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Political Career

Series consists of correspondence, campaign advertisements and publications, newspaper clippings, itineraries, reports, scrapbooks, speeches, newsletters, poetry, ephemera, memoranda, invitations, commercial publications, party publications, certificates, agendas, press releases, minutes and background information all pertaining to Iona Campagnolo’s political career as M.P. for Skeena; Minister of State Fitness and Amateur Sport, and President of the Liberal Party of Canada; as well as, pertaining to her continued interest in the political state of Canada.

Women in Power Project

Series consists of correspondence, contracts, manuscripts and a memorandum pertaining to the Honourable Iona Campagnolo's involvement and contribution to a group publication tentatively titled All of Us: Women in Canadian Power and Politics that was scheduled for publication by Random House Canada Ltd. This project was ultimately disbanded and the resulting manuscript was never published.

Publication: Women in Power

File consists of correspondence relating to the Women in Power project. Includes:
• Letter to Iona Campagnolo, Associate Director, McMaster International, from Maureen McTeer, November 14, 1989
• Section of original file folder with handwritten label: Women & Power book project, unrealized because publisher wanted ‘personal feelings’

Publication: Women in Power

File consists of correspondence, contracts and drafts relating to the Women in Power project. Includes:
• Fax of handwritten letter to Iona Campagnolo from Maureen McTeer re: publisher for Women in Power publication, January 18, 1990
• Letter to The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé from Iona Campagnolo re: potential involvement with the Women in Power publication, February 6, 1990
• Letter to Iona Campagnolo from Ellen (Fairclough?) re: copy of manuscript, March 1, 1990
• Letter to Iona Campagnolo from The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé re: request for more information on the Women in Power publication and requirements, March 2, 1990
• Letter to Iona Campagnolo from Maureen McTeer re: payment, book signing, French contract, April 9, 1990 (includes copy of letter to Noona Barlow, Rights Department, Random House of Canada, Ltd. from Maureen McTeer re: contract revisions, March 8, 1990)
• Letter to Maureen McTeer from Iona Campagnolo re: details of project and contact information, April 18, 1990
• Letter to Iona Campagnolo from Noona Barlow, Rights Department, Random House Canada, Ltd. re: contract for All of Us: Women in Canadian Power and Politics, May 23, 1990 (includes contract and annotated versions)
• Letter to Iona Campagnolo from Maureen McTeer re: chapter revisions, December 4, 1990
• “Some of Us: Women and Political Power in Canada” text for the Hon. Ellen Fairclough, draft chapter for Women in Power (?)

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Series consists of speeches, memoranda (which include: itineraries, seating plans, agendas, speaking orders, participant lists) correspondence, event programs, invitations, newspaper clippings, background material, list of regrets, agendas by calendar month and ephemera pertaining to The Honourable Iona Campagnolo's duties and responsibilities as Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Commemorative photograph - Jean and Aline Chrétien waving in front of a red Liberal sign

Signature at bottom right reads: “Thanks for your help, Jean Chrétien”; typed caption at bottom reads: “A victorious Jean Chrétien with his wife Aline wave to Liberal supporters at riding headquarters shortly after midnight, October 26, after confirmation that he will be Canada’s 20th Prime Minister.”

Dennis Macknak, Addie Milewski, Clive Keen and Iona Campagnolo stand together in front of a barbed wire fence

Railroad and vehicles can be seen in front of forest in background.

Signature at bottom right reads: “Addie: The good times! Love Iona”.

Item is one of nine photographs accompanying a greeting card from Agnes Hauglak, Addie Milewski’s sister, reading: “I though you might want these photos. I had to go and send every one their family things. Thank you for being kind to my sister Addie, Agnes M Hauglak”; see also items 2009.6.1.569 - 2009.6.1.577.

Gwen and Knox McCusker

Photograph depicts Gwen and Knox McCusker standing outside, side by side. Caption on verso reads: “Knox & Gwen McCusker, late ‘40’s or early ‘50’s”.

Honourable P.A. ‘Flying Phil’ Gaglardi, former Minister of Highways, being made up by unidentified woman while Iona Campagnolo and an unidentified man [Merv Compone?] look on at his ranch near Kamloops, BC

Signature at bottom right corner reads: “Love you always! Merv”; handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Hon. P.A. ‘Flying Phil’ Gaglardi on his Ranch near Kamloops. CBC Show 1981, One of a Kind, Picture from Producer Friend Merv Compone”.

Paris Press Conference - Iona Campagnolo talking from chair at coffee table covered with documents

Photograph taken at the Intercontinental Hotel in Paris, France.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Summer 81 Paris, Putting the case for Calgary 1988 Olympic Games at Intercontinental Hotel, Conference du Presse (awake for 36 hours here)”.

Image is one of 15 photographs accompanied by notation on piece of paper reading: “1980 Paris, Bid for 1988 Calgary Olympics with Roger Jackson,” and “Reportage minister du Canada, 14.5.81, Reportage Pele der 14.5.81” See also items 2009.6.1.406 - 2009.6.1.420.

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