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Minister Iona Campagnolo gives speech at The Canada Jaycees’ Five Outstanding Young Canadians Event, The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, QC

Group in formal attire seated behind her in background, including member of clergy to left of podium.Handwritten notation originally affixed to verso reads: “Uncounted Speeches 1979 for Riding- Province- Ministry- Party- and- ‘Positive Events’-&qu...

Announcing Green Paper on recreation - Close view of Iona Campagnolo glancing down, microphone held in left foreground by unidentified journalist out of frame

Canadian flag hangs in background.Photograph is one of 19 images depicting Campagnolo's announcement of the Green Paper on recreation (giving powers of recreation over to the provinces). See also items 2009.6.1.373 - 2009.6.1.391.

Honourable P.A. ‘Flying Phil’ Gaglardi, former Minister of Highways, being made up by unidentified woman while Iona Campagnolo and an unidentified man [Merv Compone?] look on at his ranch near Kamloops, BC

Signature at bottom right corner reads: “Love you always! Merv”; handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Hon. P.A. ‘Flying Phil’ Gaglardi on his Ranch near Kamloops. CBC Show 1981, One of a Kind, Picture from Producer Friend Merv Compone”.

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