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Five boats breaking ice

Photograph depicts five long canoes with several men attending. The canoes are traveling through a narrow strip of open water. The majority of the river is covered in ice. Forested trees are on the far river shore.

Cheakamus River

Photograph depicts three men standing in front of a log cabin. Two men hold fishing rods and each of these men hold a freshly caught fish. The third man stand to the side with a loaded back pack. Two men smoke pipes.

Blackwater telegraph cabin and bridge

Photograph depicts a view from above the Blackwater telegraph cabin and house. The house has a large fence garden beside, telegraph poles with wires are visible alongside the dirt road. Wood smoke drifts from the house chimney to the sparsely forested area beside.

Blackwater telegraph cabin and bridge

Photograph depicts a canvas tent and wooden tent frame in the foreground, more canvas tents erected in the background. Two men carry poles on the right, while another man in center photo stands near another pole frame. There is a body of water in the background.

Trip to Fraser Lake

Photograph depicts five or more men standing near a tent frame. There are several packs on the ground and two horses loaded with packs. There is a bridge or dock on the right, a body of water and forested hills in the background.

Hudson Bay Company store

Photograph depicts ten men standing on a boardwalk outside a large building. Another building, boardwalks and fences nearby. Forest in the background. The buildings are constructed from lumber.

Nechako River

Photograph depicts a view from the front of a canoe. A man is paddling from the stern, the river in the midground, rolling treed hills in the background.

Babine Lake

Photograph depicts a view from the shore of Babine Lake looking across the water to forest and snowy mountain peaks in the distance. [55th parallel]


Image depicts a view of the scenery at an uncertain location with numerous individuals, possibly tourists, present. It is possibly somewhere near the Fraser River.


Image depicts a view of the landscape at an unknown location with a group of people, possibly tourists, present. It is possibly near the Fraser River.

Murray Ridge - Man

Image depicts an unknown individual and some snow located somewhere along the Murray Ridge.

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