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Vancouver, BC
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BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts the crossing on the Vancouver to Hope freeway. Image taken from the cab of locomotive #382 that was pulling 45 car freight from New Westminster to Huntingdon.

RCAF Langer

Photograph depicts an RCAF Langer that was erected in 1942 as part of a flying boat base to counter possible Japanese sea and activities. It was used subsequently as whaling station premises.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts ballasting of realigned track due to the redevelopment of the south side of False Creek, Vancouver. Existing trackage lay to the north, just behind the front end of visible loader.

CPR yards at Drake St.

Photograph depicts the CPR locomotive yards at Drake St. in Vancouver. The disused winch in shack is used for moving cars into the repair shed. There is bushes growing out of the track.

BCER Vancouver

Photograph depicts old BC Electric Railway interurbans purchased for restoration by the government of BC from an Oregon owner. They stood in the CPR Duke Street Yards in Vancouver.

Pacific Rim Stadium

Drawing of proposed Pacific Rim Stadium on False Creek in Vancouver. The drawing shows details of the baseball configuration, football configuration, and a perspective sketch of the stadium adjacent to the Georgia Viaduct. Annotated sketch of ligh...

Iona Campagnolo speaking to crowd of women seated on floor of the Great Hall, First National Networking Conference, Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver

Photograph taken in a hall with large glass windows at the University of British Columbia. Six indoor totem poles visible in background.Handwritten notation included with photograph reads: “June 1982, First National Networking Conference, Complime...

Iona Campagnolo wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha in front of Ninstints totem pole in the Great Hall, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “In the great hall of the B.C. Museum of Anthropology, in front of Ninstints Totem wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha (One who sits high) gift of Chief Skidegate ‘Dempsey’ Collinson - Q.C.I. made by his wife Iren...

VIA Rail Rail, Vancouver

Photograph taken at the VIA Rail depot in Vancouver. Image captures the view end of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway car, now called the CNR 'Nechako' #15105. Davies notes that it was normally spotted at the location as a semi-fixed insta...

VIA Rail Rail, Vancouver

Photograph taken at the VIA Rail depot in Vancouver. Visible is a former Grand Trunk Pacific car, 'Nechako,' now CNR #15105. It was a fairly permanent fixture with steam, water, and waste lines fixed up to the depot's facilities.

Winnifred Emily Warner Russell Interview

  • 2003.2
  • Fondo
  • c. 1923 - c. 1957

Fonds consists of 1 copy of a typed transcript featuring Winnifred Emily Warner Russell (nee Large) being interviewed by her daughter Bev Christensen. Content of transcript includes the topics of nursing training in Vernon (1923-26) and nursing in...

Shipping & Transportation

File contains photographs pertaining to the transportation of asbestos fibre.These include portraits of Clinton trailer trucks, trucks from the Cassiar Transport Division at Mile 860 on the Alaskan Highway, the assembly of large freight trucks, an...

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