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Alberni Pacific Railway tourist train

Photograph depicts the former Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway station in Port Alberni. A returning tourist train is also visible. The station opened on December 20, 1911 and was closed to passengers in 1957. It was used for truck and rail freight ...

Port Alberni station

Photograph depicts a renovated Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway station in Port Alberni. It was now used by Alberni Pacific tourist railway.

Alberni Pacific Railway train

Photograph depicts the Pacific Rails Convention of Victoria on a field trip to Port Alberni. Travelling on the Alberni Pacific Railway to visit a steam-driven sawmill at its outer terminal. Chartered trip for convention members (one coach/bus load...

Okanagan Valley Railway freight

Photograph depicts 2 car freight near Oyama on the CN branch from Kelowna to Vernon. The lead locomotive was lettered "Hudson Bay Railway." Central Kansas Railway may be a parent.

Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway, Parksville

Photograph depicts Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway trackage in Parksville. Looking north beyond the junction with the Alberni branch line. The spur on the left seemed to be used, but the siding on the right did not.

Woodings Rail Car

Photograph depicts a Woodings Rail car owned by Kettle Valley Steam (Heritage) Railway. Davies noted that it was a rare example to have seen in B.C. at the time. It was believed to have been a type that was favored by the CPR.

CPR gang car

Photograph taken at a railway museum in Midway. Visible is an abandoned CPR gang car made by Fairmont Railway Motors Ltd/Inc, Ontario.

CP way freight

Photograph depicts what Davies noted to be a rare sight to be on a train. Visible are CPR way freight between Lumby and Vernon, travelling to Vernon. 31 of them built at CPR Angus shops in 1976. Only 10 survived at the beginning of 1997.

Crosspiece of unusable "Y"

Photograph depicts a crosspiece of an unusable "Y" (the reason for it). It appeared that the piece was used to offload items and in time, distorted the track. All 3 switches of the "Y" and total trackage were still in place.

KVR Merritt yard

Photograph depicts a part of the KVR yard in Merritt. Looking southeasy, with main line to Penticton bearing away to the right. Jumble of of rails in the foreground was believed to be a rail storage pile.

Mist Glacier

Image depicts the Mist Glacier on the slope of Mt. Robson.

Camp and Mt. Robson

Image depicts a camp of people with Mt. Robson and the Berg Glacier in the background.

People on a Glacier

Image depicts a group of people standing on the foot of a glacier, possibly the Robson Glacier.

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