covered buildings in what is believed to be a railway construction camp. Power line in foreground, forest trees in background.

Rock in Grand Canyon, Fraser River

Photograph depicts men on river scow, large rock island or peninsula protruding into river behind them. Trees on opposite shore in background, large rock in foreground. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Grand Canyon. Fraser Rive...

Forestry Boat at Giscom Portage, BC

Photograph depicts men on river boat and small canoe floating just off shore. Men sit and stand on shore among square bales and large cut lumber. Forest in background. Handwritten annotations on recto of photograph: "Fort Fraser wooding up ...

Cookhouse in Winter

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Cookhouse in Winter". Photograph depicts top of building semi-visible behind large snow pile. Treetops can be seen in background.

Bert Youngstrom at Shop & Warehouse

Photograph depicts Bert Youngstrom leaning on one of two gas pumps in front of three long buildings. Trees can be seen in background, as well as snow all around. Steel drums an other miscellaneous material surround the buildings. Handwritten capti...

Detail View of Talus, Test Pit

Photograph depicts two pick hammers laid in asbestos fibre. Annotations on note glued to recto of photograph: "ASBESTOS"; "Detail view of asbestos talus. Early test pit near top of showing. Western slope." Areas of image have b...

1965 - Ross Duddy & Unknown Woman in Lab

Photograph depicts Ross Duddy with back to photographer, working at table in lab. Unidentified woman stands in right foreground operating unidentified machinery. Miscellaneous equipment and supplies throughout. Handwritten annotation on recto of p...

1965 - Mine Crew

Photograph depicts group of ten men standing and kneeling in unknown location at the Cassiar mine. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "APPROX 1965 / BACK L-R / 1.- / 2. Don Erwin [i.e Irwin] / 3. MAC MAcCLOUD DIED 1979 / 4. JIM M...

Community Album - Palletizer

Photograph depicts palletizer machinery, where bags of asbestos fibre were shrink-wrapped and made ready for shipping pallets. Palletizer was located near shipping (believed to be in mill building). Unidentified man visible in machinery on far left.

Waste in Mine Valley

Photograph depicts large swath of dark waste down mountainside to right of valley. The waste dump is believed to be visible at top of swath on right of image. Bench mining visible on the North and South peak in background. Handwritten annotation o...

Canadian Fish and Cold Storage Company

Photograph of a factory on the shoreline amidst a forested area. The factory is emitting steam or smoke and has a white exterior. Annotation on recto reads "Canadian Fish & Cold Storage Co. Prince Rupert BC."

Bob Potts Cooking on Red Deer River

Photograph depicts two men standing in front of a short tent. Cooking supplies are scattered throughout campsite. Trees cross midground, and snow-covered mountains stand in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "POTT FALL...

Wood Pile in Winter

Winter landscape scene featuring a man cleaning up a wood pile covered with snow (?). Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "ALL WINTER 1945 1946 Cleaning of the Wood Pile".

Man & Dog in Railway Camp

Photograph depicts dog standing next to man smoking pipe and leaning against large snow bank (snow stands taller than man). Power lines connect to wood building standing in background. Photograph believed to have been taken in railway construction...

Flooded Railway Camp

Photograph depicts lane in front of tent buildings flooded with water, forest trees in background. Photograph taken from canoe, portion of canoe visible in foreground. It is believed that this photograph may depict the Island Cache in flood, at Pr...

Unknown Man & Talus Ore

Image of man seated with shovel in mountainous area, loose asbestos fibre in background. This photograph is believed to be either a double exposure of two images, or a print made from two negatives at once. Photo depicts an unidentified man sittin...

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