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Former "A" Pier of the CPR

Photograph depicts the former "A" Pier of the CPR near the entrance to Coal Harbour. Undergoing dismantling or major renovation of the pier. The steam crane on a scow belonged to Vancouver Pile Driving and Contracting Co. Ltd. Left of the crane's jib was a new CPR rail slip in construction.

Georgia Viaduct

Photograph depicts the Georgia Viaduct in Vancouver. Image taken 5 days after its closure on June 28, 1971.

CPR line adjacent to the Immigration Building in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line adjacent to the Immigration Building at the foot of Thurlow Street. Former spur that led to Pier A is visible in the foreground. New track that led to a recently constructed rail barge slip was about to be laid across the road at the corner of the Immigration Building.

Presentation of 2 colours to Vancouver City Police Force

Photograph taken at Brockton Oval, Stanley Park in Vancouver. Depiction of the Presentation of 2 Colours to the Vancouver City Police Force by Lieutenant-Governor of B.C. At this point, the colours had just been consecrated on an alter of drums. Drummers were regaining their drums.

Goodyear airship

Photograph depicts a Goodyear airship travelling over Spanish Banks, Vancouver. It took part in the Abbotsford Air Show of 1971.

Goodyear Blimp

Photograph depicts a goodyear Blimp cruising over the Centennial Museum near Sunest Beach, False Creek, Vancouver. It came for the 1973 Abbotsford Air Show.

Goodyear Blimp

Photograph depicts a Goodyear Blimp cruising over the Centennial Museum near Sunest Beach, False Creek, Vancouver.

"Seabee Amphibian"

Photograph depicts a monoplane called the "Seabee Amphibian." It was a 3 seater and produced by the Republic Aviation Corp. About 10 of these aircraft were grouped together near the Vancouver International Airport on Sea Island. All were separately owned and in different finishes and states of care.

Foam pumper and truck

Photograph taken at the main main fire station on the site of the former RCAF station near the Vancouver Airport. Visible is foam pumper #2, operated by the Federal Department of Tranpsort, as well as a Sicard truck.

RCAF Langer

Photograph depicts an RCAF Langer that was erected in 1942 as part of a flying boat base to counter possible Japanese sea and activities. It was used subsequently as whaling station premises.

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