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Kent Sedgwick fonds
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Fraser Valley

Image depicts the Fraser Valley, looking north, possibly from Marguerite, B.C.

Dairy Farm - Barn Interior

Image depicts the interior of a barn at a dairy farm located somewhere near Quesnel, B.C. Numerous unknown individuals are present.


Image depicts a relatively flat section of land with hills in the distance; the location is uncertain.

Mine Site Equipment

Image depicts what appears to be a junkyard for old mining equipment at an uncertain location, though possibly near Gibraltar.

Open Pit

Image depicts an open mining pit at an uncertain location; it is possibly Gibraltar.

Slump [?]

Image depicts an unknown individual standing near what is most likely a slump slide at an uncertain location.

Disturbed Ground

Image depicts an area of disturbed ground, most likely due to a landslide, at an unknown location.


Image depicts a chasm full of trees at an unknown location.

Chasm Wall

Image depicts the wall of a chasm full of trees at an unknown location.

Fossil Beds

Image depicts a fossil bed, possibly somewhere in the Bulkley Valley.


Image depicts a few old buildings, as well as several unknown individuals somewhere in Moricetown, B.C.

Nautley Site

Image depicts an old, collapsing house at the Nautley site in Fort Fraser, B.C.

'Ksan - Longhouse Interior

Image depicts a large gathering of people in the interior of a First Nations' longhouse located in the historical village of 'Ksan in Hazelton, B.C.

Stellako River

Image depicts an unknown individual with a raft on the Stellako River. The slide is labelled "fisheries research."


Image depicts the historical village of 'Ksan in Hazelton, B.C.

Battle Hill

Image depicts the Battle Hill National Historic Site in Kitwanga, B.C.. The sign located there says: "The small knoll in the valley was a native fortress. Legends maintain that it was man-made: built to repel marauding coastal tribes. The ...

Man and Monument

Image depicts a man, possibly Kent Sedgwick, standing next to a monument which states: "In honour of the pioneers of the Ootsa Lake Valley, first settled in 1905." Located somewhere in either the Francois Lake Provincial Park or the Wis...

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