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Rich & Eleanor in Vancouver, BC

Couple stands in front yard, house and flowering plant in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Rich & Eleanor, she sent this to me so I'm passing it on. It was taken the day Rich left Vancouver for Halifax."

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line in Vancouver. Confusingly, the street is called "Mainland" but the box cars were spotted at the rear of 1152 Hamilton St. The nearest car is a Penn Central 167223, built in November 1972 and behind it is C...

View in a lane by Richards St. in Vancouver

Photograph depicts a view in a lane on the south side of the 1300 block of Richards St. in Vancouver. It includes a Louisville & Nashville car # L&N 109534, that is "paper loading only", has blue paintwork, and was built in June ...

Rail and road lane at the end of Homer St.

Photograph depicts a view looking northeast down a rail and road lane at the west end of Homer St. in Vancouver. It shows CP box car #296105 with end loading doors, built in November 1951. The car was empty. The rail in this area is dated 1911.

CPR grade crossing gates in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR grade crossing gates adjacent to the intersection of Alexander and Columbia Streets. The signal (gate control) tower is in the background. The view is looking east.

View of CPR yards in Vancouver

Photograph depicts a general view of the C.P.R. yards adjacent to Ballantyne Pier in Vancouver. The sheeted units in the middle distance consist of an export train of 11 locies, travelling dear, just brought in by the G.N.R. switcher. The locomoti...

CPR roundhouse at False Creek yards

Photograph depicts a CPR roundhouse at the False Creek yards in Vancouver. The tender of stored locomotive #2860 is protruding, as the house cannot taken the length of this locomotive. Locomotive #2860 is a 4-6-4 Royal Hudson, built in 1940 at th...

CPR False Creek yards

Photograph depicts the CPR False Creek yards in Vancouver. Turning the "Canadian" on the loop. An observation car is in the foreground. The view is looking southwest.

CPR ferry ramp

Photograph depicts a CPR tail ferry ramp just east of Pier A3 in Vancouver Harbour. Displays the connection with the ramp (in the foreground) and the barge (in the middle distance).

CPR ferry ramp

Photograph depicts a CPR rail ferry ramp just east of Pier A3 in Vancouver Harbour. On the adjustable ramp, it shows the gantry and barge connected. Cars were being unloaded off of a 18-car York Ltd. rail barge.

CPR line Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line on Thurlow Street, Vancouver. A new spur was about to be laid next to a recently built rail ferry slip.

CNR depot Vancouver 23 car circus train

Photograph depicts a 23 car train that belonged to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey. 19 cars were on one string on the north side and 4 were on the south side. Presumably, visible is the circus manager's car which is at the end of the...

M.V. "Queen of Victoria", B.C. Ferries

Photograph depicts the "Queen of Victoria" that had been damaged after it had collided with Russian freights in an Active Pass. Damage displayed imprints of the freight's bow. 3 were declared dead. Photograph taken from a floating s...

Former automobile/passenger ferry, "San Diego"

Photograph depicts the former automobile, passenger ferry, "San Diego," that had been acquired for conventions and sightseeing purpsoses. It was believed to have been a San Francisco ferry before being purchased by its present owner in 1...

"Master" tug

Photograph depicts a "Master" tug after it underwent restoration in False Creek, Vancouver. It was under steam, and entering English Bay.

Cannery, Fraser River

Photograph depicts a cannery at the seaward entrance to the south arm of the combined north arm of the Fraser river. Visible are a few rusted anchors. One was marked "Locomotive B.C. 100 Ibs. 1943 U.S. Navy."

Anchor, Coal Harbour

Photograph depicts an old anchor that had been fished out of Coal Habour, Vancouver. One flulke was bent in towards the shank. Image captured outside the office of Kanata Marine Ways Ltd. (1965).

Foam pumper and truck

Photograph taken at the main main fire station on the site of the former RCAF station near the Vancouver Airport. Visible is foam pumper #2, operated by the Federal Department of Tranpsort, as well as a Sicard truck.

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