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Fraser Lake, BC Pièce Natural Resources Avec documents numériques
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Packing horses

Photograph depicts a group of horses in process of being loaded with packs. Four or more men attend. There is a canvas tent, open fire and more people in the background.

Trip to Fraser Lake

Photograph depicts five or more men standing near a tent frame. There are several packs on the ground and two horses loaded with packs. There is a bridge or dock on the right, a body of water and forested hills in the background.

Ready to saddle

Photograph depicts a large semicircle of tethered horses. Loaded packs are arranged near each horse. Men, boys and a border collie are in the foreground, low mountains in the background.

Hudson Bay Company store

Photograph depicts ten men standing on a boardwalk outside a large building. Another building, boardwalks and fences nearby. Forest in the background. The buildings are constructed from lumber.