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Lax Kw'alaams, BC First Nations
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Thomas Crosby Mission Ship Photograph Collection

  • 2009.21
  • Coleção
  • 1932-1946

Subject areas identified in this collection include: church and hospital buildings (including nurses quarters); group photos featuring doctors, nurses, and hospital workers; grave markers; landscapes; processing of oolichan fish; and various church-related events such as weddings and church openings.

Thomas Crosby Mission Ships


Series consists of images pertaining the Collison family, North Coastal First Nations communities, means of transportation along North Coastal British Columbia, and various church structures and religious events.

Statue and headstone of grave at Port Simpson, BC

Photograph depicts a figure with two heads standing above stone reading "Here lies the last but not the least because He is the last of all his line the [?] Tribe ABEL WARD SOLOMON WARD". Bushes, building, and hill visible in background.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Port Simpson BC".

Arthur Wellington Clah carrying bundle and gun

Clah or T'amks [Tsimshian name] stands on wood platform in front of shovel and pickaxe leaning against building. Clah was a hereditary chief and Hudson Bay Company employee who helped missionary William Duncan learn the Tsimshian language.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: " 'Clah' or the pioneer missionary's [...?]"

Illustration of Tsimshian and Haida peoples on shore of Fort Simpson, BC

Photograph has been altered with drawings of people on shore fighting canoes approaching the town. Buildings stand behind fenced and walled areas in background.

Handwritten annotation below image reads: "Drawing by F.A., old Hudson B. [...?]"; on verso: "27. To head Chapter III. No. 2. Tsimshians and Haidas fighting on shore at Fort Simpson."

Monument at Port Simpson, BC

Tall monument featuring a man's profile stands in foreground. Base of monument features writing on plaques.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "No. 30 Paul [Segaics?] Monument at Port Simpson".