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Chilcotin Landscape

Footage of lake and surrounding landscape. The location is believed to be "Small Lake" would could possibly be located in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, Chilcotin area or the Rainbow Mountains.

Robson's Deer

Footage of Robson feeding his deer. The location of the filming is believed to be Robson's home in Bella Coola.

Journey Preparation

Footage of men grooming horses, saddling horses and loading horses as they prepare for a journey. Location is believed to be Holt Homestead.

Map of B.C., and Sunsets

A presentation recording of a map of B.C. and it's regions, noting the wildlife that live the Provincial parks. There is an accompanying clip of sunset over a lake.

Rainbow through Mist

Footage of a rainbow that can be see through mist over a body of water, either a lake or river.Possible locations include the Bella Coola River or the Dean River.

Loading Freight, Horses in Corral, Hay Wagon

Winter footage at a ranch, believed to be "Pan's." Film includes recordings of the men loading a tractor with an attached flatbed with gear, putting horses in the corral, and feeding cows hay from a flatbed sleigh pulled by a horse....

Anahim Lake Stampede

Footage of the Anahim Stampede. The film includes recordings of the people at the stampede, bronco and bull riding, the area surrounding the arena, wild cow milking, children games such as sack races, horse racing around the arena, the concession ...

Footage of Pack Train and Caribou Hunt

Footage of ducks on a lake and flying away, horses in a corral, a campsite, caribou in the high country of the mountains, probably the Rainbow Mountains, a campsite where men are packing horses and game kill and their journey home in pack train.Po...

Caribou herd in Mountains

Footage of a herd of caribou running on mountain plateau, probably the Rainbow Mountains. Also various clips of hunting camp and the men loading their pack horses.

Pack Train and Herd of Caribou

Footage of large animal, most likely a moose, along a steep bank. Two men and their pack horse traveling along an open landscape, a close shot of their campfire at night, then footage of them preparing for a journey early in the morning. Also a vi...

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