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Man at Elevated Carrier Cache

Photograph depicts man standing in front of elevated, rectangular cache made of wood. Trees stand behind log fence in background. Handwritten photo caption below photograph reads: "Indian Cache." It is believed that this photograph may have been taken near Fort St. James, BC.

Ten unidentified men and women clap as a government minister presents the Nisga’a Final Agreement to a Nisga’a chief [?], 1999

The group stands in front of an ornate stone wall and two Canadian flags.

Handwritten annotation on photograph enclosure reads: “8/6/99. Dear Lady, When I saw this photograph I knew there was a certain person who would truly appreciate and ‘feel’ its significance. Not many steps left to take now . . . . your unwavering support is never more appreciated. best personal regards, Peter”; handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Nisga’a”.

Chancellor's Tour - Iona Campagnolo sits with group around a campfire

Left to right: Charles Jago and unidentified woman, David Fish, Dennis Macknak, Deborah Poff, unidentified woman and child, Iona Campagnolo, Lee Morrison, Ellen Facey, two unidentified women. Teepees visible in background. Photograph was taken during the chancellor's tour of Xats'ull Heritage Village, Soda Creek First Nation, Williams Lake, B.C.

A man in uniform and a woman pose for a photo in front of totem poles

A man in uniform and a woman pose for a photo on a road situated between a fenced area featuring totem poles and the water’s edge featuring a float plane, wharf and the Camosun vessel. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Alert Bay BC”; “Alert Bay B.C.” Union Steamships Ltd.”; photographer’s stamp on verso: “W.E. Nicholson, 268 E. 10th, Vancouver 10, B.C.”

Hagwilget Village

Photograph of the dirt road leading to Hagwilget Village. Residential buildings and a church are visible in the background. Printed annotation on recto reads: "W.W.W. Hagwilget Village."

Iona Campagnolo speaking to crowd of women seated on floor of the Great Hall, First National Networking Conference, Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver

Photograph taken in a hall with large glass windows at the University of British Columbia. Six indoor totem poles visible in background.

Handwritten notation included with photograph reads: “June 1982, First National Networking Conference, Compliments of Katherine Roth, Windsor, Ontario”.

Iona Campagnolo wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha in front of Ninstints totem pole in the Great Hall, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “In the great hall of the B.C. Museum of Anthropology, in front of Ninstints Totem wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha (One who sits high) gift of Chief Skidegate ‘Dempsey’ Collinson - Q.C.I. made by his wife Irene for ‘naming feast’ Autumn - 1977. June 5, 1982, Address to the First National Womans Network. Age - almost 50.” And “Alive Again 82”.

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