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Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo overseeing the RCMP Change of Command at Vancouver, BC

Beverley A. Busson promoted from Deputy Commissioner for British Columbia and the Yukon, and commander of British Columbia to Commissioner. Handwritten notation on RCMP Commanding Officer letterhead included with photograph reads: “RCMP Change of Command, Bev Busson to Interim Com Cda, Gary Bass to Dep Com, E + M, Div”.

Iona Campagnolo and Margaret Anderson stand in front of totem poles

Photograph believed to have been taken at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, B.C. Unidentified individuals can be seen walking in front of forest in background.

Item is one of nine photographs accompanying a greeting card from Agnes Hauglak, Addie Milewski’s sister, reading: “I though you might want these photos. I had to go and send every one their family things. Thank you for being kind to my sister Addie, Agnes M Hauglak”; see also items 2009.6.1.569 - 2009.6.1.577.

Bob Harkins interview with Bishop Fergus OGrady

Item consists of transcript and tape summary of interview with Catholic Bishop Fergus O'Grady on his retirement as Bishop of the local Catholic Diocese of Prince George. Discusses also the Oblate Missionary Order and their history in Northern British Columbia. Also discusses the founding of the Prince George College.

Bob Harkins

VIA Rail Rail, Vancouver

Photograph taken at the VIA Rail depot in Vancouver. Visible is a former Grand Trunk Pacific car, 'Nechako,' now CNR #15105. It was a fairly permanent fixture with steam, water, and waste lines fixed up to the depot's facilities.

VIA Rail Rail, Vancouver

Photograph taken at the VIA Rail depot in Vancouver. Image captures the view end of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway car, now called the CNR 'Nechako' #15105. Davies notes that it was normally spotted at the location as a semi-fixed installation.

Iona Campagnolo speaking to crowd of women seated on floor of the Great Hall, First National Networking Conference, Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver

Photograph taken in a hall with large glass windows at the University of British Columbia. Six indoor totem poles visible in background.

Handwritten notation included with photograph reads: “June 1982, First National Networking Conference, Compliments of Katherine Roth, Windsor, Ontario”.

Iona Campagnolo wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha in front of Ninstints totem pole in the Great Hall, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “In the great hall of the B.C. Museum of Anthropology, in front of Ninstints Totem wearing cape of Sahn-nag-x-wha (One who sits high) gift of Chief Skidegate ‘Dempsey’ Collinson - Q.C.I. made by his wife Irene for ‘naming feast’ Autumn - 1977. June 5, 1982, Address to the First National Womans Network. Age - almost 50.” And “Alive Again 82”.

Pacific Rim Stadium

Drawing of proposed Pacific Rim Stadium on False Creek in Vancouver. The drawing shows details of the baseball configuration, football configuration, and a perspective sketch of the stadium adjacent to the Georgia Viaduct. Annotated sketch of light rail transit route is also depicted.

CPR yards at Drake St.

Photograph depicts the CPR locomotive yards at Drake St. in Vancouver. The disused winch in shack is used for moving cars into the repair shed. There is bushes growing out of the track.

BCER Vancouver

Photograph depicts old BC Electric Railway interurbans purchased for restoration by the government of BC from an Oregon owner. They stood in the CPR Duke Street Yards in Vancouver.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts the realignment of track due to the redevelopment of the south side of False Creek, Vancouver. New track was linked up and graded while old track was removed all within 7 days of the date the photograph was taken.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts the realignment of track due to the redevelopment of the south side of False Creek, Vancouver. Track was laid as far as the rail mounted truck and was merely covered by ballast. New trackage put into use and old track was removed within the week the picture was taken.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts the realignment of track with new, straight trackage that is visible in the foreground. Old BC Electric Railway track and Great Northern Railway track are on the right.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts the crossing on the Vancouver to Hope freeway. Image taken from the cab of locomotive #382 that was pulling 45 car freight from New Westminster to Huntingdon.

British Columbia: Satellite Image Map

Map depicts annotations marking the major freight-ways: Garnet Ent. Truck Haul from Vancouver to Terrace, Canada Freightways Lyndon Trucking from Vancouver-Edmonton-Alaska Highway, Lindsays Transfer from Terrace to Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek, and the Northland Navigation roll-on and roll-off service. The cities and towns of Vancouver, Prince George, Dawson Creek, Terrace, Kitimat and Whitehorse are noted.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts ballasting of realigned track due to the redevelopment of the south side of False Creek, Vancouver. Existing trackage lay to the north, just behind the front end of visible loader.

BC Hydro Railway Vancouver

Photograph depicts "Extra 382-Eastbound" freight. Taken from the cab of locomotive #382 on 2% grade between Scott Road and Kennedy in North Surrey. Train had 3 locomotives and about 45 cars.

RCAF Langer

Photograph depicts an RCAF Langer that was erected in 1942 as part of a flying boat base to counter possible Japanese sea and activities. It was used subsequently as whaling station premises.

Anchor, Coal Harbour

Photograph depicts an old anchor that had been fished out of Coal Habour, Vancouver. One flulke was bent in towards the shank. Image captured outside the office of Kanata Marine Ways Ltd. (1965).

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line in Vancouver. Confusingly, the street is called "Mainland" but the box cars were spotted at the rear of 1152 Hamilton St. The nearest car is a Penn Central 167223, built in November 1972 and behind it is CP 165230 insulated box car. The view is looking northeast.

CP rail and warehouse complex on Homer St.

Photograph depicts the CP rail and the edge of the Homer St. warehouse complex in Vancouver. The view is looking northeast at the western end of Mainland St. The building is at #1152 Mainland St. The right hand track (man's shadow it) goes down Mainland and is in apparent use. The rail on the left hand track is dated 1938.

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line approximately 100 yards south of the Richards and Pacific St. intersection in Vancouver. The waste ground on the right was formerly occupied by the Canadian Pipe Co., Canadian Wood Pipe & Tanks Ltd., and the Pacific Coast Pipe Ltd. from 1923-1972.

View of harbour road in Vancouver

Photograph depicts an unnamed harbour road that runs to the north of , and parallel to Water St. The trackage is connected behind the camera to a CPR depot and at the other end to the mainline. No spurs lead off to the docks. The track is not used but usable.

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