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David Davies Railway Collection
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Freight train near Moyie on the CPR line

Photograph depicts a westbound freight train near Moyie on the CPR line. This is at about mile 13 on the Nelson Subdivision, which spans 137.8 miles from Cranbrook to Nelson. The line here is adjacent to the Moyie Lake Provincial Campsite. The tra...

South Slocan Junction on the CPR line

Photograph depicts the South Slocan Junction at mile 11.9 on the CPR line on the Nelson Boundary Subdivision. It closed as an agency in June 1969 but the telegrapher still maintained it. Three to four freights pass per day on the main line: 2 to T...

Water car on the CPR line at Nelson

Photograph depicts water car #415319 standing on a little used spur in Nelson. It consists of a locomotive tender mounted on a flat car. It could be used as a firefighting unit, but it is merely lettered "service."

CPR yard of lumber mill

Photograph depicts lumber mill yard at the end of the 31st mile. A brand line is beside Slocan Lake. Shows flat chip and E bulkhead cars of C.P's as well as 500 flat cars.

CPR Kaslo Subdivision

Photograph depicts the branch line at old mile 24 between Rosebury and Nakusp or 22 1/2 rail miles south of Nakusp. Track used once per week or every other week. Shot freight passed this point 3 days afterwards. Rails are CPR, dated 1902, weighing...

CPR rail barge slip

Photograph depicts a barge slip on Slocan Lake. This is the northern terminal of lake service. The railway runs north from the lake to Nakusp which is approximately 27 miles. Looking north. Rails in this area weigh 80-85 Ibs. Dated 1901-1911, Algo...

CPR start of 27 mile

Photograph depicts a branch that runs from Slocan Lake to Nakusp. "L.H." track leads to barge slip on lake. "R.H." track is the "main line" to Nakusp. It is used once a week by freight that is restricted to 6 or 8 cars.

CPR part of transfer barge #6

Photograph depicts part of the transfer barge #6 and tug ("Iris G") moved to rail pier with line to Nakusp (to right) in the foreground. It is used once a week or every other week.

CPR Lardeau stub switch

Photograph depicts a stub switch about 200 yards away from the barge slip on Kootenay Lake. Rails in the vacinity were mainly Cammell Sheffield 1885. Some were Burrow 1880. It was supposed that the Lardeau-Gerrard branch line was built of cast off...

CPR Kimberley

Photograph depicts the end of the branch line in Kimberley which is about 3/4 of a mile below the old depot which used to be at Mile 16.3 from the north star June. Maximimum speed on the branch is 20 miles per hour abd 10 miles per hour between mi...

CPR Vancouver Island

Photograph depicts a daily passenger train north bound passing Goldstream Provincial Park between Goldstream and Niagara at about mile 12 or 13 (from Victoria). The train is reflecting a diesel fume cloud.

Garbage Burner

Photograph depicts a garbage burner in the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway yards in Victoira. This photograph is taken just south of Victoria West Park.

CPR Esquimalt & Nanaimo Depot

Photograph depicts the CPR Esquimalt & Nanaimo Depot in Victoria, Vancouver Island. One car "R.D.C" unit is pullling out right on time at 8:30 a.m. for a 139 mile trip to Courtenay which arrives there at 12.40 hrs. The car behind the...

Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway

Photograph depicts the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway yard in Victoria. Photo displays a steam crane on CPR #414325. "BH" 1926 made by 'Industrial Works, Bay Gty, Michigan. Automatic car is arranged to #402109 with outrigger: 100 t...

Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway

Photograph depicts the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway yards in Victoria. A car repair barn and 2 roads are displayed. A box car is in use and has just been made out on the L road. Looking east in the photo.

CPR Downtown Victoria

Photograph depicts the east side of the upper harbour in downturn Victoria. At some point a loaded box car was propelled into B. Wilson Company Limited Cold and Frozen Storage on Chatham Street. This could have been the start of the movement. Phot...

CPR Westholme Depot

Photo was taken approximately five minutes north of Duncan, Vancouver Island. Steel passenger car #411292 is visible and has been converted to a bunk and mess car as part of a work train on a stations spur. There are 6 wheel trucks. There is no da...

CPR Nanaimo Station

Photograph depicts the arrival of the "Dayliner" on a trip from Victoria to Courtenay. It departs from Victoria at 11:00 a.m. About 25 passengers got off. Photograph taken looking south west.

CPR Nanaimo Station

Photo was taken on mile 72.5. The image captures the arrival of the "Dayliner" from Victoria at 11:00 a.m., looking towards the south. About 25 passengers got off at this location, possibly for the May Day parade.

Ladysmith, diamond crossing

Photograph depicts the crossing between the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway (the camera is facing these tracks) and Comox Logging and Railway Company. The guard tower was manned at 7:00 p.m. and had its roof recently reshingled. It faces southward.


Photograph depicts the a sign about 200 yards away from depot aadjacent to the Island highway. It was probably erected within the last 9 months as a result of the Canadian Transport Commission's investigation of the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Ra...

CPR Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway

Photograph taken 2 1/2 minutes south of Nanaimo on the Island Highway, looking southward. The rail overpass carries "stockett" (branch from the main line), Wellcox (on Nanaimo harbour) spur, and shows the commencement of the spur at mile...

Canfor Logging Railway - Nimpkish Valley

Photograph depicts upper terminal facilities on about mile 62. Image captured looking northwards, down the grade towards Beaver Cove from a massive "A" frame loader. A log car and flat car with a Canfor station wagon mounted on it are vi...

Allenby concentrator of Granby Mining Co. Ltd.

Photo depict a disused concentrator of the Granby Mining Company Ltd. Located 5 miles southwest of Princeton and 8 miles east of Copper Mountain ore workings, which are also largely disused. The building of the concentrator commenced in 1917 and t...

Jingle Pot Colliery, Wellington

Photograph depicts a two road engine house, located about 300 yards west of the Wellington flag stop on the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway. Visible is a house that was believed to be a part of a private railway operated by the Jingle Pot Colliery.

Locomotive frame in Savona

Photograph depicts a compressed air operated locomotive frame that had unequal sized cylinders (high and low pressure) and was believed to have come from the Canmore coal mines.

Jingle Pot Colliery, Wellington

Photograph depicts what was believed to be a commencement of the private line to the Jingle Pot Coal Mine that had long since been closed. At the point where the cars disappear, line diverges into a wye which meets the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Rail...

Cominco Mine Railway, Kimberley

Photograph depicts the Cominco Mine Railway and the private Sullivan Mine. This section was near a concentrator as well as Chapman Camp. Davies suggested that it could a stationed gauge connector between the CPR Kimberley branch line and the conce...

Cominco Mine Railway, Kimberley

Photograph depicts stationed gauge trackage that was owned privately and laid near a concentrator that connected the CPR Kimberley branch. Visible are various spurs to wharehouses and sheds.

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