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Two Old Houses

Image depicts two old, abandoned houses; both are missing their windows and doors. The location is uncertain.

Shacks and a Mountain

Image depicts two old shacks and a mountain in the background. Possibly located in or near Longworth, B.C.

Longworth - Railway Tracks

Image depicts two unidentified individuals standing next to the train station, and two railway tracks running through Longworth, B.C.

Upper Fraser General Store

Image depicts a building with a "Pepsi" sign that indicates it is the "Upper Fraser General Store." Two other signs indicate that it is also a post office and a place that offers propane refills. The location is uncertain

[Saw Mill?]

Image depicts what appears to be a saw mill, with the silhouette of a beehive burner on the right side of the image. The location is uncertain.

House Raising and Moving

Image depicts a house that appears to have been either raised or moved. A sign on the house reads: "Murray Blackwell House Raising & Moving." The location is uncertain.

Pile of Debris

Image depicts a pile of debris that appears to have once been a house. The location is uncertain.

[Giscome?] - Open Field

Image depicts an open field. On the right side of the image, in the background, is a grey strip that appears to be a mine, possibly the quarry at Eaglet Lake in Giscome, B.C.

[Giscome?] - Landscape

Image depicts an open area with a lake, possibly Eaglet Lake, located in the background. It is possibly located at the quarry in Giscome, B.C.

Trees and Gravel

Image depicts what appears to be gravel spread over a small section of dirt road in the foreground, and numerous trees in the background. The location is uncertain.

Small Town - Train - After

Image depicts a small town at an uncertain location. There are numerous vehicles parked outside a two story building and what appears to be a sawmill in the background and a train and tracks in the foreground.

Giscome - Power Poles

Image depicts a line of power poles in Giscome, B.C. The quarry is slightly visible in the background.

A Classroom

Image depicts the interior of a classroom at an uncertain location.

A Kitchen

Image depicts the interior of a kitchen at an uncertain location.

Boats and a Beehive Burner

Image depicts several boats on what appears to be a river, and an old beehive burner. The location is uncertain.

[A Shed?]

Image depicts what appears to be a shed at an uncertain location.

Kaslo City Hall

Photograph depicts the Kaslo City Hall, built in 1898. The first floor contained a library while the second floor held a coutroom with original furnishings in mild disarray.

"Butterchurch" on Comiaken Hill

Photograph depicts "Butterchurch" that was built in 1870 under the direction of Father Rondeault of the Oblate Order for missionary work among the Comiakan Natives, a tribe of about 100. It was abandoned by about 1880 because of its loca...

Robin Hood Flour

Image depicts an old log cabin with the sign "Robin Hood Flour" on it at an uncertain location. It is possibly at the 153 Mile House.

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