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Portable traction engine, Hat Creek Ranch

Photograph depicts a portable traction engine at Hat Creek Ranch. The engine was built by Sawyer and Massey Co. Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario. Presumably went into service late 1910. It had not been in use for some time.

Gas pumps adjacent to Acton Kilby General Store

Photograph depicts gas pumps that were adjacent to the Acton Kilby General Store that was operated by Mr. Acton Kilby, aged 81. He is visible in the shadows towards the left of the photograph and the left pump. Mr. Kilby's father acquired the...

Davies' car

Photograph taken in Trout Lake City which had no electricity, so the pumps displayed were hand worked. The car belonged to the Davies family. It was a 1953 Vauxhall Velox.

Goodyear Blimp

Photograph depicts a Goodyear Blimp cruising over the Centennial Museum near Sunest Beach, False Creek, Vancouver.

Goodyear Blimp

Photograph depicts a goodyear Blimp cruising over the Centennial Museum near Sunest Beach, False Creek, Vancouver. It came for the 1973 Abbotsford Air Show.

US military plane

Photograph taken at the Penticton Airport where WWII military airplanes meet. This US military plane was flown by a US Air Militia on a courtesy visit. It was built in the early 1950's.

Inscription on rock about HMS Segeria

Photograph depicts an inscription cut into a rock face found in Bedwell Harbour. The HMS Segeria, dated 1873-1911, was the only warship in Esquimalt at Queen Victoria's death responsible for firing the death salute of 81 guns, the Queen'...

Water pump in Barkerville

Photograph depicts a water pump, dated 1883. Animal water trough and pipe were both made out of wood, which was typical for the Barkerville period.

Site of former copper shelter in Greenwood

Photograph depicts the site of a former copper shelter, owned by B.C. Copper Co, of New York, at Anadconda, on the outskirts of Greenwood. It operated from 1901-1918. In 1899, a railway connected the mine and smelter, but no railway connected Gree...

Sperry Rail Service inspection car

Photograph depicts a Sperry Rail Service inspection car that had broken down in the CPR Kamloops yard. Car #127 was built in 1927 as a gas electric car for Boston and Maine R.R. It was modernized in 1989.

CN plow at the Kamloops Junction

Photograph depicts a CN plow built in June 1939 and rated "Heavy Duty." At the time, CN had 63 snow plows and this was one of the 12th to 18th youngest. The latest was built in 1959.

Replacement rail bridge

Photograph depicts a replacement rail bridge. Forms sat on a temporary pile of dirt, which in turns sat on a road bed of a new highway that had just been cut.

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