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B.C. Bookworld - Ann Walsh feature

Includes a copy of B.C. Bookworld, vol. 21, no.4, winter 2007-2008 with a feature interview with Ann Walsh.

Contract negotiations

Includes draft contracts between Ann Walsh and Beach Holme Publishing, related correspondence, and plotting notes pertaining to "The Miserable Middle Moniker Society" and related Teachers' Guide.


Includes various signed publishing contracts, signed authors agreement between Anne Walsh and Kathleen Cook-Waldron re: "A Gold Rush Alphabet," and rights and ownership correspondence.

Publishers and Publicity

Series consists of records relating to the publication and publicity of the literary works of Ann Walsh in general (non-specific to a particular work). Publication records include contracts, negotiation correspondence, and rejections from publishers. Publicity material includes article features about Ann Walsh, publisher catalogues, publicity posters, promotional material, bookmarks, book reviews, event programmes, news clippings, and publicity photographs. Also includes audio recordings and video recordings of Ann Walsh.

"Your Time, My Time" edited version

File consists of an edited version of Ann Walsh's draft typescript of her novel, "Your Time, My Time". The draft includes edits by Gerry Truscott and rough re-writes by Ann Walsh.

"Winds" proposals and notes

Includes promotional bookmark, copies of "Winds Through Time" Introduction, related correspondence, publisher's draft contract, plotting notes, draft manuscript, book review, and press clippings.


Includes press clippings, plotting notes, book reviews, book sticker for "Bolen Books Children's Book Prize Finalist" and related correspondence.

"Skin of His Teeth"

Includes press release, editorial notes, author reading announcements, press clippings, related correspondence, book cover, request for permission to use front cover, draft manuscript, and handwritten notes.

"Shabash!" pre-print revisions

File consists of annotated revisions on pre-prints of Ann Walsh's juvenile novel "Shabash!".

"Shabash!" final draft

File consists of a coil-bound final draft of Ann Walsh's book, "Shabash!".

"Shabash!" revisions 1993

File consists of 1993 revisions on a draft of Ann Walsh's "Shabash!". Includes revision edits by Guy Chadsey.


Includes fan mail, material for Shabash Teacher's Guide, related correspondence, editorial notes, book review, front cover mock-ups, hand-written notes, Novel Study and Teacher's Guide for Shabash!

"Shabash!" rough drafts

File consists of annotated rough drafts of Ann Walsh's juvenile novel "Shabash!".

"Moses, Me and Murder!" revised version

File consists of an August 1987 revised version of Ann Walsh's juvenile novel "Moses, Me and Murder!: A Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush".

"Moses, Me and Murder!" drafts

File consists of drafts of Ann Walsh's juvenile novel "Moses, Me and Murder!: A Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush".

"Moses, Me and Murder"

Includes book cover, book order form, press releases, plotting notes, background research notes, related correspondence, editorial notes, fan mail, teaching guide, draft manuscript, and story synopsis.

"Moses, Me and Murder!" second version

File consists of Ann Walsh's second version of her juvenile novel "Moses, Me and Murder!: A Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush".

"Moses, Me and Murder!" draft

File consists of a draft of Ann Walsh's juvenile novel "Moses, Me and Murder!: A Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush".

"Moses, Me and Murder!" original draft

File consists of the original draft of Ann Walsh's juvenile novel "Moses, Me and Murder!: A Story of the Cariboo Gold Rush".

"Ghost" film treatment

Includes correspondence, statement of intent and synopsis/treatment for "The Ghost of Soda Creek".

"The Ghost of Soda Creek" correspondence

Includes plotting notes, fan mail and children's artwork, rights and ownership correspondence, publisher's contract, cover mock-ups, editorial notes, story synopsis.

"The Ghost of Soda Creek" research

File consists of research material for a new book titled "The Ghost of Soda Creek". Includes the editing notes of Ann Walsh and Dale, plot outlines, chapter outlines, and inspirational material.

"Forestry A-Z"

Includes mock-up of book cover and front matter, copies of published book reviews, draft manuscript, press clippings, and related correspondence.

"Flower Power"

Includes fan mail, press releases, promotional postcard, related correspondence, plotting notes, draft manuscript.

"Flower Power"

Includes press clippings, book reviews, related correspondence, story overview, and typeset copy of unpublished novel.

"The Doctor's Apprentice" novel

Includes 1 b&w photograph from the BC Archives featuring a gold rush town (Barkerville?) ca. 1860, copies of 2 alternate novel covers, promotional bookmarks, related correspondence, fan mail, handwritten author's notes, book reviews, background research material, draft manuscript, bestseller’s listings, press clippings and The Doctor’s Apprentice Teacher’s Guide.

"Dark Times" anthology editing

Includes edited draft manuscripts submitted for inclusion in this anthology and related correspondence.

"Dark Times"

Includes promotional bookmark, publisher's contract, related correspondence, book reviews, press releases, draft manuscript for the book introduction and "All is Calm" short story included in this anthology.


Includes promotional bookmark, "Official Selection- Golden Oak Award" book stickers and Ontario Library Association award, book cover for "Beginnings: Stories of Canada's Past," publisher's contract, book reviews, fan mail, related correspondence, edited

"Anna" revision 1996

File consists of 1996 revisions on Ann Walsh's novel, "Anna" (working title).

"Anna" first and second drafts

File consists of first and second draft typescripts of Ann Walsh's novel, "Anna" (working title).

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