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Kent Sedgwick fonds With digital objects
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Atlin Museum - Moose Hall

Image depicts the Moose Hall in the Atlin Museum. A sign above the door reads: "In 1905 this building was the new Arctic Brotherhood Hall in Discovery. Some years later it was hauled here in two parts by horses to become the Moose Lodge and...

Atlin - Nurses' Residence

Image depicts a building which once served as the residence for two nurses in Atlin, B.C. A sign in front of the house reads: "Grateful Atlinites built this house in 1902 for their first missionary nurses, Helen Bone and Elizabeth Mitchell, ...

Atlin - Discovery Jail

Image depicts an old building which used to be the Discovery Jail. The plaque on it reads: "It cost $800 to build this two cell jail in 1902. The solid walls are 2"x6" laid flat one on top of the other. It was skidded to Atlin in...

Atlin - the Garrett Store

Image depicts the Garrett Store in Atlin, B.C. A plaque on it reads: "John Garrett, a prominent English cricket player, came to Atlin in 1910 to mine gold. In 1917 he opened this grocery and dry goods store where he also sold his wife'...

Atlin - World War II Memorial

Image depicts a memorial plaque which reads: "In memory of the Atlin men who gave their lives for their country in World War II," and then proceeds to list several individuals.

Alaska Highway

Image depicts a small section of the Alaska Highway somewhere near Whitehorse, Y.T. The slide also appears to be labelled "army washing" for unknown reasons.

Highway and Mountains

Image depicts a van on a highway with mountains in the distance; the location is uncertain, though it is possibly along the Alaska Highway.

Forested Mountains

Image depicts a view of a forested, mountainous area and a river, somewhere along the White Pass railway. The slide is labelled "begin climb," suggesting the image was taken at the beginning of the White Pass Train's ascent into th...

Forested Valley

Image depicts a view of a forested valley in the mountains somewhere along the White Pass railway.

Europe Hotel

Image depicts the Europe Hotel in Prince George prior to its demolition in the 1980s; however, the slide itself was only made in 1999 and the date of the photo is otherwise unknown, but most likely around 1979.

A Cow

Image depicts a cow at an uncertain location.

Miles Canyon - the Schwatka

Image depicts numerous unidentified individuals getting off a boat which bears the name "Schwatka." It is located somewhere in Miles Canyon.

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