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Letter from John Marshall

File contains one business letter dated February 28, 1978 requesting some of Mr. McKinnon's poems for the magazine Island.

Letter from Jo Ann Padowinikoff

File contains one letter dated December 7, 1981 inviting Mr. McKinnon to a writing conference at David Thompson University Centre in Nelson, BC.

Card from D.Y.

File contains one post card dated April 6, 1982 concerning the mailing of a cheque.

Letter from Norah Forrest

File contains a personal letter dated April 16, 1992 concerning Mr. and Mrs. David Petrescu of Prince George.

Letter from Morris

File contains one letter dated March 4, 1980 concerning reimbursement for a reading at Malaspina College and other personal matters.

Letter from Scott

File contains one letter dated February 12, 1980 about the literary conference organized by Mr. McKinnon.

Personal correspondence with Marilyn Hudon Jenkins

File contains a card congratulating Mr. McKinnon on his nomination for the Governor General's award for The The and an exchange of letters concerning Ms. Jenkins' review of The Pulp Mill in the Prince George Citizen; includes newspaper c...

Business correspondence with Dennis Cooley

File contains letters concerning the publication of Mr. McKinnon's Caledonia Writing Series works in a prairie poem anthology by Turnstone Press and Essays in Canadian Writing Press.

Personal correspondence with B. Liddicoat

File contains an exchange of letters dated May 24th and November 25th, 1988, with the Pension Calculation Division, Superannuation Commission concerning Mr. McKinnon's pension contributions.

Letters to the Editor, the Prince George Citizen

File contains one letter dated February 27, 1991 concerning John Brink and his legal action against Noranda Forest Products and a second letter dated May 11, 1992 concerning Mr. McKinnon's reaction to the Citizen's story about the BC Boo...

Letter from Roll

File contains one letter dated January 17, 1995 concerning the publishing of Gentle Northern Summer by North Star Books; includes a list of poems.

Letter from Ivan Todosijczuk

File contains one letter dated March 25, 1986 concerning rights to broadcast the poem Untitled as part of the CNC production Prairie Spring; includes a copy of the contract.

Nancy Boyd

File contains promotional postcards for Nancy Boyd art shows, annotated with personal messages from Nancy Boyd.

Charles Olson

File contains a single handwritten document from Charles Olson.

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