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PGE Railway tunnel along Anderson Lake

Photograph depicts a Pacific Great Eastern Railway tunnel along Anderson Lake. The current railway mileage for the location is 125.6 (historical mileage point would have differed). The location is 3.7 miles north of D'Arcy, near the southern end of Anderson Lake. This photograph was likely taken from vantage point of the summer-only Highline Road.

Passenger ferry "Ballena"

Photograph depicts the "Ballena" docked at a wharf. The Ballena was a passenger ferry built in 1892 by the Albion Iron Works Company of Victoria and originally named the Joan. This ship was sold to the Terminal Steam Navigation Company in 1914 and renamed the Ballena. It was later acquired by the Union Steamship Company in 1920 but burned at the Union dock in November of that year.

Group portrait at Francois Lake

Photograph depicts a group of people leaning up against the survey crew's Buick car in Francois Lake. Based on the transcription on the photograph verso, from left to right the individuals are: "Mrs. Hunter", "Bobby", Jack Lee, "Edna", "Verna", "Banker's wife", and Gordon Wyness.

Jack Lee and Philip Monckton at Burns Lake cabin

Photograph depicts (from left) Jack Lee and Philip Monckton leaning up against their 1930 Buick Series 40 car before leaving for Southbank Francois Lake. Behind them is the cabin they stayed in at Burns Lake, which was owned by Ben[?] Smith.

View of Burns Lake

Photograph depicts a view of Burns Lake, as seen from the survey crew's temporary lodgings at the cabin of Ben[?] Smith. Wyness notes in the photograph transcription that float planes landed in the bay below the buildings visible in this image.

Jack Lee and Gordon Wyness with survey equipment on reserve

Photograph depicts (from left) Jack Lee and Gordon Wyness sitting on a car next to their equipment while surveying at an Indian Reserve. A cabin on the reserve is also depicted. According to the transcription on the photograph verso, they were surveying road through an "Indian Reserve South of South bank François Lake".

François Lake Ferry

Photograph depicts the Francois Lake Ferry. Gordon Wyness stands next to the survey crew's Buick car in the middle of the boat. Jack Lee leans on the railing at the back of the boat.

François Lake from ferry

Photograph depicts a view of François Lake taken from the ferry going to Northbank Point on right-hand side. The survey crew camped there in June 1936.

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