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Barrier Lake

Item is a panoramic photograph of Barrier Lake, featuring a rocky shoreline, whitecaps and a mountaineous background.

Shack over Hot Spring, Nascall Bay

Caption: Shack over Hot Spring, Nascall Bay: Willie Hill, Andy Whitsen, Jack Stenstrum, Cupruin's [sic] Skipper and Engineer. Item is a photograph featuring three men looking out a small window of a wooden shack.

Monument in Dean Channel

Caption: Monument in Dean Channel to mark the spot where Mackenzie turned back. The first man to cross North America from Atlantic to Pacific. Item is a photograph of an obelisk on a rocky outcrop.

Floating homes in Ocean Falls

Caption: At the Farm Valley, Ocean Falls. Loggers floating home. Item is a photograph floating homes on the water and a logged hilly landscape in the background.

Man and dogs trekking in the snow

Caption: Shorty (6'4") going down the plaging towards Pass Lake. Trapper in B.C. Item is a photograph of Shorty trekking through snowy terrain with three pack dogs following along behind. A mountain is visible in the background.

Don and a grizzle

Item is a photograph of a hunter with rifle standing next to a dead grizzle bear propped up with large stones.

Swannell survey party at Forfars Hotel

Caption: The riff-ruff of Swannells' Party. J.R.M., Thorne Forrest, F. Jorgenson, A.H. Phipps, J.O. Davids, Mutt, Mrs. Forfars, Fort St. James, F.C. SwannellItem is a group photograph taken in front of Forfars Hotel in Fort St. James.

Thutade Lake

Item is a photograph of two survey crewmen aboard a makeshift raft carrying a large load of baggage and two pack dogs.

Finlay Falls

Caption: Finlay Falls 4 mls. below Thutade. Item is a landscape photograph of Finlay Falls.

Dick and Shorty Haynes

Caption: Dick, Shorty Haynes (6'4"). Trappers' lean-to, McGregor River, tributary to the Fraser [River]. Item is a photograph of "Shorty" Haynes in snow shoes and carrying a pack sack looking at a trappers' lean-to wh...

Trappers' line cabin

Caption: Trappers' line cabin. These cabins are small so taht they can be more easily heated with its -40oF. Item is a photograph of "Shorty" Haynes (?) standing in the snow next to a cabin patting the head of one of two pack dogs. ...

Ann Hawthorne Pateson

Caption: Travels of a mush-hound during part of 1935. 50-50; Scot-Irish; Adela-Tony. Anne Hwthorne Pateson, Durieu, B.C. Item is a photograph of a little girl standing by a veranda.

Boat load of mischief

Caption: On the scow between Stuart Lake and Tatla Lake. Boat load of mischief. Item is a photograph of four young boys sitting in the hold of a small boat holding a rope strung with fish while a cow nibbles at straw near their feet.

The Ptarmigan

Caption: Our small friends: The ptarmigan that used to bring his wife to see us. His bright plumage is her protection.

Backpacking : water cooling system

Caption: Backpacking. Usual load 60-65lbs. We carried a spring balance. Water cooling system. Item is a photograph of 2 survey crewmen trekking through water with packsacks on their backs.

The Arctic - Pacific Divide

Caption: Arctic-Pacific divide; To the Pacific (written on left side of photo); To the Arctic (writtn on the right side of the photo); Timber-line valley, lovely open country to live and travel in.

Making hotcakes on the campfire

Caption: Sourdoughs. Light and flaky, brown and tasty; hotcakes that never go cold. Self (Jim Mackenzie? - left) and Bob, or J.R.C. Hewitt, B.C.L.S. Item is a photograph of two men seated by a campfire. One man is holding a cup of coffee, while th...

Man beside cairn

Caption: Who would have believed it!! I hope your sister isn't worrying about you. Item is a photograph of a bearded survey crewman standing with axe in hand next to a rocky cairn.

Mount Selwyn

Landscape perspective of Mt. Selwyn from across a river near Finlay Junction. Annotation on recto: "Mt.Selwyn"; annotation on verso: "Mt. Selwyn; Mt.Selwyn May 31 / 1793; near Finlay Junction".

Pulling a sailboat up the river

Annotation on verso: "Oct. 26/29". Photo depicts a sailboat being pulled along a river by another boat. Large striated mountains visible along the shoreline.

Ingenika Mine Freighting Boat

Annotation on recto: "Ingenika River 1930. Ingenika Mine Freighting Boat" Photo depicts three men standing along the shoreline watching an Ingenika Mine freighting boat being poling along the Ingenika River.

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