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"Atlas Captain" boom tug

Photograph depicts a boom tug called "Atlas Captain" that was brought in for refitting, adjacent to a smalll boat repair yard. It was loaded on a CN gondola car and then removed by a derrick crane.

CPR tug, "Okanagan"

Photograph depicts a CPR tug called the"Okanagan," at the CPR slip in Kelowna. It had recently been fueled from a tank car that is visible on the left. It was was built in Seattle and assembled at Okanagan Landing.

CPR tug, "Okanagan"

Photograph depicts a CPR tug called the "Okanagan," located at the Kelowna slip. It was tied to the rail barge wih a steam up.

Lake Steamer, "Proctor"

Photograph depicts a replica of the "SS Beaver" built by the RCN in Esquimalt and moored in Vancouver, open to the public. The original ship left Gravesend on August 29, 1935 and reached Fort Vancouver (Oregon) on April 10. 1936.

"SS Sir James Douglas" and "Camsell"

Photograph depicts "SS Sir James Douglas," a Coastguard supply vessel, built in 1956. Astem from her is "Camsell," a full ice breaker, built in 1959. Out-of-service is CNR "SS Canora" is found in the background.

"Skeena Prince"

Photograph depicts "Skeena Prince." The iron chute projecting from the land beyond the steam of a coaster belongs to a long defunct coal mine which ran back horizontally into the hill side.

Anchor, Coal Harbour

Photograph depicts an old anchor that had been fished out of Coal Habour, Vancouver. One flulke was bent in towards the shank. Image captured outside the office of Kanata Marine Ways Ltd. (1965).

Bridge over Portage River

Photograph depicts a bridge near the beginning of the Seton Portage to D'Arcy dirt road over the Portage River. The road was a one and half of a mile connection between the Anderson (upper) and Seton (lower) lakes.

Bridge over Lardeau River

Photograph depicts a bridge over Lardeau River. Survey stakes at the point where the photograph was taken suggested that a new bridge would be built within the next 2 or 3 years.

Bridge across Fraser River, Williams Lake

Photo depiicts a bridge over the Fraser River, south of Williams Lake. It was in poor condition, but was being prepared by the Department of Highways. The bridge was taken on the Gang Ranch public road, and led to the ranch and its uninhabited hinterland.

Moha Bridge

Photograph depicts Moha Bridge which crosses the Yalakon River. Taken at the side of a derelict mining village.

CNR Cisco Bridge

Photograph depicts Cisco Bridge, that crossed the Fraser River in Fraser Canyon. Looking upstream with CPR track in the lower right of the photo. 200 yards behind this photo, the CPR tack crossed the Fraser River to the west bank.

GNR branch to Keremeos

Photograph depicts a bridge over the Similkameen River. When track ran to Hedley, there were 3 of these bridges. All stood still at the time the photograph was captured. The other were on the lifted Keremeos to Hedley section.

House on Beach Ave., Vancouver

Photograph depicts a house that had a "sold" notice on it and was partly demolished. Up to the date the photograph was captured, this block on Beach Ave. was the sole remaining one to have only houses on it, as opposed to a mixture of houses and apartment blocks, or blocks only.

Wrinch Memorial Hospital

Photograph depicts the Wrinch Memorial Hospital. It held 54 beds and was founded by Dr. Winch for the benefit of the local First Nations population.

Indian Roman Catholic Church at the mouth of Anderson Lake

Photograph depicts an Indian Roman Catholic church at the mouth of Anderson Lake. No services were held anymore. It was externally restored in 1968 by the white people of the village, while the Natives did the interior. Unfortunatley, there was no work done on the interior as of the date the photograph was captured.

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